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  1. That was fast! Thanks so much! Looks like the lot is sold.
  2. Hi All, I have a few extra geocoins lying around that I decided to sell off. I am hoping that someone would be interested in buying them as a group. Would be much easier for mailing instead of posting each separately. So I am offering the group at a great price for releasing, trading, just gettting started in geocoins, prizes for events, etc. All the geocoins are trackable and Unactivated. Price for the group is $60. Shipping will be included in Canada and the US. If anyone is interested OverSeas I will have to figure out shipping. Please contact me through my profile (email) if you are interested. No PM's please. Thanks! -Beaver Dude Goes to Rendez Vous Quebec -Eclectic Penguin, antique copper -November 2008 Geoswag Coins and Pin, Caching Through the Snow Artist Edition, Black Nickel -puppy pound Cache Buddies (dog bone shaped), antique copper with pin -Certified Geocoin Addict, nickel -Midwest Geobash 2008 event coin, black nickel -Neverland Caching wheel, antique bronze -MARC Geocache Bash II Event Coin 2008 -Da Funky Frogs copper glitter -MWGB 2008 parrot cheeshead group geocoin, WI Robin -Black Canyon Beach Luau Event -GPS Adventures Maze Series 03, Rochester NY -Canada's First Geocache 8th Anniversary Geocoin -Christmas Compass Rose, Gold
  3. Where are you going in Quebec? I will pick this mood. There is a notorious cache near where I used to live in Quebec called Une medium-sagnante pour Sevy (GCV4BY). It takes people a long to find and usually numerous visits to the cache site. My other half finally found it, when I was not there and he will not tell me where it is. This is what he wrote for the 'found it'. They say you're small, your size not great. Our search for you made us irrate. I found you today, sans PengoMommy. I won't tell her where ... I think that's funny. A grumpy smile is all I got, she asked again ... I said .... Not. A surprise for me she said with glee ... 'Tonight, you shall not see'. 'Alright', I said with an awkward grin. But, still I know this battle, I won't win. All's fine for now, all is okay ... Because tonight, when I do pray ... and have PengoMommy cuddled up to me, I won't be having dreams of that bloody tree. The end.
  4. Félicitations! Quelle belle pièce! Notre PengoPup, Spade dit 'wouf wouf'.
  5. Are you going to be trading? I really like this coin.
  6. Email sent. Thanks for the cointest. I think the overall design for this coin is unique. I love the way the outside twists around and the artwork is stunning for this coin. Very nice!
  7. We had a lot of fun! We found a kite store nearby and went to check it out. We got our first power kite and it is loads of fun...until you got knocked on your butt LOL!! But we had a great time flying. Even our little PengoBeky was flying it. She went for a tumble a couple of times...those gusts of winds can drag you a little bit but she couldn't stop laughing and thought it was lots of fun. We also saw a horse parade...that was exciting for PengoBeky who just loves horses. We spent a lot of good family time together and that was what made it so much fun.
  8. It could, but they ran around in circles last time trying to get a bid together. Canada, eh. My backyard is open. We have 15 acres of field. With a few tents it would be lots of fun. People could camp right there too.
  9. I am still around and just got back into posting a bit. But I have lost the passion that I once had for geocoins. Guess I have moved on somewhat. There used to be a time when I was collecting that I thought wow! I have to get everything. I thought all the new coins designs were great. It was fun to try and get the more 'collectable' or 'rare' coins. But now I just feel like the majority of coins designs have been done before or that they are just ok. There are still some nice ones out there but I just don't feel like buying them anymore I guess. And the community has changed too. Not saying there ain't nice people out there now but there was a time when there was a whole gang of us that had a great comradery. It was a fun group to post with and chat with. Things change and people move on. Guess that happens on most forums. People come and go.
  10. I concur with this statement!!
  11. Here are some interesting tidbits.... Saturday mail delivery in Canada was eliminated by Canada Post on February 1, 1969 Apparently Canadians consume more macaroni and cheese than any other nation on earth. The baseball glove was invented in Canada in 1883. Canada is the home of many great inventions, including: basketball, the electric light bulb, the electric range, the electron microscope, standard time, the television, the telephone, and the zipper. The original Star Trek owes much to Canada. Two of its stars - William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and James Doohan (Scotty) came from Canada. Quebec is the biggest of Canada's main provinces and covers 1,365,128 square kilometres. (Nunavut, in the far north is bigger, at 1,936,113 square kilometres.) Quebec is 2.7 times bigger than France and 6 times bigger than the UK.
  12. Happy Canada Day! We just moved to Alfred, Ontario from Quebec so I will add a bit of history about where we are living now. When the community was first settled, it was originally known as Bradyville after Thomas Brady, who operated a local hotel. In 1842, it was renamed Alfred, after Prince Alfred, one of George III's sons. In 1952, Alfred became an incorporated village, which lasted until 1998 when it became part of the amalgamated township of Alfred and Plantagenet.
  13. Thanks for the cointest! My guess is CX 270 Have a safe flight! And a fun trip!
  14. There's no Rhyme nor Reas- On to yemon yime's madness Thanks for this Cointest!!
  15. First piece of advice...RUN!! Run while you still can!! We started our coin collection by minting our own coin then trading and selling. If you want to buy coins check around what is for sale first on here. Some people sell extras for great prices and you will also see new coins being released. I remember when we first started collecting I wanted everything that I saw, but you quickly learn that is next to impossible unless you win the lotto. Look around at the different designs and see what appeals to you and go from there. If you go to events and see people with collections don't be shy. Ask them to show you and ask how they got stared. Sometimes people at events also have extras that they will sell to you too. Have fun with it!!
  16. Congrats on your personal coin!! It looks great!! I can't wait to see what the samples will look like.
  17. It's been a long time since I have posted coins that I am seeking. Haven't done much collecting or trading over many months. These are the coins that have caught my eye recently that I would love to add to my collection. Don't have a huge trading list since I haven't been buying coins but hey...you never know. -The Wishing Coin (for a specific reason that cannot be mentioned but hoping....) -Butterfly Kisses Suncatcher. It's so beautiful. -AE Flip Flops coin from Wick Works. I have always liked Jen's designs and her AE version of the stars and stripes has great colors. -One coin that I have seen in the mailbox thread but I am unsure of the name. It is an egg shaped suncatcher that has a chick as the suncatcher design. Looks cute!
  18. Not to burst a bubble or anything but that does not always happen. It is difficult to recoop all the costs to mint another coin afterward. But I am still looking forward to seeing whatever you do!
  19. No, I do't think there has ever been a serious of The Stations of the Cross. We like Christian themed coins. You should gage the interest in a series. The Stations of the Cross could be an expensive project. Looking forward to seeing any artwork that you post.
  20. That is hilarious whatever it is!! My guess: A container that had cat treats inside and is now meant to be used a geocache...came witht eh little log book and pencil. Imagine finding that in the woods? LOL
  21. Very cute! I think polished gold would be really nice and I also think copper would look good as well.
  22. Great job Helen and Chris! So when are you guys heading out this way again?
  23. Well, for us penguins that question is easy peasy as my daughter would say. The answer is neither!! LOL there is no such thing as a cowboy chicken, only cowboys who eat chickens. And we are creationists so there is no way the egg came first. lol. First there was the chicken and roosters...the hens lay the eggs, roosters fertilize them. The cowboy came along and discovered eggs and chickens were good eats and scrambled the eggs and fried the chickens.
  24. Can you elaborate on #4? Discover? Does that mean that another objective of Geocoining is to look through other member's online listings and "discover" new coins to add to their list of found items? If you activate your coins and bring them to events, or meet other cachers they can write down the tracking number of the coin and log a discovery on it. When you go to your profile on gc.com there is a page showing what coins that you own, are circulating and ones that you have found or discovered. When you discover or log a geocoin it gives you an icon on your page. Some cachers like 'collecting' icons. I like activiating my coins and letting people discover them because it's a memory of when we met them, or an event we were at, etc. You are not suppose to discover coins that you have not seen in person. If a cacher does this their coin can be locked by gc.com.
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