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  1. I've been called out of country again and so it might take me a while to get a list together anyway as I do not have any kind of list of my coins.
  2. Have a link of list of geocoins you are selling or trading? Right now I'm just gauging interest and I'm not sure if I want to trade or strictly sell. I haven't looked around to see what new coins might even be of interest to me. I am just heading out on another trip this morning and will be back in about a week. Also, we have a postal strike looming here in Canada so I'm not sure I would be doing anything for a while anyway. I will check back though when I'm town again.
  3. It's been a while since I've been around and have a whole lot of older coins that need some love an attention. Is trading/selling geocoins still as popular as it once was and are older coins in demand..or is it mainly cult of the new? It's been a few years since I've had regular internet access so just now able to finally start touching base again and trying to catch up on things. And a big hello to those that are still around from days gone by
  4. I have some more coins up for sale that might be of interest... The Huskies Mimbres Celtic Peacock Loggerhead Turtle - Thanksgiving Loggerhead Turtle - Christmas I will slowly be listing coins from my collection over the coming months which does include some older coins so if that interests you please keep an eye out for them. Thanks
  5. Over time, I will be selling all of my geocoins (which is a lot of them) but I am doing it slowly. I have some very nice rare items that will be coming up at some point so I'll try to keep you posted in case you're interested. I have 4 up for on ebay now: Fortune favors the Bold Frozen Buns Geocachers for Christ Paperless Caching Assistant
  6. 5 more coins up for sale First to Find Christmas 2010 Christmas Coin (Weihnachten) Signal December 2006 (Canada) Signal Christmas 2007 Santa Suncatcher 2007
  7. I didn't know there was another...as far as I know it is the original from a few years back
  8. I'm in need of some spare change so am selling a few coins on eBay if anyone is interested. Enigma MOGO Pistol - Copper Yemon Yime (not the v1) Earth Turtle - v1 Tranquility Light Gold
  9. A while back one of the designs we did was a 'suncatcher' geocoin for Christmas with tracking information on the edge. These coins were made with zinc alloy. Some people don't like the lack of "heft" with these coins but I believe that is the only metal option you can do with these type of designs.
  10. Thanks for the pic Jack. It made me actually go look at the ones I have. And it turn out that my black one is different than yours. First, it's non trackable, and second it's shiny and satin gold plated, not antique. Crazy huh? TMA And I have one that is black, trackable and shiny gold plated - one of 25 made
  11. All my coins have been sent and I have received all mine. Thank you all very much and thank you Chuck for another great 'event'
  13. Mine are all packaged and will be in the mail sometime this week when I can get to the Post Office. Thanks for all the work Chuck....and so when is the 9th Mathtrade then
  14. I sent mine long ago...will send it again
  15. I sent me email already with the "no regrouping for me" response
  16. Thank you. Now to decide if I want to trade it or not.
  17. I was one of the lucky ones to win a shiny gold pocket decoder a couple of years ago. I just wondering if anyone knows how many of those were made? I've tried contacting thecachingplace in the past but never got a response. Thanks for the help..
  18. I know it's late in the game and I'm still not sure I can make up a list in time and get my coins into the spreadsheet (if accepted) but I sent you an email anyway as I wouldn't mind giving it a try. If it's just too late I can wait for the next one. Again, I might not make it anyway so will leave it to your discretion. I haven't been around for a while so I may not even know what most of the coins listed are anyway.
  19. It's been a while since I've been around. So it was a big surprise to get a No L mystery coin in the mail a couple weeks ago. Thank you so much for sending it and reminding me to spend some time with my collection of geocoins again. Maybe I'll even look into some trading again...or who knows. Anyway, thanks so much for helping me recall how generous and special geocoiners can be
  20. No..not me and no particular location
  21. No real story to it I suppose. I basically wanted something simple that represents where I live and the peace I find when out looking for a remote catch in the wilderness. I don't particularly care for 'urban' caches. Of course this coin was started long ago and due to health reasons I don't get out caching at all anymore. So I guess it's now a reminder for me of something I enjoyed very much. The Wind Rose (as per Wikipedia) "Before the development of the compass rose, a wind rose was included on maps in order to let the reader know which directions the 8 major winds (and sometimes 8 half winds and 16 quarter winds) blew within the plan view. No differentiation was made between cardinal directions and the winds which blew from said direction. North was depicted with a fleur de lis, while east was shown as a Christian cross to indicate the direction of Jerusalem from Europe." Some of the design aspects have special meaning to me and will remain a nice mystery of the coin
  22. It's been a long while since we did a coin and this is our latest effort - we hope you enjoy. This design has been bouncing around for a long while and it's taken many twists and turns on the way. In the end we wanted something more simple and to the point. There are currently two versions up on geocoinstore. We hope you like them. Antique Gold Antique Silver
  23. Amazing!!!! I can't say that I've seen a nicer geocoin than this one. It just pops out at ya. Very well done.
  24. Here are the other 2 in Black Nickel. They were also made in antique gold and silver.
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