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  1. We received #26 today, too Very much appreciated, thanks to CEMPORS for trusting us with this mission
  2. how absolutely adorable! how big are they? rsg They are about 1.75 or 2 in long - not completely sure. I meant to have a coin or pathtag in the picture but I forgot in my excitement. CF30 The gun is 2 inches and the holster is roughly 1.75" I beleive. Are these for sale somewhere?
  3. would you buy this coin?... Gladly IF; (1) it were NOT trackable (why waste the money) (2) ALL proceeds go to the "cause"
  4. I have two of the Hobo Christmas Event coins for trade
  5. Don't follow basketball... but I'll guess Cardinals 31 Stealers 13
  6. I don't often say this much anymore, but WOW
  7. I'm so sorry , I thought I had posted...Koh Koh did receive her mission and throughly enjoyed it
  8. We got hit by another snowball (thankfully NOT an icky one ) Thanks, Avroair
  9. I have used both Garmin and Magellan. And, the Garmin is by far the more user friendly (I HATED the Magellan )...
  10. We also received a Softball29 wooden nickel Very nice sig item! Thanks for the trade
  11. We got a big wet splat from Toledo, Ohio today
  12. Koh Koh loves "snowballs"
  13. Oh, I meant to email you! I received my coins yesterday! They are fantastic! Yay!! it's always nice to know when they make it to their destination!
  14. We got a super nice surprise gift to from Pete and Sonia...A red star personalized coin. Thanks you guys!
  15. I find this very distasteful. I personally didn't sign up because I thought maybe I'd have trouble being able to complete the mission due to non-work, you signed up knowing this was coming up, yet you drop out after the deadline because life got in the way? Maybe you should send your gift to your recipient instead of keeping it? Sad, really sad! I would also be more than happy to send out a little something for the mission if needed, just shoot me an email! No reason the person on the waiting end should be stiffed over this! And, I APPLAUD those who've stepped up to carry on someone else's obligations! Really show's how caring most of you are! Distasteful, certainly...but, not surprising...
  16. GBOTS

    Packages Lost

    Especially Quebec...
  17. ohhhhh....wish I had something to trade...
  18. Koh Koh received her mission today.
  19. LOVE it! Richard and I each have a walking stick from Germany and these would look great added to the ones we got over there
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