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  1. I may as well throw my 2 cents in. I tried to put out a cache in a corner of a cemetery , this section was to horor the veterns of the Spanish American War. The cache was a magnitic container on the bottom of a canon in the center of the grave stones which had a path leading to it. Of course it wasn't approved. A friend tried to put one in a garden she had planted and was on her property, which was to honor the Soldiers who gave there all in Iraq you guessed it, making a statement, no approval. I think the problem is refering to anything to do with the military, honoring them, or any name of any war. To those reviewers, I can only hope that they have to fight another power, but with out any military backup....OK, you can ban me from the foroms now because any I see it you have no respect for the Military, God, or Country. I served in a War and am dam proud of it.....
  2. I resently sent out a gift card collecter with one of my GeoTags attacted to it and 3 expired tags attached to it. It is still in the first cache I put it in so will have to see how well it moves.
  3. of course the same as my birthday. 249
  4. I'm interested in getting some if they are trackable. Number depends on the cost each.
  5. I have a TB Lodge myself and put no rules on it, sometimes it is empty and sometimes it is full. I even sent out a travel bug who goal is to free all TBs in a hotel that are being held prisoner.
  6. First off, I am a premium member and I would rather see the ads them have to pay more, money is tight. I also realize the expense in keeping this up and running is alot more them what we pay. Therefore, run the ads, they don't bother me.
  7. aa8bj

    New Cointest

    The cost from the minter has gone up.
  8. forgot the temp in last post find 10 time 6:10 temp 64
  9. I find that most people that complain about copy coins haven't released that many themselves. I have over 150 TBs and geocoins released and the policy I use is all TBs are the original as I have a copy to send out if they come up missing. With geocoins, I release mostly the real thing, but if it cost alot or is special to me I send out a copy. That way if it comes up missing, I can send another copy out to replace it. As far as finding geocoins, I treat original and copy the same, I will move them. You still get the icom and once you place them that is all you have to show for it anyway. I may in the future send out only copies as I am getting tired of the number that are starting to disapear on me and ending up in someones collection. If they want to collect coins, let them go to the expense of buying them.
  10. I just tried and it is the reference number for the geocoin. You will have to use the tracking number that is on the coin.
  11. Sounds like maybe You are using the reference number, instead use the tracking number on the front of the travel bug.
  12. My lovely wife (harleymoma) got me 10 Support Our Troops trackable token geocoins and had me a bumper sticker made with a satalite with my caching name in it and reads "GEOCACHERS ALWAY FIND THE SPOT" I thought it was quite cute. Also USA 45 gave me a Ohio Geocoin. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year
  13. Geocaching has number one, made me a lot healthier. Before I didn't do that much health wise, but now and feel a whole lot better. I am thankful for all the new friend I have meet and even gotten close to a few. I really enjoy hiding caches and reading all the find reports. The only down side is all the money I have spent on geocoins and travel bugs and then turned loose into the wild. But the upside to that is seeing all the post as they get moved around and enjoying the pictures others has posted. Merry Christmas to all.
  14. Thank you USA 45 & My shadow 42 for being such good friends.
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