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  1. Greetings, New Mac user. I have parallels and Windows 10 installed to use GSAK. Today while in the Windows platform, received error message that gc.com access timed out. Yet, I can access gc.com in the Mac platform. Prior to today do not recall issues accessing gc.com in the windows platform. Is there some little checkbox that needs to be changed, why is this inconsistency happening in the windows platform and not in the Mac today. Thanks for your information and suggestions. Accordiongal
  2. MtnHermit, Thanks for the link, explaining the DVD contains maps, and no viewer, which I had not anticipated. What is the differnece between MapSource and BaseMap? Hate to say this, but I need detailed step by step to understand how to VIEW the maps. Accordiongal
  3. Greetings, I am attempting to install Garmin TOPO US 100k to laptop, with intentions to copy to 4 GB Micro SD card to use in 60CSX. Placed DVD into drive, automatically ran installation. Suspect I do not know how to use product correctly. In all programs noticed Garmin Basemap In collection shows TOPO Something seems wrong, but have no idea what. Should Basemap really be there? Accordiongal
  4. I had the luck to view this display last fall while doing caches in Moose Lake State Park. Oh, the rocks are so pretty.
  5. IMO, the next level of earthcaches needs to be related to public service. So far the levels are based upon seeing and creating. Racking up the numbers of visited and created. Public service is an aspect that gives back to society and geocaching. Earthcaching public service: geological cito, teaching/hosting an earthcache event with emphasis on geology, creating processes, etc. Hey doesn't mean you have to be the expert, but coordinated the content What other public service earthcache ideas can be generated?
  6. Ready to travel to beautiful Colorado!!!! Any date, any time. Publish it, and they will come. Long drive, which I have done many times to Colorado Springs. Would be great having a face to face with geoaware, unique event, geologic content from experts face to face. Possability of traveling to Canadian Rockies, oh, they are beatiful and want to return there some day. Another very long drive, but will come. Out of US sites, possibility with enough time to plan, seems that would have to be off in the future. Gee now you are going to be a travel service for earthcaches.
  7. Umm, why don't you make them yourself. I have not skill or leads.
  8. Have the finder post a picture, if there are signs, answer question based on signs making sure the same info is not available online, measure water temp, tree size. If you can provide additional information about the unique site, then maybe forum community can provide additional assistance. Ask again at the site for educational idea, what is the message the site wants visitors to take home? Don't make it so hard, like easy, that is the hardest task.
  9. Educational based questions: First review published EC for methods to validate a visit. Describe any humps, water sediments from iron, organic acid, high in the mountains-take an elevation reading, differences in plant life in various zones, Do many animals walk in the area, if there is an animal track, is the water depth changed? Fen and bogs have different sources of water and drainage, where is the source and drainage point What is the affect on ben/bog in wet years, dry years For assistance contact the area geologist or state water expert. They are walking books of knowledge and should be glad to assist in developing content and appropriate learning activities. Check your states DNR pages, under wetlands. Good luck
  10. Content is developed prior to publication. Upon publication the content can be changed. I wonder if a cache owner adds some of the logging requirements post publication? Without understanding the owners reason for including the statements about negative comments, I don't want to pass total judgment. I would probably say very little about the cache site: answers sent. Feels like a sensorship, say what I want, not what you think.
  11. I’d love to see a LIDAR image on this one… What is LIDAR image?
  12. I appreciate an earthcache owners reply about visiting a site to correct answers/typos or just a "thanks for visiting" I don't always reply based upon mood, other stuff pending. If I do reply, there is a simple response, thanks for visiting or correct answers. I am not a wordy person, hate to write. Accordiongal
  13. All cachers are invited to create earthcaches. From my experience, the degreed experts are very willing to share their knowledge, provide explanations, offer resources, correct mistakes, and one even took part of a day to provide a personal tour of a wetlands. Many resources are availiable: geological county maps, links on wikipedia, libraries, local county geologists, publications, earthscience teachers in public schools, university staff, TerryDad2, and local earthcache developers I have visited well developed earthcaches and "lame" earthcaches. To me what makes the difference is the writing abilities of the creater. Content included, signifance, and method to increase the cachers knowledge of the unique area, tasks. The earthcaches I have developed include a lot of content about the formations because that is what I enjoy reading. Creative writing is a very weak skill, so use a lot of the content from publications. My opinion, I like visiting springs, but have measured temp and pH so much that they are now lame caches. Enjoy visiting the spots because now I understand the unique features of springs and enjoy the scenery, and historical aspects of the sites. Thanks to earthcaches, I now tour Minnesota and recognize the various types of features and am amazed how truely wonderful and the power of Mother Nature.
  14. Forget the Jeep, lets see the Harley with a sticker!
  15. Greetings, Timing of receiving a geocoin angel mystery coin must be dejavue. For many months I have not dared be involved in the coin forums due to credit card self control issues. Finally decided this week to return because I missed the efamily. Then today in the mail there is a wonderful gift of the geoangel coin. In the past I have been very fortunate to send a few gift packages to some in the coin family. Sending mystery packages is a great feeling, even better then purchasing the hottest coin. Well, very nice to receive the geocoin angel today. Truely appreciate the gift, hoping the geocoin angel continues to spread joy and most importantly the gift of sharing. THANKS!!!!
  16. Have to admit thought about makeing an earthcahe memebers only. In the long run felt that members only would be inappropriate because feel that earthcaches are a unique geology learning tool. Why limit the options? Members only should not occur.
  17. There are three that have been my favorite: GC13END Soda Lake in California because the research station is beautiful. I wanted to stay there, just think of the location and go into a zenn state and feel relaxed. GCZ9C7 Petrified Dunes in Snow Canyon in Utah. Talk about the moki marbles a lot with my main caching partner. Even found something like them in Minnesota. GC1054V Get Down & Dirty in Indiana because you have to make mud and play in the dirt. Another earthcache that I like discussing because of the lessons learned about soil and dirt.
  18. Very nice, would be interested in pre-oreder for all versions.
  19. My opinion, see what ever you want to think is in the coin. Intent is not to be offensive to "your eyes". Heck, if this coin seems offensive, how about Christmas Holiday coins, Easter coins, those can be offensive to those who are not Christian. Then what about the sextant coin. Which contains the word sex. Should that be renamed because it's not family friendly. Not to mention doesn't follow the shape rules suggested. My thought, get over it. Don't purchase the coin, go find a cache, better yet, place a cache.
  20. Depends upon a number of possabilities: If you own the cache you can archive the listing. If you don't own the cache and its not active from lack of maintence, the cacher is not active, work with your local reviewer to have the cache archived. If you are unable to provide routine maintance, inquire of the local caching comminity if someone would like to adopt the cache. Should provide a basic answer, let others provide some options also. Depending upon the situation you may want to provide some additional details.
  21. I for one am tired of measuring water temp and pH levels, after a few its basically the same answer in karst country in SE Minnesota. Has tought me fresh water springs are the same temp year around and pH varies due to percipitation. The same "learning" requirement leads to lame caches. Personally I could care less if some one anwers questions, I just want the cacher to read the content and learn. Sets a peson up for armchair earthcaches. The last earchace developed is a fen, heavy content, answers are in the content, main point is for cacher to experience the setting and take with them understanding of wetland importance.
  22. The idea of additional approval levels to verify content sound great. The issue will be finding volunteer reviewers, determinging minimum level of criteria for explanation, tasks. THen not to mention needing english/writting majors for content formation. So if additional levels of review are to be added, what would be the minimun level of professional preparation be required? High school earthscience teacher, DRN geologists, PhD prepared, very knowledgable non-geology professional, platinum level earthcache masters, list can go on and on. There are enough issues with state by state geocache reviews and consistency, then to add additional layers will create issues for placers and reviewers. How many reviewers make up geoaware? Looking at the numbers of published ec, there has to be more than one person involved in the review process. My two cents for now.
  23. Today I got a package in the mail. I COMPLETELY forgot about this mission and got confused thinking my WEGE mission I received was this one! OH gosh, today I received a little carton. In it, amongst all the bubble wrap, was the sweetest little pink mailbox! Hanna has already started using it to send mamma love notes, she loves the flag on the side! In this sweet little postbox. Anyway, this was just the beginning! Inside, wow, inside the goodies just kept coming out! There was a MyPinz lanyard, which Hanna actually really needed since she's amassing quite the collection of pins. Speaking of pins...oh my! There was a benchmark pin, 2 very neat Caching Place pins -one for each girl - that Hanna loved the puzzle piece look of, a neat Castle Coins and Pins pin, and a Hogwild pin. I don't think I'll be seeing them again since Hanna has taken off with them. Then we got 2 cool geocache logo patches and another that says Geocaching, The world is our playground. Now we're going to be looking for a cool canvas caching bag that we can put these on! Got a super cool (Hanna's words) rainbow rubber bracelet, you know, the Lance Armstrong kind. Got two more wonderful geojellies to add to our collection, totally fun since they are complete opposites, a Shiny Nickel black glitter Skunked one, and a Black Nickel white glitter Spotted Cow one! I love how they are the direct opposite of each other, thank you! Finally...and what a finally it was.... I got three, yeppers three! coins that I have wanted since seeing them the first time. They have a spiritual message and a special meaning for me since I love the beach. I remember once, maybe 15 years ago, waking up early and taking a walk on the beach in Galveston when my ex and I had spent the night there and the beach was just filled with these... Sand Dollars! It was something I'll never forget! I was blessed in this package to receive the three piece Legend of the Sand Dollar coin set!! They are even more special in person than they were in the pics here. The icing on the cake, which was a very special cake, was the card that I ALMOST missed! Ohhh man...you made me cry, woman! Jean, I won't reveal all that you wrote on the card, but I will tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your card and its message was very, very special to me and something that I will treasure for a long, long time! I can't thank you enough for this special package and the others you sent, I just can't. There are no words... From the bottom of my heart, lots of love and thanks! Naomi Naomi, Thanks for posting the mission arrived. Yea, knew that girls would like all the small items. You are truely blessed that the pink mailbox continues to send you love! Accordiongal
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