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  1. Have you tried the link reference in his post?
  2. It looks like you could only log this geocoin on the Oregon Geocaching site years back (thread: Michigan Geocaching had similar coins back then that could only be tracked on a website that is also no longer available. So these coins are in effect non-trackables today.
  3. https://coord.info/TB1PVFX Looks like it could be this one that went missing in 2009.
  4. Things that happened (good or bad) after the original geocache ( or AOG )
  5. Here's a couple of threads that show some examples: https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/348839-making-signature-swag/&tab=comments#comment-5724595 https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/250224-can-you-show-me-pictures-of-your-signature-items/#comments
  6. There's a reason it's called a geocache... cache: a collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place. Without swag it would be a summit log, or a munzee, or a letterbox, or orienteering...or Poke-Go. Back to the topic of what guys might like, in the past we found many multi-tools that were useful and without knives. We have found and left lanyards, para-cord, "round unnamed tokens" from that 'other site, and lots of unactivated geocoins. We have also left coins foreign and domestic in coins flips. There was one cacher who left buffalo nickles in flips and another who left dollar coins. We also like finding sig items and had a few of our own; one was a sewing kit.
  7. I use other sites where message that are sent through the site are blocked from containing links. There is no reason anyone contacting me needs to send me a link.
  8. I got the same email this morning. No easy way to report this to Groundspeak at all. If I mark this as spam I won't receive other emails from geocaching, so that's no good. What would be nice would be if Groundspeak blocked message to users containing links.
  9. And now I've discovered a new one, Cache The Line (see link in sig line above )
  10. EMAIL SENT: September 27, 2018 NAME RECEIVED BY ME: October 4, 2018 MISSION SENT BY ME: October 24, 2018 MISSION ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: October 26, 2018 MISSION RECEIVED BY ME: October ??, 2018 Happy to say I'm starting to feel better. We opened my mission from Kini_Ont and loved every bit of it. Even our cat, Gamora, was fascinated! Thanks so much for the lovely coins and gifts. Happy Halloween!
  11. Sorry I have been in hospital and bedridden for a few weeks with dehydration and pneumonia. I received a gift from my recipient sometime but have not opened it yet. My gift was sent priority mail today and should arrive by Halloween.
  13. When we started we made sewing kits as our signature item. We also did laminated cards with thimble charms attached, and my daughter made polymer minecraft items attaced to her card. We still have the collection of sig items we collected from others, even though we rarely geocache now. A few years in to geocaching we had trackable pins made to leave in special caches, but the homemade signature items were always my favorite.
  14. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/08/15_(Redewendung) in German...
  15. Thanks to all who sent their data to my daughter, Liz. Please email your address through my profile with your choice of trackable(s) and I'll send them out.
  16. See the final for Shore to Shore Geochallenge for a starting point.
  17. Flat Stanley found a geocaching host! Thanks for your help.
  18. My daughter's second grade class has finished reading the book Flat Stanley and they are going to send their own Stanleys out in the mail next week. We're looking for someone who would be willing to host Stanley over the holidays and mail him back to our school by January 16th. Here are the guidelines: -United States only -will take pictures of Flat Stanley visiting local landmarks and participating in fun activities (geocaching preferred) and mail them back to us with Flat Stanley -will mail Stanley and the pictures back so we receive them by January 16th We don't get out to geocache as much as we used to and we thought it would be fun to send Stanley out for us and visit the places we would like to go geocaching. We will also put a Travel Bug tracking number on him so he can be logged on this site. If you would be willing to host Stanley, please contact me (Stephanie) through our profile and let me know by December 17th. We have an unactivated SEWdaugh Team Hockey jersey geocoin as thanks for helping.
  19. There were quite a few of these 'error' coins sold by MiGO. We've left several in geocaches as swag. This may or may not be one of the error coins.
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