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  1. Me. I'm lactose intolerant. And me. Unless it happens to be sugar-free. It's the diabetic thing... --Larry save the chocolate for me. I don't eat it but I know someone who do anything for a bowl of it.
  2. Hey check out the logs on this one for a few laughs.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a bookmarked list of all the power trails? What are the ones you know about? The ET Highway in Nevada is 1022+ caches
  4. I would be very interested in acquiring some of these when they are done.
  5. If I wanted to rant, I would have done it You should know by now that I don't have a problem speaking my mind as do you I want solutions. I just tried to post in a way that kept it more humorous versus animosity based. I'm waiting for your solution or were you just trying to "call me out"? Well. That did not take long. Already first post back is negative and personal. I am so glad to see this forum getting some of its old pazazz back. Personally, I think tsun is just being tsun. You wicked girl. You have a way about you. I love it. Regarding the topic I am not sure I am too awfully emotionally committed to an opinion on design price and other stuff like geocaching. I am constantly amazed at the variety I see pouring forth from the coin people. I am frequently frustrated by my inability to keep up or be able to obtain all of the geocoins I would like to have but you know I no longer get depressed upset or otherwise disappointed over it. The flood of coins is so great I long ago gave up on trying to stay ahead of the curve. It is sort of like caching. It starts out exciting, becomes obsessive, then mellows into a plateau of personal preference. I am up here on the plateau now and you know anything is possible at 5280 feet above sealevel. So tsun, you go girl, I love you.
  6. I just had the same experience. My premium membership was cacnelled saying my paypal account would not pay the bill and I needed to fix the source. Did that and it still did not work. Went in and paid for a year with a credit card and it still does not work. I am guessing something went haywire in their system and now it is messed up until after the holiday weekend. Why is it stuff like this always happens on a holiday weekend? I bet there are going to be alot of complaints.
  7. Yeah, you can do it, but just keep in mind every time you dip a coin it generates an email to the coin owner. After 2000 of those emails it gets old.
  8. What a cool story. Please keep us posted.
  9. I got crabs!!! Thanks Dorkfish. THey are awesome.
  10. This is what I would suggest. Get a heavy washer, print out a copy of the coin and glue it to the washers - then seal the whole thing in a plastic coin case and set it free. At least it will have some heft and feel to it. this is what I normally do and people seem to enjoy them.
  11. Name of song: Smooth Artist: Santana Genre: Rock Name of Song: Hotel California Artist: Eagles Genre: Rock Cool thing you are doing. I look forward to seeing the result. Thanks
  12. Joni, I hope you get well soon. Kansas sunshine will brighten your day.
  13. My Secret Cupid Valentine arrived today and my wife was very curious. She had picked up the mail today and wanted to know who from Michigan was sending me packages with hearts on it. I finally had to log on to the FORUMS and show her this posting. Thanks goodness it was near the top. I was really sweating it. Thanks Secret Cupid from Michigan whomever you are. The candy and Travel Tag were a nice bonus. I have lots of geocoins but the two you sent were two I don't have and will cherish forever.
  14. I love releasing geocoins into the wild. Everything I do with geocoins is focused on that goal. I have about 1500 out now. A bunch have gone missing. I could care less. I do not email people anymore asking about them. I have been putting the geocoin buddy in the flip so people know how to log it and that it is a geocoin and should be logged and put in a cache. That helps I think. But I think there are lots of folks who are new or lose stuff and I get emails all the time where people have discovered one in their couch, car, napsack, etc. The guiding principal is I do this for fun not profit and it is no fun to get worked up over a geocoin that has gone missing. I remember when my first travel bug, The Easter Bunny, got left in the top of a tree in Australia and never was heard from again. I was so heart broken. Eventually, I just recirculated the TB number and forgot about the Easter Bunny. Maybe someday the Easter Bunny will be found and if that happens I will just have to deal with it. But I think the Easter Bunny is gone forever. I know that some of my geocoins have been intentionally taken over by Lee's Summit, MISSOURI by some low life scumsucking bushwacker, but I just let it go. Those Missouri bushwackers have been doing this since before the Civil War to us Kansas folks. We got our revenge back then and we get it every year at Arrowhead Stadium on the gridiron. Go Jayhawks. But I digress. If that low life bushwacker gets a little joy from stealin my geocoins then part of my purpose is fulfilled. It is about Karma afterall. Perhaps someday his grandkids will be going through his drawers after his funeral and will find my geocoins and get on the internet of the future and type into geocaching.com and log my geocoins again. My grandkids will get the email and Eartha will say "See, all is not lost." But you know that bushwacker gene is pretty powerful. So keep your chin up and keep smiling. And if you ever see one of those little Kansas Sunshines think of me.
  15. It is nice to know there are some other folks out there who are as crazy as I am. I don't have a photo of my grenade box on this computer, but I can say that I have more geocoins out circulating in the wild. I like reading the emails too. Today was a good day. I had over 100 geocoin tracking emails.
  16. Deleting logs is just mean in my opinion. It creates bad karma and is not nice behavior. In your case it was really nasty I think. Most people love to share their geocoins and discvoery at events is like collecting icons and enjoying geocoins to the max. So it should be encouraged not discouraged. I think that particular coin owner is going to get some serious karmic retribution in the future. May his coins all go to the top of that tree in Oz from where none ever return.
  17. I am in Phoenix and dropping Kansas sunshine geocoins in caches I visit. SOme will be unactivated. If you live in Phoenix you may want to check it out. PS I am available Saturday for a meet up with local cachers who want to go caching.
  18. I calculate PKK on all caches. You have excellent PKK! Way to contribute. Ok, if I count in the founds of all our caches, including archived ones, and have done the calculations right our PKK raized to 3,8. Seems high but again, I´m not sure how to count but I think I´ve done it right. grodan Karin That is great. It is all about the joy you bring to others.
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