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  1. Been out of things far to long, was saddened to here this, they will be missed. Had a few dealings with them and briefly met at an event.
  2. Thank you would appreciate it, private message me and I can send the info, again thank you very much
  3. Was on list once, been out of game awhile, can't remember how to get back to list to update address, is this still being done. Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking for any geocoin that has a dragonfly on it. All our grandkids were given nicknames, and one was our little dragonfly, sadly she passed away over a year ago, we were looking for a geocoin for her to carry around from cache to cache, now we will do it for her, but we were unable to find any, was wondering if the group here knows were we can find one. Thank you in advance, have a great day!
  5. Congrats to the lucky recipients, very nice looking coin!!
  6. Are there any dragonfly geocoins that have ever been made?
  7. Gonna have to grab a few of those, they are sweet! Nicely Done!
  8. The second coin down, the dragon coin, It is very nice, which one is that as I have no Idea? That is the Tsun's Pax: Baby Dragon Cache Slayer - Night Fury edition Thank You
  9. definately will be interested in a few of these! Very nicely done, like the idea of making it a necklace, very kool indeed!
  10. The second coin down, the dragon coin, It is very nice, which one is that as I have no Idea?
  11. It is amazing how the Mystery Coiners know exactly when someone needs a boost, I received one of these today, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! It brightened my day, and took my mind off (for a time) of the medical procedure my wife will be having in a few days. Again Thank You it is greatly appreciated, more than you know!
  12. Congrats to the winners!!!! Happy New Years to all!
  13. Please add us, and thanks for the cointest. Happy New Year!
  14. Very nice coin! Great way to start off the New Year. Congrats to all the receivers, and Happy New Years to all.
  15. We were on the address book, but since switching to a new computer I cant remember how to get back to it, its been quite awhile since I had to use it, can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  16. 396 our p.m. guess. Thanks for the cointest!
  17. Got one of ours as well, deleted the log, thanks for the heads up. We were not notified either.
  18. looking for and AE version of this coin, does anyone have one for trade or purchase?
  19. Nicely done, we will take two of the silver and blue.
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