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  1. PaRacers - I emailed mauison a week ago, no answer. I emailed you a few days ago, no answer. So I started a league this past weekend. Anybody who wants to can join. When I see mattycakes at work tomorrow, he'll be in. But that just makes the 2 of us. For those who are not familiar, the fantasy racing league runs with the Nascar Monster Cup Series. Anyone can join. You pick your drivers every week on the fantasy game website. It is free to join the website. We usually send a new, unactivated, full size geocoin to the commissioner to enter. That's me, unless mauison starts a league. Who ever wins the fantasy league in this group gets all the coins, unless there's enough entries to break it up fairly. If we get seven entries, the winner will get 4, second place gets 2, and third place gets 1. And so on. The more the merrier. I must have your entry coin by the 6th race or you are ineligible to win coins at the end. But you can still join without a coin. PaRacer, if you join and it's just the 3 of us, I'll go on the honor system for the coins because I can trust you and mattycakes to send your coins at the end if necessary. And I think you can trust me and mattycakes. Your old username is good on the new website. You will need to reset your password. The old website will redirect you to the new one. Send an email to my profile email and I'll send you the league ID and password. Everyone else who is new, send an email to my profile email and I'll send you the link to the new site and the ID and password. And my snail mail address if you wish to send a coin. Good luck everyone. It should be a good Nascar season.
  2. Not trying to sound like a broken record...…………… "Geocaching is a game of giving stuff away and keeping your fingers crossed." That's right, I said it again.
  3. Congrats to PARacers for another league win. Well done. And congrats to me for winning the Playoff segment. And thanks to Mauison for being the commish for another year of the league. Congrats to Joey for the big championship. He beat the Big3. Soon the awards banquet, and then look forward to another Daytona 500. Lots of cold weather here in PA before we get to February. But Formula E starts again December 15 and a new season of racing is not that far away. Let's keep the league going and get a few more members for next year. Have a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season everyone.
  4. Congratulations to Mauison for winning the 2nd segment of the fantasy league. Your trackable prize will be on it's way soon. I never did post that Mattycakes had won the 1st segment. Congratulations, Mattycakes. He got his trackable prize quickly as he's a co-worker of mine. Good luck to all for the Playoffs segment.
  5. ARRRRGGGGGGHHHH???? No Yahoo Fantasy Racing this year? What are we going to do? I might try the Nascar.com Fantasy Racing League, but do we want to try it as a private league? Anybody else tried this league before? Tried any other league and found it worth running? Gee, how will I get my weekly fix?
  6. Congrats to Martin Truex. I can live with a championship by a nice guy like him. Also Congrats to PaRacers for the fantasy league win. You had a good season too. Send me your address because I still owe you 2 segment winner prizes. And to our 3rd segment winner - congrats go to Kensay. Please send me your address thru my geocaching.com email address and I will send your segment trackable prize. Also many thanks to Mauison for running the racing league again this year. I'm ready for next year, and looking for Chase Elliot to be our champion next year. Or Kyle Larson. One of these kids is going to get hot next year. Happy Holidays to you all.
  7. Congratulations again to Kiss of Death / PaRacers for winning the summer segment. Please confirm your address is still the same as previous years and I will send your Spring and Summer segment trackable awards. Good Luck to everyone in the playoffs.
  8. Congrats to Kiss of Death - PARACERKIM - for winning the first segment. If your address is the same as the last time I sent you your segment winner trackable, I will have your winner trackable for this segment in the mail ASAP. Email me thru the forums. I'm off to Pocono Raceway this weekend. Who should I pick?
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot. I have the trackables for the segment winners again this year. And I have my coin to send in too, but I'll wait until my friend at work gives me his coin and I'll send them together.
  10. I have a friend at work who is willing to join this year. But it's time to rev those engines, boys and girls. Let's go racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yes, CONGRATS to PaRacerKim for another good year. I sank to the bottom once again. But there's always next year. Thanks to Maui Motos for his efforts as the Commish. I'm ready to go at it again next year. May be able to drag some other coiners along with me, I hope. Please keep it going. PaRacerKim - I have your trackable award for winning the playoff segment. Will get that in the mail over the weekend. Happy Holidays everyone!!!
  12. Congrats to second segment winner Maui Motos. Your trackable award will be sent this week. Good luck to all in the playoff segment.
  13. Congrats to the first segment winner Kiss of Death / PaRacerKim. Trackable award was sent, did you receive it?
  14. I got the email with Mauison's address. I'm in with my geocoin, will send soon. Plus I'll donate the trackables for the segment winners this year. Whoooooot !!! Can't wait to go to Pocono again this year. Let's go racing !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Thanks, Mauison. I'm in. Sending email. Let's go, race fans, we could use a few more members here.
  16. Yes, me too, I say thanks to all for the coins I won this year. If rickctroop13 decides to retire as commish, shall one of us take over? Maybe rick can help pass the torch to some else with a little advice on how to run one of these things?
  17. Congrats to Kensay !!!!! You had a much more consistent season than the rest of us. I'm still trying to figure out why my summer session was so lousy. But that's racing !!! Just curious - Any others here actually go to races? I go to both Pocono races. Rickctroop13 probably goes to New Hampshire? Anyone else? I'm ready to go again next year, but a couple of months break would be nice. No IndyCar, no Nascar, Formula 1 ends this weekend. Ahhhh, there's still Formula E.
  18. Geeez, the Daytona 500 is only 5 weeks away? I'm ready for another season of guessing at it. Sending e-mail. Thanks, Rick.
  19. I most heartily agree. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Thanks a Bunch to our fearless moderators.
  20. Has anybody heard from rickctroop13? He has not posted here lately, and I hope he is well. I received my fantasy league prizes in the mail today, and I want to thank everyone who contributed. They are all great coins. What we really need is more people involved. You don't need to know a lot about Nascar racing, but it helps. What happens on the track can sometimes be so unpredictable, just ask Jeff Gordon about race 34 in Texas. I had some good choices at times, and some really lucky picks at times. You never know in racing. Hoping to hear from rickctroop13 in time for Daytona and the start of next year's racing season.
  21. Does anybody know if the "No Shave November" club geocoin have a functional purpose? Just curious.
  22. Yep, I received an email for a log on my activated USA geocoin. I promptly deleted it. It was in German, too. I couldn't read it. As The Moop Along said, report it to Groundspeak and they should be able to deactivate that coin.
  23. Not really. I was seventh after the first segment. I led the playoff segment after each race, but never got the overall lead until after race 35. It was a nice comeback.
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