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  1. After spliting up from ModelCitizen and the Cache Run after the event . I Spent the night with some fellow cachers and the next morning we went out on a cache run close to their house and the second cache I went to and I opened that ammo box lid and it was shining up from on top of the log book ! I was totally surprised after seeing ModelCitizens coin the day before ! I do not know who you are but I thank you very much . it will always be in my collection !!
  2. I would vote for ladyBee but whoever wins , Buy me some Peanut Butter ( JIF Crunchy )
  3. I would have to buy a Garmin street Pilot for my Jeep ! Since I would have so much money !! And maybe another jar of JIF crunchy peanut butter
  4. I would take all my caching friends to geowoodstock in Ca. and if there was any money left i would buy some JIF peanut butter (crunchy)
  5. I would take my wife to Singapore ! i enjoyed it so much 3 years ago when I was there !! I know it is a Expensive flight so I might have to add to the Pot !!
  6. If I was not buying geocoins I would use the money to buy me a few Dutch Ovens and all the hardware ! So we could eat in style on all the cache camping trips !!
  7. I would also have to buy stock in Garmin Industries !!! And more JIF crunchy Peanut Butter ! With all thaat money I would save
  8. Jif Crunchy peanut butter !! I can't help it i am addicted to the stuff !! buy a case !!!
  9. Since My Wife (Craftinmomma ) has started caching with me big time ! And loves to jump in the Jeep and race for the FTF honors I would buy her a New Garmin 60CSX ! ,She loves mine ! And so happy she is keeping me company on the trail ! And thanks for the Cointest
  10. I am sorry for your misfortune ! I want all to know Since I have been Caching I have picked up some beautiful coins ! Bought a few ,Won a few !! But I know how much finding that Geofairy coin in my coin book a week ago today Meant to me ! It was something that I had a chance to go after when it was dropped in a cache by the fairy but did not really have the means to go for it ( car engine Blew up ) , but I did not thinking it was gone already ! Seeing other cacher friends of mine with one and seeing how beautiful the coin was only made me want one so much more ! I own a lot of material objects that are worth a few dollars ! THEY would go ! I Will NEVER sell this coin !!! It will always hold a spot in my wifes and my heart ! For the Friendships That We have made Geocaching !!! I truly thank the Geocoin Fairy For choosing us to accept this coin !!
  11. Well Here is our Story ! And Our being Craftinmomma ( My Wife ) And Myself ! We were at The Clear Springs Event in Mississippi as we had driven down Friday afternoon ! Of course caching along the way ! Meeting up with all our friends . Followed Amagrud down to the Campground and pitched the tent and went caching . Came back for a great evening by the fire and fellowship , smore's, and stories ,Which there were many ! Finally turned in late. The next morning brought hot coffee ,Cinnamon Rolls from a Dutch oven , Eggs ,saugsage ,bacon and biscuits !! Way to start the day ! And you would think could not get any better ! Everyone hitting the trails ,and logging caches and we finally filtered back to the pavillion for lunch and Prize drawings and Awards Ceremony For Not2Shabby's 1K finds! Well I took my Geocoin Book out of my Jeep where it had been locked up all night and unzipped it for others to view the different Geocoins and log some Icons if they wanted ! Well I noticed that when I unzipped the case to open it there was some sparkly dust on the pages ! That was odd because only Craftinmomma and I had looked at it ! I flipped it open and was showing my friends when I noticed a coin that took my breath away ! How did she get in there I wondered ?There looking back at me was the most Beautiful Coin in our collection ( The Geocoin Fairy #234 ) She stared back at me and I could not take my eyes off of her ! She is so beautiful in Person ! Craftinmomma had told me she left the sunroof open on my Jeep the night before ! Had she Flown in and unzipped my Book of coins and looked through it and left a token of her appreciation and friendship and a little pixie dust! I was speechless and still cannot believe We are this worthy of one of her coins ! My Wife and I will cherish this day forever ! Thank you Geocoin Fairy From both of us ! This coin is our most cherished geocoin ever ! We Thank You So Much! So never stop believing in her ! I know we havn't !
  12. I know , But still wonder who won the great coin LOL
  13. The coins are so expensive because they are used as the coin for the coin toss in the Superbowl
  14. Because they are using distilled air in the bubble wrap now for shipping
  15. do not forget the creepy crawler cachers mystery coin
  16. Happy New Years to everyone in the world from the middle of the Gulf Of Mexico fron onboard a Drilling Rig ! My New Years Resolution is to place more caches , find more caches , and enjoy time spent with my Family whether indoors or outdoors ! To help with any Event that I can ,and just to be a better person ! To help any new cacher that is just getting started in our fine enjoyable pastime !! Cannot wait to get home to Florence Mississippi and cache with my fellow Friends and Cachers and new Beagle Puppy " Cache " !! Posted at dead on Midnight 12:00
  17. If possible woodduck870 , if not will gladly accept WD870 !! I would love for my name to be on a coin ,Thanks
  18. yep i see a a bunch of doggie treats for my pack also , momma ,poppa and the 3 pups ! Especially Cache who was the ham for the pic !! All the dogs looked great plus one cat also !!
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