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  1. I sent in a pre-order for 1 of each color, but haven't heard anything yet. Can you please check for me? Thank you, Marilyn (marpomem)
  2. Thank you for bringing up this subject. I am relatively new to geocaching and love it, but am still insecure about what to do with what I find in caches. The forums are helping greatly. I am developing stuff to carry in a swag bag - just a fanny pack or backpack with trading items, coins, flashlight, pens, gps, extra batteries and a notepad. That is all I have in it now, but it seems like I am always missing something I need when I am way out in the woods! Usually when I take something, I leave something comparable. However, I just was told that we can take a travel bug (coin or TB or anything meant to be put into another cache) and not leave something, just pass travel bug onto another cache asap. Is this right?
  3. Some of the pictures are coming through to me, but most are not. Can anyone tell me why? The ones not coming in are saying IPB image, but I will receive one picture and not some others on the same post. NUTS, this cointest is great and killing me because I can't find anything about a coin being in MS yet. I'll keep looking. Thank you, mrjiffy, for the fun!!
  4. i am just getting back on forums after quite a while off! forgot how much fun they are. am kicking myself for missing your puzzles. they are awesome and the coins are super cool. wish you or someone would do this sort of cointest again sometime. thanks for some fun, even if i am late. marpomem
  5. 1 turtle, 2 turtles, 3 turtles, maybe four: Is that a turtle I hear Knocking at my door? Soon the forums may observe That a nut like me might win In spite of the pathetic shape This poem of mine is in!!! Thank you, tsunrisebey, For yet another way To get a sweet, much wanted turtle coin For my collection to which it may join!
  6. These are super lovely, PSU. I hope I catch them when they go for sale. Can we pre-order??? Thanks, Marilyn (marpomem)
  7. ooooh, nerds!!!! i can't wait to get them. they are beautiful..... this is sooooooo exciting.
  8. Hi, My name is Marilyn, geocacher marpomem - put together from a silly nickname my husband came up with (marpo) and the name my grandchildren call me (mem). I've been signed up as a geocaching member for 8 mos, but have not been active enough to really feel like a true geocacher. I love the forums. Am still hesitant to write and overthink before I do, but truly enjoy reading them. There seem to be 1 or 2 rather tactless ones out there, but most posters in the forums are wonderful, generous, and kind. Lots seem to know each other, and that is nice. Originally from New Orleans, LA, I have lived in MS for over half of my life now - with my husband and 4 boxers. We have two grown children, one of whom is geocacher darnjoeSNARG who has blessed us with a lovely daughter-in-law and two fantastic grandchildren, DeaDEyeD and FrooTLooP15. djS introduced me to geocaching, and I am now addicted to it and all it entails. At first, I had 1 find. Then, I became severely addicted to those fabulous geocoins!!! I think I have over 25 and will double that when I get my geoguitars and nerds soon. We (djS and crew and myself) did find a few in FL last summer. He logged them, but I never did because I didn't know or yet quite understand what I was doing and why!!! I spent a few days last week in SC visiting djS and crew, and we geocached every day I was there!!! I thought they were trying to kill me, but it has enlivened me! I am back to exercising. It is great not being a muggle!!! Plus, djS showed me how to use my GPS, which I have had for 3 mos. and couldn't figure it out. Truth is, I was afraid of the thing. Anyway, I finally feel like a geocacher because in less than 5 days, I went from having found 1 cache that I can truly count to having 37 finds! Super cool, and I enjoy every minute of it. Thank you, all geocachers out there, for making me feel welcome and at home!!!
  9. Awesome win!! Where can I see the icon? I saw a really small one in your listing, but couldn't maximize it. Thanks for a fun cointest. Marilyn
  10. This is the first outhouse coin ever made. Anyway, thanks for the cointest!! This is fun, and that is a super kool edition of your krappy koin! Sorry, I kouldn't help that!
  11. I'm so sorry to hear this. It may not provide much consolation, but remember that death is always hardest on the living. We'll pray that you will have the strength to make it through the difficult times ahead. -Jason
  12. paid last night. all should be okay. thanks, m
  13. pghlooking, please know that getting mail is the highlight of my day! most people appreciate their mail carriers very much. i am glad you are on the receiving end for a while and know you are enjoying getting mail for a change from delivering it. my family is originally from pennsylvania, but i couldn't live in an area an colder than where i am. it's 46' here today, and i'm freezing! probably because it is a damp cold down here. anyway, when you have a bad day, just remember how i get through them - "This, too, shall pass." Things could possibly get worse, but they definitely will eventually get better!!! That is for sure.
  14. Is it possible to get a picture of those you have available? Thank you, Marilyn
  15. Will continue to pray for y'all! I truly believe in miracles. First, I (along with tons of other people) was praying that your husband Tank would live through all that. Then, he did. So now I am praying that he will continue to get better and better as time goes by and that you and the family will be okay, too.
  16. Just when you think your children will never grow up, you blink your eyes and they are 38 and 29 years old!! How did that happen and where did the time go? I have always worried about all the bad things that could happen and been in awe of all the good things that do happen. If I had to raise these two fabulous kids again, I would worry a lot less and try to be more relaxed about them. But, then, that is hindsight..... Often, I am not sure whether they turned out so well because of me or in spite of me (parenting is really rewarding and rough at the same time), but they are truly wonderful blessings. My son does heart research and my daughter teaches science. They are both considerate of other people and are definitely contributing positively to the world. I do know that I have always loved them both more than life itself, and I always will - forever and always!!
  17. gorgeous! i definitely want some of these. always like zodiac symbols, and you have done a wonderful job on the design! marilyn
  18. last year 26th this year 18th
  19. i love spicy hot food!!! these coins are awesome. placed order just now. tx, marilyn (marpomem)
  20. i, too, missed v1 and love the little buggers. will be interested in either shape, trackable or not. thank you
  21. i re-e-mailed my confirmation. thank you for the changes. you made the colors just what i wanted. i am crazy about red and turquoise for some unknown reason! thanks again, marilyn
  22. Geo.Error, was that haiku?! I'm impressed. Maybe that is why coin prices are getting higher - poetry!
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