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  1. In which case I feel quite sad for you, life will be a series of disappointments if that is all it takes for you to can the project.
  2. Since there were several mystery coins sold recently and one or two up for auction at the moment all by different sellers I thought the OP was a general query. This is not the place to be having this discussion folks, please, take it offline.
  3. A fool and his/her money are soon parted ! Unfortunately this is one of the reasons a great many coins get listed on ebay, but that's a whole other matter. Back to the topic, with regard to Mystery Coins - my gifts are unconditional, I would hope that they are not sold but being realistic a percentage will inevitably end up being sold. Do I care? of course, it's only natural that I care. Should it matter? - no not really. Will it stop me giving coins in the future? no, because the reason I gave them in the first place has not changed, and to me that it is more important than what happens down the road.
  4. Not exactly in my mailbox, but by special delivery, arranged by another Fairy Many thanks for this special gift
  5. We will visit Scotland in August and I am so terribly looking forward to it and of course I hope to find one of those gorgeous Fairies... Be sure to let me know your plans and I will try to leave a coin at a suitable cache. A map showing where coins have been placed into caches can be seen here.
  6. Thanks for all the emails, just to save me repeating myself over and over, this particular coin is primarily for Scottish Geocachers. None will be traded, none will be sold, well not by me anyways. A few will be gifted directly, the majority are to be placed into caches and I am hoping that many of those will be at the top of a Munro, Corbett or Graham, so the next to find will get a reward for the effort required to find a particular cache. For those that may not have seen it, I'll add the images below. Again, thanks for the interest, but please do not ask me for this coin, thank you. Of course it's a good reason to come and visit Scotland
  7. Yes I have made my own coin, see left, in fact I have just made another one, you can see it at www.geocoincollection.com - strangely there are some that claim to have it in their collection - even though none have left Scotland A number of folk in these forums seem to be uncomfortable about open discussion of coin making - there are other forums you can visit that provide much more information, feel free to email me through my profile for more information.
  8. And there is always Wetpaint for the untrackables
  9. I wrote to Groundspeak having made the assumption that they probably had a 'collection' of coins, I offered to add mine if they could tell me where to post it - they weren't interested, maybe I should have offered them a trackable
  10. The thunder of hooves was heard up the glen The postman arrived and got out of his van His face was quite pale, his knees were a shakin' There's some'at in 'ere 'tis a movin' an quakin' A lovely surprise from Tsun was inside A Soldier Tatanka full of American pride Thank you so much for this wonderful gift Why does a tear in the eye always make one sniff? Tsun, so generous and kind of you to go to the trouble of having this very special Tatanka made for everyone that contributed to this event, it just proves my theory that what goes around comes around. Peace be with you, and everyone.
  11. Just a quick update for those of you that very kindly helped Moira towards raising funds for MacMillan Cancer Support. Moira has just returned from her trek in Nepal and updated her just giving page, she has now raised in excess of £7,000 - in addition to which she paid all of her own expenses to go on the trek, so all monies raised has gone directly to MacMillan (less a small percentage that goes to the running of just giving - the UK equivalent of first giving in the USA). Thank you to everyone who generously supported this project.
  12. Thought some of you might be interested in an update, my friend Moira exceeded her target of raising £5000 for Macmillan Cancer Support, she leaves today for Nepal and last night I received an email from her, which I will endeavour to copy and paste below. Again and BIG thank you to everyone that very generously contributed by either purchasing or donating coins (or both) to be auctioned. Message from Moira :- Hi everyone I am sending you all a wee note to say that I am off tomorrow to Nepal and to let you all know that I have met my target of £5,000, and more. To see where it stands now double click on: www.justgiving.com/moiramcleod I would like to thank everyone again who has donated to my JustGiving page, helped out at my fund raising events, sponsored me by way of cheque or cash, all the sponsorship received from friends and family (once again), Robbie's suppliers who diligently replied to my 'begging letter' with a nice cheque enclosed, and lastly, but not least, thankyou to all the geocachers - this was a new experience for both Maisie and me and I have been overwhelmed by their support. Incidentally, Maisie who disappeared for 4 days last May in the Monadhliath mountains whilst we were involved with placing a cache is more or less confined to much shorter walks now on account of having developed arthritis in her front paws. So apart from consuming a cocktail of capsules to ease her joints she is absolutely fine and will be spending the time I am away with a friend. However, if you have not donated and have always intended to (Ben I know you are in Oz, but they do have the internet!!) there is still plenty of time as the page will stay open for a few months after I return. I attach a photo taken this morning in the frost! Hope its a bit warmer in Nepal. Namaste. Moira xx As a further note - I just went myself to check out Moira's fundraising page and was astonished to see her current total (she is still fundraising). A tremendous effort on her part and I hope she has a terrific trip. Moira's fund raising total.
  13. Geo.Error found the Fairy, she made me this lovely token just for me and found a way to get it to me, thank you so much, it is beautiful. What a wonderful surprise Geo.Error, thank you.
  14. From Tsun - thank you My coin is still travelling and spreading the message to raise awareness about cancer. Thank you for sending me this lovely coin. HG
  15. Wonderful to see you spreading more smiles TCDF, and with such a lovely coin too. Hoping they are all treasured by those that find them. Thank you for spreading more happiness.
  16. Well the day started out just fine, later on I was shopping - yes, believe it or not Fairies do go shopping . Then I got the most awful wummy ache and I came home feeling weely weely poorly, and not a little sorry for myself. My big Elf says go and look in the laundry room, thinking something had exploded and made a mess, or the washing machine was pouring suds onto the floor, and there standing in the sink is the most fabulous bouquet of flowers - with a card which reads "Faerie Flowers for a Worthy Faerie" A big big thank you to the mysery sender of flowers. I'm hoping that I will be feeling much better tomorrow and I will take a photograph for you all to see how lovely they are. No coins in the post today - just to stay on topic
  17. Today I received this beautiful card and gift from Tsun, thank you so much.
  18. Wow - I just checked Moira's JustGiving page, Urisk has made a donation to match the Tennessee Jed sale, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Target exceeded, one very happy fairy and I know that Moira is going to be thrilled. That ends the auctions - thank you again Urisk, I am humbled by your generosity.
  19. Again, my thanks to Tennessee Jed for donating his coins, another £55 has been donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. That brings the total raised to date through Geocoins to £478. Thanks to everyone that has donated coins, placed bids, made donations and the auction winners too. Without you all this would just not have been possible. Translating £ to $ - the figure is short of $1000 by just $44 - for anyone willing to donate to help bring the total up to that magic number I will find an unactivated coin from my collection to send you. Minimum donation is just £2 - that equates to just $4 - Mastercard and Visa are both accepted. When we have reached $1000 - I consider that a fantastic contribution, and I'll quit bugging you all
  20. We couldn't manage to bid any higher than we did for one of the coins in the auction... so we've donated the amount that we planned to bid directly to Moira's just giving page instead. Like so many others we have both lost friends and family members to cancer (my Dad, Andy's Dad and many more). The Macmillan Nurses do a truly wonderful job and are a marvellous support to families in their time of need, it's such worthy cause. Well done to Tennessee Jed and HGF!!!! Geo-Gophers - thank you so much for your donation, that is so kind of you, and I just wanted to say how nice it is to see a few more Scots in the Geocoins forum There is just over 12 hours left before these auctions end, the Neon version appears to be very popular, but would like to say that the Glitter version is awesome and the photographs really do not do this coin justice, and of course - the Antique Silver would nicely complete your set . Tennessee Jed tells me that his coins have never been for sale, other than charity auctions. So this could be your last chance to aquire one of these beauties. Thanks for looking, and happy bidding
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