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  1. Hi Will, I can only second what's been said above, there's a chatty Facebook group called Dorset Geocachers and that's where many of the locals tend to post. There's folk who are around during the week and at weekends owing to a large variety of work and other commitments, and I'm sure you'd easily find someone who'd be happy to come out with you and some who can point you in the direction of some unique / interesting / lovely views / long walks type caching, whatever floats your boat really. Hopefully, if you did make it to the Leap Event, you'll have met up with some locals by now.
  2. I am the so called "absentee CO". I've written to several recent "finders" to explain my maintenance pal has visited twice and couldn't find the cache, so would they kindly let me know briefly where they found it so I can direct him. No replies. I am not just some absentee CO as has been suggested, but thanks for that, you've made me feel a good deal better about myself, havjng had my elbow surgically reconstructed last Wednesday, and laying here in bed with it in plaster from shoulder to fingertips. The very reason Loony Londo assists is because it is a busy cache, and we can't all be everywhere at once. Having had no replies of where the cache has recently been found, last night I temporarily disabled it. Maybe that will yield either a brief description of its location (should it have migrated) or reduce the fake logs if it has disappeared. Funnily enough, before it disappeared, virtually every logger had noted it needed a new log roll, not one of the logs since we suspect it disappeared and when Loony Londo couldn't find it, as mentioned the full log at all!! I suspect keeping it disabled for a couple of weeks rest will help before we reinstate the cache, possibly in a slightly different location.
  3. We made it to Geocoinfest this year in Trxas, having missed last year, mainly due to ill health. It was our 4th GCF and it didn't disappoint! I loved trading and buying but at one stage got to the point where I couldn't find anything in the gym sack in the back of my wheelchair. So when I went up to my room I turned the bag out into the bed, and as I sorted everything out, I couldn't believe my eyes ... a coin I didn't recognise, and I had to do some swift googling to find out that it was a Stressed mystery coin, trackable and complete with a proxy coin from GXProxy. It was a fabulous surprise, thank you very much for thinking of me whoever placed it there, your kindness it very much appreciated and the newly treasured coin is now back in England with us.
  4. An amazing thing happened at Geocoinfest - one of these fabulous coins appeared under our hotel room door! It was just sitting there! I couldn't believe it! Definitely one to treasure and thank you so much mystery coin maker and if applicable, messenger. Your kindness is very much appreciated and the coin is now safely being treasured back home here in England. Thank you again for your kindness.
  5. I think it's a question of what people "think" is acceptable. Cachers Coins fb group may not be responsible for the bogus logging of every trackable, but it does go some way to normalising the behaviour of logging a trackable that one has never seen. Most of us would regard that behaviour as cheating, especially when such in absentia discoveries are used to qualify for challenge caches. I know of at least two challenge caches archived because people are doing this stuff. I don't buy into all that "they're only cheating themselves" stuff either, they aren't.
  6. I have autographed Podcacher coins which I believe Sonny designed himself ... so it has been done before.
  7. Absolutely beautiful coin, here's hoping one or two might make their way to Europe
  8. It was taking part in a couple of group coin projects (poker chips and doubloons) that gave me the confidence to take the next step and have my own coins made. I too have been looking for a similar project to introduce some newbies to.
  9. If the original sellers can't help you, I might be able to, need to check my traders box.
  10. So, with the June 1 deadline for submissions passed, were there applications? Are we allowed to know which cities are in the running please?
  11. Thank you for that, I was only after the official line rather than a personal opinion. Last month a flash mob one side of a road and a pub event the other ... yes, it was admitted it shouldn't have been published. However, I think it is perhaps hasty to immediately assume deliberate event stacking - a couple of years back when I had a WWFM published, it became very clear early on that there were a number of cachers attending from overseas and to send them an hour across London would have been silly, hence no event. However, i was then asked could an event be held nearby as a reviewer wished to attend, I didn't think that was right either. I have no big beef about it but it is sad that there appears to be an exception for CITOs which many people haven't been alerted to either via Groundspeak weekly newsletters, these forums or GAGB. However, looking at http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#event it doesn't mention any of this special status for CITO events, where's it published please?
  12. I've held a few events where I wanted to have a follow on event, such as a flash mob in London which was part of the WWFM, and wanted a follow on event in a pub nearby for those who'd travelled to get together. This has been refused as they are regarded, apparently, as linked events. Fair enough. Last month I saw a WWFM event published with a follow on event very closeby but was told by a reviewer it had slipped through the net and shouldn't have been published. In the coming times I can see CITO events with separate picnic events at or very closeby the original co-ords have been published. Please can someone clarify what does and does not classify as a linked event, as going by what's published, distance clearly isn't the key.
  13. Event host desperately seeking! Offered: WWFM X geocoin Wanted: WWFM IX geocoin
  14. I thought I read somewhere that we as a nation will break even around 2020 - if that's true, pretty good going for the greatest show on earth!
  15. 6.8 miles round trip by mobility buggy to bag my nearest CM - but I did it anyway
  16. I don't really understand what you mean by any decision ... There is no decision, the money should be going to the charities.
  17. I'd vote that it goes to the charities as described. We've proven it can be done from a standing start AND at a profit, why spoil the fun of the next holders?
  18. Simon Mayo tweeted last weekend he was spending the day geocaching ...
  19. Oh noooo, did the invoice end up in your spam box or something?
  20. He's a long standing member of the community who usually responds promptly. He has some cracking caches, some of the most visited in the country. I'd give him some time, maybe he's away on business, moving house, family issue etc. Why not just set your own geocaches?
  21. Why not just maintain as you go in a pay it forward style?
  22. I'm hearing great reports from folks that they're enjoying their coins, I gather they're all sold out now too! Wow! It was a truly amazing day, and it's still hard to believe it happened! I'll fix up uploading a photo so you can see what fun it all was!
  23. ... I tried tide to log it, late Friday and early Staurday but was in a poor area for connection, when I got the log written Saturday, it wouldn't connect, then it appears locked. Ok so no find for me, even though I have been to the spot, been in the park, taken photos, advised LOCOG etc etc, but what REALLY sucks, is that I now cannot log through the TBs I took quite a lot of time photographing in the Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre, and I'm sure that would have been nice for their owners for them to get the mileage and the "dip" Had it not been locked, I could still have written a note and done this.
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