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  1. One that I have used is the "Pelican" brand container. Lifetime guarantee also.
  2. Hmmm. I don't have a very big collection here but I would love to add a Suncatcher coin to it. I also would like that coin in Europe to come back soon.
  3. I relased a Lackey geocoin in spain. Never seen a Raine coin tho.
  4. When Jeremy changed the width of the coulum, to accomidate the ads. It changed the width of the attributes area. He said that you could have attributes six wide instead of the five. When he did this he didn't change the code to accomadate all 12 attributes.
  5. I received my Jeep tb & "grabbed it". Is there a way to make it show up as mine? or do I need to just watch it, since it's owned by Jeep? No there isn't a way to make it show up as your own. You just need to watch it. (unless your Jeremy)
  6. The link has all the pricing and reservations information. Thanks Time to read the post! Doink. Are there any LE/Special editions coming out? Or is it just the coin.
  7. You could try golden gardens. There is some trails there and a beach. The park is near the 98117 zip code.
  8. You may want to try a trip to golden gardens. There is a beach and 5 caches within easy walking distance.
  9. What he is talking about (For those that dont know) is the little logo that appears next to your bookmark text or the url in your browser. This little bit of image is called a favicon.
  10. This thought just came to me, for a mystery micro Start at a certain point, proceed the distance that a cylinder, fired out of a air powered cannon at 120 psi, with a barrel length of 4 feet, traveling at 400 miles per hour at a heading of 34 degrees and an angle of 45 degrees, with a wind speed of 2 miles per hour to the NNW. Dive in at this point and swim to the bottom. There you will find the cache, fired out of the cylinder.
  11. Ive seen a more complex model powered by compressed air. I think we should get the two together and see witch goes farther.
  12. Oh darn. I had actually solved the puzzle but hadnt gotten around to actually doing it. I´ll look for it though.
  13. I asked the same question http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=148063
  14. Nothing beats a white truck with a canopy on the bed, a flashing light bar on the truck, a yellow hard-hat, a clipboard, and a safety vest.
  15. It is just them re-working the database to make it more reliable. They took it off line for maintince. Hopefully all will be back to normal.
  16. Would anyone be willing to loan a Cherry picker/Bucket truck to a ski group over the summer? We would just need it for a weekend. The ski club is located in the cascades of wasington and we preform trail matinance every summer. We need to get the upper limbs off of the trees.
  17. For a beginner on the cheap get a Garmin Etrex. 100$. Cheap. If you want the real deal get the Garmin 60 CSx $450.
  18. As soon as I made this topic three new caches from PNWadmin showed up.
  19. I have not seen any new caches from him/her in awhile. Mabye they are all created at 50.1 miles from me. I have gotten some from Cascade Reviewer and TeamMisguided. Mabye someone knows.
  20. I was born on Saint Patricks day, and I can host it if you want. I was planning to make a board regarding this when I saw this board. Wow, you guys are quick.
  21. I have 4 that have been orbiting for 25 hours. They are still in stable orbit. I expect them to go for at least another day.
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