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  1. Just an update - these have shipped to me and should be here on Monday. I will start packing and shipping. Hope you enjoy these babies tsun
  2. ...and I've seen your collection, impressive
  3. I didn't set a limit. I find most of my customers are just happy to get a set/coin for their collection and they are good. A few others pick up an extra or two for trading/selling purposes. tsun
  4. 8:30 AM or PM? CF30 Thank you AM, I did an edit.
  5. More details on the sale: Presale: Will be open on Sunday, April 26th at 8:30AM MST (Mountain Standard Time - Montana). When the geocoins are gone, they are gone. These versions will not be minted again. Here is what will be available: $15.25 *Single Order: 75 Black and White Manta Ray - Nickel $15.25 *Single Order: 75 Red and Black Manta Ray - Gold $45.75 *3 Pack w/LE - 75 Packs - includes: 1 Black and White - Nickel, 1 Red and Black - Gold, 1 Turquoise - Nickel, 1- 18" black leather cord necklace, 1- 4" nickel ball chain + shipping which is based on actual weight. Total minting #'s 150 Black and White 150 Red and Black 75 Turquoise (***these color/metals become retired in geocoin form) Geocoin is 1.75mm in diameter with 3 jump rings, one attaches the tail. Tracking # will be engraved on the tail. tsun
  6. Announcement coming soon for this sale. Here's a link so you can see the 3 versions that will be available. I'll be back to post a little more information soon. I'll also be sending out a newsletter. tsun Manta Ray
  7. Such an awesome design! Congrats on another great one!
  8. Just buy what you love, there is no need to buy every geocoin that comes out. Keep it fun. tsun
  9. Farewell friend, until our paths cross again.
  10. Congrats Pan, exciting for you! There's nothing like getting your first coin minted. All you want to do is fondle it
  11. Thanks I'm very excited for this one. tsun
  12. I ordered that Foldio on Kickstarter I can't wait for it to get here. It's just more glamorous than that milk jug and more portable. hahahaha Hey, when it comes in, try and shoot a pic of a enamel domed coin if you could. I have a new Rohrpod underground and it's the worst possible combination of super dark glittery fill with a shiny clear overcoat. I got it to work, but had to use a BLACK fill card for reflection so that the camera could catch the nuances. Uncle L you crack me up, lol. Mack, I think I have a coin that has epoxy on it, so I'll give it a go. The Foldio will have 2 LED strips, I think they had an option for a dimmer on it. It will be a couple months before it gets here. I'll post a couple pics to this thread when I get a chance to try it out. You know I'm just yanking your chain though and I owe you a few because of how mean to me you were at GCF You're like the big brother I never had
  13. I ordered that Foldio on Kickstarter I can't wait for it to get here. It's just more glamorous than that milk jug and more portable. hahahaha
  14. Here's a link to the place I did my study abroad in case you want to see where I spent a little time Belize South Water Caye - Marine Biology Station
  15. I haven't produced a new design in quite some time, so if you aren't on Facebook and you haven't see what's coming up in 2015, here's a sneak peek. This is in production now The back side is a surprise. A little history on the Manta Ray design. In 2007 when I did my study abroad in Belize, I spent one week doing a portion of the study doing a biological study on a very small island called South Water Caye - a 45 minute boat ride from the mainland. We were looking for seahorses and their habitat around mangroves. During sunset time, I took a walk along the beach alone to the south edge of the island. I was just looking at the expanse of the ocean and thinking. That's when I saw my first Manta Ray jump out of the water not too far out from the shoreline. This giant sea eagle was amazing. When you see something like that, you can never really describe your feelings but I can tell you I was over-the-moon in that moment. Today, it's a faded memory but I can still picture it in my mind. When the coin arrives, I'll post pictures. Just enjoying the process and anticipating this beautiful coin.
  16. Very sad news. I met him and his wife several years back a few times at events. Funny guy, easy to talk to. Condolences to family and friends. tsun
  17. It's listed. Someone give her a good home. 2007 Earth Turtle AE 1 of 25
  18. Please feel free to list this coin. I just took a picture of it. It is mine from my collection, I have a nontrackable version and am happy with that. 2007 Two-tone AE Tsunrisebey version, 25 minted and an unblemished, unactivated coin. I hope this brings in some good $$$ for her. Thank you Bev for all your hard work on raising funds for Mich, you have been a great friend. Stephanie (tsun).
  19. I have no idea how many new coins came out this year or what most even look like but I do have the Explore Your Universe coin and it's probably one of the best coins I've ever seen done from a design perspective. It's really, really sharp. I don't pick favorites though because I understand the love, thought and time that goes into many designs and for that reason I admire them all. I think it would be kind of neat to have a thread where all coins designed in a calendar year are displayed with names. I personally can't keep track of everything.
  20. Helena, Montana has a GeoTour where you can earn a geocoin for doing the caches on the tour. Miles City, MT also has some sort of geocoin you can earn each year through their tourism office.
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