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  1. Agree. They were gorgeous. The koi in the water is awesome.
  2. These are really great looking coins. Loving all the pics. Thanks all for sharing your coins. Would have loved to have gone to the MN event, as we will be in town for soccer, but its too late in the day to attend. Hmmm...how to convince the family to head home really late on Sunday. Glad at least Geoswag will have some. At the least, I hope to get one.
  3. You sure it was the Bud clouding your brain? Cool way to gift the coins at the event. Unique, actually. Congrats to those who got one. Its a sweet looking coin.
  4. Thank you!!! Yes, congratulations!! The final 4 took so long to dwindle to the final 2, I thought the game would last a LOT longer. Very exciting to watch. Since I was unable to attend GCF this year, I missed out on the tournament... Who took third, second and first places??? First is the poster in this thread, PrashadFamily. Second was another local cacher Rustynails?. And third was Kaz from the caching team Dorsetgal&Geodog. I heard that kaz (all the way from England) came in third. WTG! That's great. Congrats to top three. Well done all. I'm sorry we had to head home. Would have loved to have played in it again. Sounds though, like it was a long tournament. How long did it go on?
  5. SWEET! It is sweet! That coin is gorgeous. We got the 2D version at MWGB and that coin is awesome. Imagine it in 3D. I've seen the 3D. You want that coin
  6. That must be an epic collection! Tiki 18 albums with 390 tags in each TMA You know, its rather unfair of you to taunt the addicts. Seriously dude. Looking forward to receiving these coins - and the Pathtag mates. Wonderful work. Great process to follow to the end. Thanks for making them.
  7. I'll have one in a few weeks, if you still haven't found one TMA Cool. Thanks TMA.
  8. Looking for the April "little metal disc" that came with the April Geocoin Club tic coin. If you have one for trade, please PM or email me. Thanks.
  9. Dressel Dargons had one of their dies with them at Bash. They are much bigger than the coin, and as stated above, very heavy. Considering it is international shipping, that cost seems fair to me. BTW - Dressels "recycled" their die and made some awesome sig items from it. If I can find the ones we got, will post a pic later, unless LeNore sees this first.
  10. None in stock. Were these left overs John or a remint?
  11. I confess. Looking at too many caches for the roadtrip. It was me. All me. Sorry.
  12. Thanks Steph! Now we wish we could come help you pack and enjoy Montana with you!
  13. Gorgeous coins. All are great but that Royal really stands out. Nice.
  14. Congrats to the recent finishers. Its a great challenge. We had gotten the passports and planned to try for one county at GCF, but time ran away from us. We did get to see the coins though and they are nice. Anything that gets ya out caching and has a nice prize as well is pretty special.
  15. The 2005 coin they generally adopted over, if you asked. Not the 2007 coin though.
  16. If this is the same person, and I have reason to believe it is, we have traded several Pathtags over the last year, and all of our dealings have been good. He's not active in the Pathtags forums either but he did trade the several tags that he produced (as did his son) with a lot of cachers.
  17. Have fun Lisa. Would have loved to attend it. Sounds like a blast!
  18. I'm going to delay the sale of the ET's (I have not decided on a new date - so it's a To Be Determined). The cart system on the new site still has a couple of "bugs" that are being worked out and we're not comfortable opening sales until they are 100% worked out. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll update this thread as soon as I am able to give you additional information. tsun Sure hope you get it worked out for your sanity. No matter when you sell them, we all will be eagerly anticipating them, and we will wait quietly on the sidelines while you organize it all - all for our benefit! Thank you! And thanks for the constant updates You rock! No Neptune's Compass either then, right? LOL. All of us that were headed to events tomorrow can breathe easier.
  19. Well I really want to say yes, that is my goal. I'm about 99.99% sure this will be via the new site and not the old one. The website address will be the tsunrisebey.com and the old store link will automatically forward you to the all-in-one site. For those that have my sites bookmarked, you won't need to do anything as it will guide you there. I think all of us will be happy campers about the functionality and ease of the new site. However I can't promise you that there will be no more F5 action The nice thing is I have spent alot of time with the programmer explaining what it is I needed them to accomplish for the store and (how geocoins work and the sales ) and I was very adamant about certain issues being addressed. One thing to keep in mind that no matter what cart system is being used there are still a limited amount of products and no cart system can magically create a coin for everyone Ya know, I can't say there are too many folks out there in the world who take this kind of time & effort to keep their customers happy and in the loop. You always go above & beyond Steph and you do it in a matter of fact straight forward way. We always know where we stand with you and we know that no matter what you offer to us, it comes from your heart & soul. YOU are one of the rare great ones.
  20. Not often we get event coins out this way. I saw this today from my friend Steve, known in the caching world here as James Bridger, and wanted to post it here, as its a nice coin. He's known for doing great caches and the event sounds like a blast. The event coin is trackable. Here's the info direct from his email. If you are interested in the coin, please contact Steve direct. His contact info is below. I'm hosting GC1NBKK Cache and Splash 2009, in Valentine, NE on June 19th and 20th. There will be a geocoin available for this event and pre-sales started April 02, 2009. The cost of the coin will be $8.00 each, with a $0.30 handling fee per coin and a $2.00 shipping fee per order. If you wish to pick your coins up at the event, there will be no charge for the handling and shipping, just the $8.00 per coin. This is a 1 5/8" diameter coin, 3 mm thick, and the coin will be trackable at Geocaching.com. If he sells at least 250 of them, the coin will also have a unique icon. A sample of the coin is below: Here's the idea behind the coin. In this area there are mainly traditional and puzzle caches, so I wanted those two icons on the coin. The crossed paddles pay homage to the canoeing and kayaking on the Niobrara, while the heart with "Valentine" is a common motif here in town. The tombstone with RIP 13 on it is merely my personal icon. I have it as my avatar on my GC page and it is printed on every log in all of the caches I own. It is even available as a vinyl decal as a bonus item for completing GCDVDK Triskaidekaphobia (a challenge cache that can only be found by finding 13 other caches, all of them placed at cemeteries in Cherry county). I like history and cemeteries, so I chose a tombstone to reflect that passion. The number 13 has received a lot of bad press, but it's always been a good number for me. I'm not really into numerology or that, but fortuitous things seem to have that number linked to them somehow. It was only natural to have that number on the tombstone, and I didn't make it the same font as the RIP, since I wanted it to look like it was added later. If you wish to pre-order a coin, please e-mail me at legerity13@gmail.com indicating the quantity and whether you want it shipped to you or not. After I receive your order, I will invoice you through PayPal. I will be taking orders until April 30th, 2009 and submitting my quantity to the manufacturer on May 10th, so I can receive the finished coins by the event date. I look to get them around the first part of June, so if I mail them out, you should receive them at home just before the event. Thanks in advance for your support of this event, and I look forward to seeing you in my neck of the woods. James Bridger
  21. I knew you would say that. Great coin & story John!!
  22. The code on it is the owner's ID, however they chose to represent their caching name. Generally they have a number too. There was a limit to the number of characters to each name which might make it hard to figure out who it belongs too. All the birds were the same but each person who participated chose a different color to make theirs unique from the others in the group. I can't tell you how many each person made, but when we did the ducks the year before we did either 50 or 100 of them each. Its swag to keep, with the expectation of an even or better trade.
  23. Most excellent Mr. Mackey, as always. Looks great in the new metal. I've got lots of Pathtags to fill that spot.
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