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  1. Any chance these may be done again?
  2. Any chance of getting a new invite? It doesn't work for me either anymore.
  3. Nope... I had a Garmin rep program them for me when I attended a Mega event last month. He gave me the pin number so that I could reprogram them later on if I needed.
  4. Yeah I've read that but it doens't work. These chirps are acting like they have already been programmed but they are brand new out of the packaging and were never programmed. My unit ID does not work on them and I can't do anything with them. Could it be a Monterra bug?
  5. I have two seperate chips and I can not program either one of them with my Monterra. The problem is that the Garmin is asking for the pin for the chirp but there should be no pin as the chirp is brand new. I literally just took it out of the package and put the battery in it. I turned on chirp on my Monterra and the screen came up to either "Go" or "Program". I clicked on Program and it shows the Incorrect Pin screen like it had already been programmed. There should be no pin since I never programmed the chirp. I tried doing each one seperately and they both do the same thing. Has anyone else had a problem programming a chirp with their Monterra?
  6. Brand new in the box. It has never been opened. I received it as a replacement from Garmin for a faulty unit but have decided I'd rather have the Monterra. I'll throw in the extra carabiner and rechargeable battery pack that I have from the one that was returned. The faulty unit was only used once before it was found to be a bad unit so the carabiner and battery pack are practically new. I'm asking $450 which is less then the cost of a new one plus an extra carabiner and battery pack on top of that. If I can get a quick sale I'll even include shipping as long as it's in the US. Garmin Oregon 650
  7. If you are going to be anywhere near Jacksonville Florida then you can wait to buy them until you get there. There is an REI store there and they sell them. http://www.rei.com/product/770192/Groundspeak-trackable-travel-bug-for-hitchhikers You can also check out the Space Coast Geocaching store that is also located in Florida. http://shop.spacecoastgeocachers.com/
  8. Dolfy

    Dog Tags

    You can also check out the ones that GxProxy offers. I have one on my dog Bailey's collar and it's really cute. Tail Tales Trackables
  9. I was lucky enough to get to see one of these at GCF and I will say that anyone who orders one will not be disappointed. It's a beauty of a coin! I can't wait to get mine!
  10. Geico has them out there too.
  11. Schwenksville Pa to be more specific
  12. I can release one too if you'd like.
  13. Please please please have it at Bash!!! With the quality of work that I have seen you do in the past that was outside the box I can't wait to see what you came up with this time!
  14. They may have found lots of caches since they picked up your trackable but are those caches in good areas where it won't be stolen? I'll hold onto a TB or coin instead of dropping it off if the cache is in an area that can easily be muggled or trackables tend to disappear from. I'll hold onto it longer to keep it safe.
  15. If you go to the trackables page and enter the tracking number of the coin there it will tell you the name of the coin. Tracking Page
  16. I did factor in the cost for the engraving packages. Those coins are $4.50 each when you order 100 of them. Even with the cost of shipping it still comes out to be about $5.22 a coin. Your sale price is quite expensive compared to other coins that have enamels/glow/and design work, etc. put into them.
  17. Those look like the coins you can get done at GxProxy. Aren't they only about $4.95 each even with the set up costs?
  18. Have you seen these trackable dog tags? I think they are really cute! http://www.shop.gxproxy.com/Tail-Tales-Trackables-for-the-4-Legged-Friend-TTs00010.htm They also have light up collars in case you like to night cache. http://www.shop.gxproxy.com/Bling-Collar-for-GeoPets-BLING010.htm
  19. Trackables being whether they are geocoins or TB's do not have to be traded for. What's so wrong with taking a TB that doesn't have to be traded for in the first place and leaving a personal sig item? I don't see anything wrong with it. If you don't like the sig item them leave it. People leave all kinds of sig items.
  20. I agree that it's a bad bad idea to place a power trail on that road. I know that road well also and see it as an accident going to happen. Just becuase there are grassy areas alongside the roadway doesn't mean that it's a good spot to pull off and most people who go after these power trails probably won't pull off the roadway enough to be out of the way of someone going 60 mph. Having someone pull off in a grassy area is going to make someone mad. That's someone's private property. There's too much traffic there for it to be safe. Also you may want to take a ride down that road at night and see how dark it is. Some cachers prefer to cache at night and I wouldn't want to come upon their car parked on the side of the road in the dark. It's bad enough trying not to hit a deer let alone parked cars that are still in the roadway. I would hate to see a township ban caching because of a trail like this causing people to possibly get hurt.
  21. Boy you've been busy haven't you? LoL Looks great!
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