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  1. Unfortunately, some people share lists and/or photos of coins online and others use them to discover as many coins as possible. I don't understand it, but it seems to be popular...
  2. If you do a raffle, it would be great to be able to buy tickets remotely, even if you can't go to the event
  3. I believe that Groundspeak relaxed that rule and now leaves it up to the trackable's owner.
  4. Name 1 sent: 11/6/2015 Mission 1 Sent: 12/11/2015 Mission 1 Received: 12/09/2015 Name 2 (kid) sent: 11/6/2015 Mission 2 Sent: 12/11/2015 Mission 2 Received: 12/10/2015 Amoolia and I received lovely packages from Germany and the Netherlands. Thanks so much!!
  5. Name 1 sent 11/6/2015 Name 1 Received Mission 1 Sent Mission 1 Received Name 2 (kid) sent 11/6/2015 Name 2 Received Mission 2 Sent Mission 2 Received
  6. Wow! Been out of touch for a bit, and didn't see either the Explore the Universe or Gas Pump before this. Any clue if/how one might get ahold of one of either?
  7. Package is in the post! Finally! So sorry to everyone - we were hit with a run of health issues, including one kid who is still recovering from pneumonia Thanks so much for your patience... Moozer
  8. Yes, please sign up for the next round by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on October 7th. I will then look through the lists, and do my best to make someone as happy to open the package as I was
  9. Pleeeeease forgive my tardiness. My house has been a veritable petri dish the last few weeks First I was ill, then my daughter, then I caught it again. I am finally feeling relatively human (or is that bovine?) again. Here's what wonderfulness greeted me when I opened the package: Wow! Thanks so much for the goodies - several path tags, 4 small cache containers, and a bevy of cool coins. You set the bar high for quality of packages, but I will do my best to rise to the challenge. And, I make my solemn pledge to send out my package on Monday. Promise. Really! Donald (Moozer)
  10. I received a lovely package over the weekend. I, unfortunately, was in bed with a nasty cold. Just starting to feel human again, and will give a full report within the next day or so - please be patient while I get over being a patient
  11. I'd say either use eBay, or provide a listing here and take offers from the crowd. Then you can auction off those that don't sell here.
  12. I'd be in for either, life permitting!
  13. Oops! Forgot to add seeking list: http://coord.info/TBJFKT
  14. Cute! Do you happen to have a U.S. distributor?
  15. But would a US coin store allow us to get our own editions, or would they just resell the shop versions you create? If you would be willing to allow someone here to manage the receiving and shipping of US participants, I think you'll get a lot more involvement.
  16. I would love to get some of these, but the extra shipping to the USA makes it really difficult to justify. Do you have any interest in having someone in the US act as intermediary for US orders? We could receive them direct from the mint, then send them using our lower shipping costs...
  17. Cool coin! If only I wasn't on the other side of the country...
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