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  1. the issue I've been having has been ongoing since before this outage. I just thought it was something with my old BB but I've changed my device last week and the issue still persists.
  2. I have noticed an issue with the notification e-mails lately where the notification links (coords...) are cut off by the device in the e-mail. it only keeps the http://coord.inf as part of the hyperlink. The entire address is there but it cuts off the last part of the hyperlink. This means that I can't pull the info within a browser without dong a cut/paste of the address. I've had similar issues on a BB 8230 with OS4.7 and on a Storm 9530 with OS5.0 Anyone have any ideas? The links in the e-mails I receive work fine on my PC.
  3. I found one of these in a cache today in NB Canada, very nice coin. It's not activated yet and there isn't a note saying anyone dropped it off...I hope someone was really nice and dropped one in a cache as a gift, it would fit nicely in my collection.
  4. #078 for me. I haven't been in here for a while. Doing some major home reno's and my other time is spent with my 17 month old. I haven't even been able to do much geocaching lately. I had a gut feeling about a package in the mail....I don't know why since I wasn't waiting for anything but low and behold a black mailer envelope. What could it be? It feels like a coin, but I haven't bought any....when I open it I can;t believe my 1st mystery coin. It's beautiful, this is one of the best for no reason gifts I ever received. THANK YOU GEO_BANDIT!!!!
  5. There was 1 mystery coin found within 50 or so KMs from my home. I was soooo excited for the cacher who found it. I have personally never even seen a mystery coin ....I wish to be a mystery coin owner. I have a few pretty cherished coins, this would more than likely be a list topper!!! OOOh pick me, pick me, pick me!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  6. I'm currently in possession of a TB that left from Nevada in a race to get to Idaho, pretty simple right......I'm in New Brunswick Canada, the travel bug took a 5500 mile detour. I may hold onto it for a bit since I'll be traveling to Toronto and Quebec shortly. Hopefully it will eventually make it home and you never know it could actually beat the other one to win the race! Most people try and help it on it's way, sometimes circumstances make it lose it's path and shortly it will be back on it's way!!
  7. Here's a pic of me(I'mthe one in the far right with the baby strapped to my chest) at the November '07 WWFM Here's a pic of just me with the baby strapped to my chest at the same event for proof!! lol
  8. I got my 500LE RMA'd. Waited 2 weeks to the day and called in. They said they hadn't had a chance to touch it as they had no parts. I told them I did NOT want a Triton. They said they couldn't guarantee how long this might take before they find the parts necessary to fix it. They said they could replace it with a Triton. At this point I asked to speak to a supervisor (they put me through to a 2nd level person who was easy to understand. I explained my situation and he said that I had 3 choices, wait til they found parts, get my same untouched unit back or go with a Triton. After mentioning not wanting a triton a few more times he said he could upgrade my unit to a Triton 1500. I asked about my attachments that I already had car adapter home adapter and car mount. So he included a car charger, home charger and car mount all with free shipping and no upgrade fee. I received an e-mail within 15 minutes showing the unit and accessories all free of charge. I should hopefully be getting the unit early this week.
  9. I spoke with Magellan today and after telling them I didn't want a Triton and them telling me that they can't send me a 500LE for long enough, they are sending me a 1500 with a car charger, car mount and power adapter. I was still hesitant of accepting this, they even waived the shipping after that. I'm hoping that this is going to work out. I still have mixed feelings...
  10. Go Quebec Nordiques!!!! All the other teams had been chosen!....still my favorite team!
  11. Little did Mig's parents know. He had been hanging with a bad crowd and he was now addicted to crackers!!
  12. 608 - son was born on june 8th 2007
  13. 1) in hand 38 but 3 are leaving on a mission tomorrow 2) 3 activated 1 might be MIA, 1 hasn't left yet but will be in my next cache. 3) I don't know that I have given away any to such people...lol!
  14. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the new maggie repair center in Mississauga? I have an RMA number and was hoping to find a contact # for them. I wanted to confirm that they had 500s in stock and that I wouldn't be receiving a Triton. Reason for this being that I have a b-day gift on the way (an eXplorist 500 car mount) and I want to make sure I'll have a replacement 500 otherwise I'll live with the rubber being torn. The address I was given for my RMA is the following: 1880 Madison Blvd East Mississauga, ON L4W5N4
  15. HiGoodyb4u8 if you click on the username, from there you can send an e-mail .
  16. Charging through the USB connection will be very slow (trickle charge) I picked up a sony PSP car charger for 5$. I modified the tip on a samsung cell phone charger (same output 5V DC 1000mAh) and it works great. It's also the same power adaptor as some of the Toshiba Pocket PCs (which I use for paperless caching). You can pick up the correct tips from radio shack for cheap and just make sure that it's the correct voltage and that the center pin is the positive.
  17. Hi ervind, if you think you're insane join the Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association or the Maritime Geocaching Association for a whole lot of people in Atlantic Canada that share your insanity!! lol
  18. It's easy, I play for him (at low volume obviously) or acoustic. He seems to find it interesting, or maybe confusing to watch me play! lol When I need to play loud I find friends and a jam room!!
  19. I'm relatively new here. My caching name is based from my other favorite hobby (plying music, bass more precisely) and my name Miguel. It's going to be 1 year caching since I found my first cache tomorrow. I've been lurking on these forums for a while. It's been a busy year. My son was born on June 8th 2007 and he has a coin out in his honor. I started having an interest in coins in October-November last year. I went a little overboard and now have about 30 or so coins. I think they're awesome, i always liked coins and have a small currency coin collection so it was the perfect mix of my favorite hobby (geocaching) and coins. Coin collecting in my opinion is more of an off season hobby (I live in Canada so winter is limited caching season) so you'll probably see me more here in the winter time. Hope to see all of you around! Glad to meet most of you.
  20. These ARE awesome!! Are you taking pre-orders, reservations whatever you call it how can I get my name on it for a pair?? I'll be watching this thread for sure!
  21. I've been away from the forum for a bit. Is there still any Canadian themed guitars left??? please please please please please let there be some left!!!! Did I say please!! And those picks are some awesome too....now if there was only a bass guitar coin...
  22. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and that everything went well! I received my coins today they are awesome. Get well soon!
  23. Well I'm glad I got 2 of them then. I knew my cachemobile was on it's last leg so i figured I'd get another one for when I replace it. They are really well made and last well too. Mine is still as nice as the day I got it, even after scraping and driving through back roads and through branches.
  24. We had a miscarriage in our first pregnancy, we barely even had time to find out before it was done. It wasn't planned but it doesn't make the pain any less that's for sure. My son was born on June 8th 2007. He is the one thing I care the most about in the universe. He did his 1st cache @ 4 says old, he would have got the 1st to find but he doesn't like to be awoken during naptime. He also has a geocoin out in his name. He's going to be 8 months old on Friday already, time seems to have gone by so fast. I know these are the memories I will cherish for the rest of my life and I wish they could slow down so I could have time to soak them all in. It seems that every day he learns something new or he is that much more alert and responsive to everything around him. I learn through seeing him learn, I live through seeing him live and most of all I love from seeing him love. I wonder why dwell on the past when there is so much in the present and so much to look forward to in the future. I just feel like we have someone watching over us, making sure we're safe and happy.
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