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  1. I dunno, I like my aerial imagery....some don't! To each their own! You could always give it a try and return it if not to your liking, DeLorme has a full refund 30 day policy! Not sure how that works on a map subscription, and not sure if they still insert a trial subscription or not!
  2. Life is a wild ride, my friends! One door is slammed and another seems to open for you...but it's a slow and painful process at times! Not all green lights, but we're still here!
  3. I've missed everyone as well, and THANKS!!
  4. If not in a hurry, you may want to wait and see what DeLorme may have for it's PN-60 release! I know I'm waiting patiently!
  5. I think you'll enjoy it, I know I enjoy mine! Can't wait for the 60 to come out though, that should be a nice little toy! Congrats on the purchase!
  6. I'm back....how's it going everyone?? Lots of stuff happened and happening, will get the contest sorted soon!
  7. Yes, I'll be there and although not a personal coin, Geocaching Journeys will be raffling off and/or selling a few of our coins made for the first Geocaching journeys tour! No pics, you'll have to look us up at our booth for your chance to own one...unless of course you're a guest on the cruise to Alaska!!
  8. What if you left a relative at the cache site? Back on topic: In the case you cited, would you go back and log a note explaining that you broke the park's rule, or would you simply go grab your glasses and leave it at that? I believe that breaking park rules is a bad thing, in and of itself, but there are reasons I could excuse such behavior. Breaking the park rules, then posting the fact in your log where the management can see there are folks playing this game who don't give a hoot about rules, is, in my eyes, worse than just breaking the rules. Can't argue with that in the least!
  9. Does this mean I was kinda right or just plain crazy? I wouldn't know where to begin looking, but I did here it in these forums. There's no way I'd imagine this either, I'm just not smart enough to...lol
  10. I'm a Mac owner too! Any of the models you describe should be OK. (don't know about the PN40 with a Mac though) What does work: Send to GPS on cache pages Loading Pocket Queries (GPX files) via GPSBabel (which MacCaching might use, or might be able to use) or via DeLorme's Cache Register application (if you go this route, you never have to open the PQ - Cache Register downloads the file right from Groundspeak's servers) Purchasing/downloading "default" aerial imagery cuts from DeLorme via their web interface to the Map Library GPSBabel - for tracks, waypoints, etc. Uploading Field Notes What does not work TopoUSA - needed for downloading "full" imagery & doing your own custom map packages, more involved routes & tracks, etc. I think you can still add aerial imagery by getting the maps sent via disc? I could be mistaken and welcome any corrections!
  11. +1 I pretty much agree with every post in this thread...shocking!
  12. I'd say the LEO (should they see you there) AND the property owner would be much more understanding should you have a good reason. It's not so grey an area in that light. However, Billybobcacher with his sense of "I don't care abou the law" attitude might be met with a little different attitude...
  13. A question I have for those who hide deliberately hard caches...when do you give hints? If the FTF hasn't been claimed after many searchers tried? What if the FTF never comes? I'm not one to care, I give hints freely...just not too often on my cache page!
  14. Did you not read the very first sentence? Just stated the facts as I see them, my friend.You are very quickly losing the right to call me my friend. okay?Let me see if I can find the right words.... Nope those will have to suffice. Is this what happens when someone disagrees with you? Jeez Roddy, do you have to do this in EVERY thread? On topic: I think caches were placed to be found in the beginning of the game, but as time went on and the game got more popular caches were "hidden" to be found instead of just "placed" to be found. Eventually, of course, the hides became more devious and eventually caches were "hidden" in order to be "hard to find". So it doesn't surprise me at all that eventually we've gotten to the point that some caches are now hidden in hopes that they're never found. And as long as they're rated properly, this is okay with me. I like seeing the diversity that grows out of this game! Be disagreed with? It happens. I think some places MUST have a hard hide, if nothing more than to just keep the cache from being muggled. I also think that some people place a micro in the woods merely to make it hard to find...then play the fuzzy coords game in order to really make it hard. I would even bet those who do this (the fuzzy coords, not so much the micro in the woods) think they are being sneaky or such. I sometimes post better coords and sometimes, they get deleted...which backs my suspicion of them. As for starting hard, I wasn't around back then, but how good were coords in the beginning? Without the help of a good GPS and clear coords, most probably HAD to make a hide somewhat obvious or it would never be found. As the coords and units progressed, the finds got easier and people felt the need to hide harder to find caches?? Just a thought...
  15. This is an OK unit as long as you don't expect it to road route you to the cache location. It's slow on map redraw and calculating routes. On the other hand, it would make a decent starter unit for the budget-minded person! A better unit for just a little more are the DeLorme PN-30 or the DeLorme PN-40. Either one are great for caching and will route adequately (for me at least, ymmv) I'd check them out and then you'll at least have an idea of what the bells and whistles are should you decide to look for others. In your price range though, these are great units and will do far more than the etrex lines!
  16. We've debated that one a good bit on our local forum. Frodo13 creates EVIL puzzle caches that take solid work to solve and will not give clues. Some among us really hate that, others admire that he can defeat most of us with his puzzles, making them a real bafge of honor to find them. When someone does find one it gets trumpeted in the forum and congratulations flow! So I see both sides of it. I haven't found but one of his, and I've given up trying on the others (I even recruited my ham radio club, some pretty smart fellers, to help me with SpiderFish. (We DNFed it!)) but I appreciate his effort and admire those with the tenacity and brain-power to find them. I have to hand it to anyone who can solve puzzles, my mind doesn't work like that (well, OK, the hard puzzles at least)...they go on my ignore list fast. I love a physical challenge and tend to enjoy the tree climbing, mountain climbing and the sort. A kayak cache which has a tough hide is good too. Sometimes, just the spot is enough to make me happy, but most times, I hate getting to the end of a long walk and finding an obvious location...that really dampens my high spirits. It's kind of like climbing a mountain and then finding a herd of people at the top, their tour bus sitting in a parking lot. Sure, I enjoyed the climb and did it my way, but the thrill of doing what many others is shot down the drain...
  17. Did you not read the very first sentence? Just stated the facts as I see them, my friend. You are very quickly losing the right to call me my friend. okay? Let me see if I can find the right words.... Nope those will have to suffice. Is this what happens when someone disagrees with you?
  18. Did you not read the very first sentence? Just stated the facts as I see them, my friend.
  19. It would appear that they had better be found....
  20. Isn't it off-topic to tell someone that they are off-topic? I'm off-topic! You're off-topic! This whole darned thread is off-topic! And with that in mind, I must take leave. The bank gets edgy when I am late to make a payment and I pushed it as far as possible! Oh darn, I'm off-topic here. To get back on-topic, I still say the last cache being discussed is very similar...there, that should do it!
  21. And the endless pages of "I know you are, but what am I?" are on topic? Yep, but I would hope we could get past all the crud and get back to the topic at hand! Seems some would rather that didn't happen though!
  22. Isn't it off-topic to tell someone that they are off-topic? Sorry, you posted that you saw it on-topic. I commented my opinion and you got all edgy. And also sorry that I had to point out that you were indeed off-topic to begin with, just letting you know since you seemed to think otherwise.
  23. Good point. It is quite possible that Nomex wanted to say a lot more, but given that he could not explain himself, chose to just alter a canned response to add more weight without saying all he wanted to say. However, given that this was a special circumstance where I believe Nomex was called in for a specific reason, then care should have been given in how it was handled from beginning to end. All I am asking for is that TPTB consider this, learn from this, and use what has been learned from this in the future. When the circumstances are such that you are not able to back up your claims and especially if you are dealing with a problematic cacher that you know has the potential to cause a stink, do not use a canned note. Take the time to word your response in order to mitigate the type of firestorm that this response caused. Or send a private email and make any claims you can prove...in private. We agree on most all counts, my friend. Nicely worded too!
  24. And I see your "I'll post anything to keep this thread at the top of the list" tactics as off-topic. You appear to be less interested in making a rational argument than in simply having the last word. By the way, you may notice that I trimmed most of the quotes-of-quotes from this post, and kept only the bit to which I was replying. You might want to try it, it makes the post much easier to read. Yep, good excuse to post off-topic....he did it, why can't I?? Just so you know, I RARELY posted off topic, I was happy to let others since they were helping one of my goals though! THANKS for the tip, my friend, but I'll post in the manner I feel and you have the right to do the same. But hey, if it bothers you, I'm sure there are plenty of threads where others post how you like! Adding to that, if you'd care to look back, you'll note I have done just as you suggest on occassion...and I would note that I appear not to be the only one guilty of this? btw...the sarcasm, you'll note it's happily met likewise!
  25. Ah, but you are assuming that the cat actually exists. Perhaps flask's neighbor doesn't HAVE a cat. And yet, flask was asked to check on this non-existent cat. How will flask respond? I wait in breathless anticipation, and see this cat discussion as an allegory for the entire thread. I see it as off-topic. If you want to discuss the thread, then there's enough here to discuss without muddying it up!
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