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  1. Merry Xmas from Spain......... Rain, More rain and our new roof leaks like....We have an indoor pool. (never trust an english builder in spain....!!!) Happy New Year
  2. How about: Latifa + Goodness, or Tara, or Nala, from the Lion King Seasons greetings to everyone
  3. Just an evening to spend with only the immediate family with a little more time without any distractions with those that matter most - unless of course there is a cache nearby. Seasons Greetings to All
  4. First Off Congrats to thw Winners..... Boy you guys over there have such fab stuff - WOW The best and only sig item we have found is the Secret Agent Coin - now that in my opinion is a kool sig item. (Cant post a pic tonight...?????) PS: Anyone trading those Geogems / Angels / Feathers or other homemade items - Please shoot me an email - Nothing like that at all in this Hemisphere.......THX
  5. Got a cache nearby that has attracted a bit of attention over the time it has been listed - quite a challenge walking through several water filled pools, and then grabbing the cache - which is held in a waterproof box and suspended from a cable above a deep water filled pond - that of course you have to go into to reach the cable....... But as the fincas (country estates) have changed owners around the location, a new owner has fenced around the only way of reaching the cache without definately going accross land that is marked private...........so inspite of a good and fun trek.......DNF (hate to say it's a new Dutch owner!!! - never mind the germans in this valley are also not very friendly) RGZ - Love the stories
  6. Nice to see that coin again - especially number 689..... RGZ from Spain
  7. Wow.....they are really wild looking versions. Agent 44 - Ready for a mission (Maybe I wont include the kid on this hunt - he still has the coin on his PC screen) Good luck to all secret agents from Sunny Spain
  8. What a beautiful find and message - CONGRATS
  9. Great Coin - Great Meaning - Such a Beautiful Dove Congrats
  10. I will always remember Dorsets Best Food Dorset Knobs & Blue Vinny Cheese RGZ
  11. Such stories, such amazing genourosity and of course a Fab Magical coin. Congrats
  12. lordxtra


    I got hooked into Geocaching as soon as I saw various blogs and read about the activity, but the beauty, creativity and originality of geocoins never ceases to amaze me. I have even this weekend got the thrill of moving a couple of really good looking coins and some travel bugs, and of course I got a nice walk, breath of fresh air, and the hunt is just so thrilling. Thanks to all of you for keeping this activity a Buzzin.
  13. Mr Ellandel is correct Sales in the EEC = Pay VAT Sales outside the EEC = NO Vat In order for a vendor to be able to justify these sales, goods must be sent including an invoice of the correct sales value, a customs export declaration should be included again showing the correct sales value, and of course the goods must be sent via recorded / register delivery to prove export. So hopefully the lower costs you will all see, will justify the higher mail costs we have here in Europe, especially when sending stuff to the USA. RGZ to all and be assured as we open our Geocaching shop this summer - non eec customers will not pay any vat.
  14. Congrats.............What an Awesome Coin Got tons of bats down here (fruit bats....and I am not talking about she, who must be obeyed....but the ones that buzz around your head in the garden) Great this little mystery started in Europe also...???
  15. Keep a watch for the White Heather also...........Understand it brings Good Luck LOL
  16. Congrats you guys, Such a Nice coin with such a Mega Message. Love the Koi's........They are just so tranquil and calming when you watch them. So......A little Wishing going on here in Sunny Spain as well!
  17. First off - Congratulations - The best Gift of all. 1) date of birth May 20th 2) time of birth 19:43 pm 3) official weight 7 lbs 1 oz 4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl - I've Got The Best Coins! In my experience they always arrive at Dinner Time but leave plenty of time for a Beer and a Cigar to celebrate later in the evening. Have Fun....
  18. Congrats, Great Find and another Mega Looking Mystery Coin. Way 2 Go Goofy
  19. Hello Riley.... Got your distant cousin Toby here..... Looks like you got a Kool Name and a Good Home. Lucky Dog.
  20. Well time for bed so not alot of time for research but how about "BOBBY" as in....He wants to be Bobby's girl (humming away but cant put a finger on who did it?) By the way Beautiful and Lucky dog - Just rescued a Black Lab over here a few weeks back.
  21. How About a wild stab at:......... 44
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