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  1. Yes, 13 of mine have now been discovered and the logs are still coming in, but thanks for the prompt action. I would hope that the account gets locked rather than just logs deleted otherwise they haven't really lost anything...
  2. Yes, same here along with Baroudeurs14 and TEAM CBO. Coin now locked and logs deleted.
  3. This isn't helped by a page on social media listing hundreds of coin codes, some of which are mine and are here with me. This evening there have been numerous "discoveries" which I have duly deleted. What is the Groundspeak policy on this - given that the person logging these coins freely admits using codes posted and hence never even seeing these coins?
  4. Another person is currently at it too - "CT1FMX" from Portugal. Had several of my coins (all PC prefix, and all here at home with me) discovered over the last couple of days, each log has been deleted
  5. I wouldn't hold your breath, LeckaLecka. I paid four and a half years ago and am still waiting...
  6. Here we go again: http://coord.info/TL3N31DA I've already deleted logs from this guy a month or so ago - clearly trying "PC" codes until one comes up. It will get deleted again (sigh)..
  7. I had a number of coins "discovered" yesterday that are here with me and have never been released or taken to an event. It's noticeable that all of my affected coins start with a "PC" prefix on the tracking number and the same looks to apply to those he has logged owned by other people too. I guess he just types "PC" followed by a random four digits until he hits one. Needless to say the logs were quickly deleted and Groundspeak informed..
  8. Thanks Droo - yep, having quite a number of coins I do get mistaken hits on them, which is understandable given similarity of some of some of the digits, but to get three discoveries in quick succession by the same person rang alarm bells... Just checking the other coins they have "discovered" reveals others have been hit too
  9. Hi all. I'm just wondering if anyone else has suffered from a cacher in Germany (Geohirse) making bogus coin discovery logs on their coins today? I have had "discovered" logs on a number of my coins today - which have been duly deleted - despite these coins being here with me and never released. All of the coins concerned have a "PC" tracking prefix, so clearly this person is taking random guesses on "PC" tracking numbers and when successful, logging them as discovered. The logs just have a smiley face, with no attempt to state where or when the coin was seen. I can see a large number of discovery logs on other coins according to his/her inventory today (some which have been missing for years according to logs). Given that us, as coin owners, are liable to have our coins locked for breaking the rules on allowing bogus logging, is there any action that can be taken (by Groundspeak) with this person who is blatently doing the same thing (other than just advising the coin owner delete the logs). Thanks, Russ
  10. I don't have this App, but would imagine it's showing you the number of trackables that are currently in the cache (or should be!). HTH Russ
  11. I have also now received my order. Phew!
  12. Yep, same here - finally a "Shipped" notification. Hopefully things are on the move!
  13. I also had a "Packaged for Shipment" email on Jan 25th, but no other communication (i.e. no "Shipped" email) and no coins have arrived here in the UK.
  14. Absolutely nothing (UK). Not happy.
  15. Could I ask those who have received their coins whether they ever got a "shipped" status email, or did they just turn up out of the blue? Thanks, Russ
  16. I had a "Packaged for shipment" email on Jan 25th, but so far no "shipped" message, so can only presume they haven't been..
  17. Wow, although I'm still a big coin collector even though I don't come in here so much, Coinfucious clearly still remembers me as I also have had a surprise coin drop on the mat This was a total surprise and thank you so much - it will have pride of place. What a great coin! All the best from England, Russ
  18. I've seen quite a few of these in Herts. They are a sig item of PinkPaisley... Russ
  19. The main reason why those Garmin coins go for silly money is that they were limited in that they were only available in the UK. They are quite rare elsewhere, although I know of one in New Zealand as I sent one to Kiwi Gary! The price is usually ramped up by collectors from the USA, etc. Non-trackables are not so much in demand mainly as you can't track 'em (obviously), no icon to collect and you are not allowed to advertise them for sale here on the forums. Some of them (usually the 'mystery' coins) go for megabucks, but that's quite a specialised thing. As you state, the UK exchange rate is also not helping matters either! Russ
  20. Mine have safely arrived here in the UK. Great coins, Marianne!
  21. Our 'World Wide Womble' TB is with KiwiGary over in New Zealand at the moment and has 60719 miles on the clock. We feared it lost at one point over in the USA, but it eventually reappeared!
  22. I volunteered to keep an eye on them and maintain a leaderboard, the link to which is posted just above the photo in the original post. I watch them all and know when they have moved, and it's done via a spreadsheet which updates a league table which is what you see. I have to do some manual adjustments though to exclude mileage gained when people 'visit' the TB along a route of caches (not allowed in the race) and also have found that the total mileage figure on the TB's web page doesn't always update, so can't be relied upon. All good fun and I've pledged a geocoin as a prize to the winner. Russ
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