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  1. Check Geoswag, they have lots of National Parks Coins.
  2. My first log was from July 4, 2002. Today on every cache page you can search for nearest benchmarks or you can go to the help center to find more information.
  3. Yes, there are several virtuals along the strip. Just look for tours of Hoover Dam on the internet. I am sure there are several that go out to the dam.
  4. The pathtag is yours to keep, do whatever you like to protect it. I have found a few with rust and have just wiped them dry.
  5. Went to the post office yesterday to mail my packages and both of my new coins were there. (THE FOSSILLADY) received (MANU LUQ) (THE FOSSILLADY) received (NEVADANICK) (THE FOSSILLADY) sent to (E&CPLUS3) (THE FOSSILLADY) sent to (LOKI LOSDELRIO)
  6. So who still has these available for sale. I would be interested in one.
  7. You might try contacting ajo. He usually winters in Tonopah, AZ. He is a naturalist. It doesn't look like NakedJeeper has been on in awhile but he used to cache nude.
  8. Roughneck Rendezvous VI (GC5FHHY) has published. Start making your plans to visit us in the desert. If anyone need more information please send me an email and I will gladly give you all the details. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5FHHY_roughneck-rendezvous-vi?guid=7a205a28-fa64-4525-b1b8-3ade7e11e059
  9. Private email has been sent. The Fossillady
  10. I'm interested in the Message in a Bottle.
  11. Sending: July 19 KINI_ONT, LOS MUERTOS Receiving: Both have been received. STEBEN6 FIRENNICE
  12. One regroup, email has been sent.
  13. GC54TVYThere are several groups in the Inland Empire. Here is an event GC54TVY
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