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  1. Hummm, I reserved this coin but never heard anything about it...not how to pay or about getting it. Bummer.
  2. Congrats Karen and Wendy! Love the coin and wish I could be there to cheer you on. Be sure to have someone take lots of pictures though! Got our coin reserved.
  3. We aren't much into trading coins anymore, but we are up for a gathering! We also have some of our personal coins from 2007 (and our mini coins from 2010 that we had made too!)
  4. Thank goodness for people smarter than I am! HA! I couldn't figure out the No L thing...knew it was a holiday thing (as the back of the coin states), but couldn't figure it out. I think that means that I need a nap! lol Thank you VERY much to the sender. I love mystery coins and this one is a great one!
  5. We just completed this series and all the caches are still there. I haven't listened to the podcast done by the cache owner, but apparently Nye County has allowed them to stay, just further from the road. I also second the person who said that there isn't much traffic out there...REALLY not much traffic! lol. We still pulled off on the shoulder when we could, but most of the time you could see WAY behind you and know when someone was coming. The biggest issue that we saw was people driving WAY off the road to get to the cache...making a new road next to the cache...seriously, it's only like 30 feet at MOST from the road, there is NO NEED to drive into the desert right near the cache. We also found every cache, no leapfrogging for us. It took us a good 2 days with only doing the "non ET caches" that were right near the road and not the Alien Head. The weather was perfect, not too cold and not too hot, and we were exhausted. We don't like "leapfrogging" (seems a bit too much like cheating to us), but that's up to the cachers that go out there. I wish we had more time to do the other non ET caches and the Alien head, but maybe we can get back out there someday. We didn't have an issue with gas at all, but we weren't running the heat or the air. We bought PBandJ for lunch and snacks, so we were ok with food too. It was insane really, stopping every 500 feet. Definitely something I'll only do once and only with friends. If I was by myself I would've quit after like 50! lol
  6. Posted by CO to ET001: First of all, thanks to all for the concerned posts, it is a true testament of the popularity of this trail. We have been in contact with our local reviewer and Groundspeak on the concerns with NDOT. HOWEVER, we have not had any contact with NDOT. We are currently planning on getting a resolution that makes all parties happy. Until we have spoken to all parties, we are not really going to comment on what the plans are with the trail…no one knows. From what we have received from Groundspeak, they would like us to put some extra warnings on the cache pages, it seems what we saw of the NDOT email…they are not looking to take the whole trail down, but would like some changes…whether that be moving some or all caches, or some added warnings on the caches pages. We will not know until we have talked to them. Thank you all for your patience, I know a lot of you have money invested in trips to come out to visit. We hope to try and get in contact with the necessary people this week and get some answers and make whatever changes we need to make to keep this trail alive. We will post more when we know more, but we are not going to be like the media and speculate on stuff when we don’t have all the facts. Until then, I would just like to add this… [br][p] "Please drive very carefully while participating in this geocache series. Truck drivers and the general public have complained that vehicles are stopping on the road in blind spots and / or pulling out in front of fast moving traffic causing near misses. This is very dangerous and may result in someone getting hurt and/or this entire series of geocaches being archived."
  7. Well, I will be there with 2 friends in 12 days ...I'll report what we find. I will be very disappointed if the caches are gone, but if they are we'll take our money to CA and do the caches near Barstow. (Never thoughts I'd be back there after living there for 2 years from 02-05! lol)
  8. We got ours today. Love it! What was the glow device that the postmen stole? lol Thank you very much for including us. We LOVE the coin...especially since we will be visiting the ET HWy in vegas in Feb!
  9. I really enjoyed this mission! Thank you! Today I got two coins (I got soo many coins, thanks for going above and beyond the "3 geocoin minimum"). I got a Mimbres pottery coin and a Sea of Treasures turtle coin. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  10. Let's see...what did I miss? Hummmm...snowflake stickers OH and one of the lobster geocoins...always wanted one and never got one. Thank you!!!
  11. A travel bug today!!! Now I gotta find something to attach it to!
  12. Today I got a 3 pack of geocaching logs!
  13. Just went back and read the rules that the contest ended on Dec 14th...oh well! Thought I'd post one of Ozzie..he has his EYE on you!
  14. Today We got cute cute cute stickers! I'm gonna slap one on MR TH's car and put one on mine too! Perfect!
  15. Today I got 2 stamps...the scrapbooking kind! one says "Joy" and the other is a snowflake. Love them! Perfect for my Christmas Card envelopes!
  16. Today we got an ornament geocoin. I've gotten way more than the required 3 coins for the mission. THANK YOU!
  17. OMG! I can't stop laughing at the poor look on Wyatt's face! that is a CLASSIC pic! I have saved it just so I can look at it again whenever I want! After meeting Wyatt at the Bash last year I can't believe that he stood still for you! Our hounds would NOT stand for that (or sit! lol)....even with all the treat bribes in the world! Thanks for posting that! (and it would make a great P-tag design! lol)
  18. Email Sent: yes Name Received: yes Card Sent:yes Card Received:yes
  19. Glow in the dark bracelets! Perfect thing to put in the camper for our geocaching camping events (i.e. Midwest Geobash!!)
  20. Today I got an Alaskan micro coin...the one with the mosquito on it. THANK YOU!!
  21. We received our card from fscout today! Love the Caching through the snow coin and the additional woodstock trackable! THANK YOU!!!
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