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A new coin contest for the new year


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Times up!!

The winner is:darnjoeSNARG :P "31,005 and I guess that's it. Here's to hoping!!"


The truck has 30,833.2 miles on it, well a few more since Richard drives it to work every day....

When we bought the truck from Richard's father it has 11,000 miles on it <_< That was 4 or 5 years ago.

He had only driven it to go hunting a few times and to the hardware store....the rest of the time it was parked in his garage.


He had records of everything ever done to the truck (only regular maintenance, oil change , ect). He also had a record of every time he gassed it up....and it fit on one sheet of paper :P


I will get your prize out to you very soon, just need an address. The prize will be a "Surprise Package" I hope that will be OK with you. I don't think you will be disappointed....

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No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here's a big ole Rick Flair, "Woooooooooo"!






Here's a big Hulk Hogan, "WooooHoooo!" back atcha!!




I know that doesn't make sense, but somewhere in my mind it strikes me as funny! Guess I was just comparing the pictures and the drama of it all! Congratulations on your great win!!! Awesome......


Also, thank you GBOTS for a really neat cointest!

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Congrats darnjoeSNARG!


My truck certainly is an oddity. What makes it really unusual is you don't see many of them on the road anymore at all.

Chevy trucks in the mid 80's were built with very, very, low quality. They were built to sell but not to last, and when they die they aren't even worth the expense of an overhaul.

Mine just happened to spend nearly 20 years in a time capsule (my dad's garage).

Anyway, as long as it lasts, I love my truck!


Thanks everyone for playing!

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R GBOTS... just a note on the other side. My work truck is a '05 Kenworth with 407k in 3 years. And I am adding to it as I head from Salt Lake to Pheonix on New Years day. And I wonder why I don't get to cafche at home much....


Happy New Years Everyone <_<

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OK, so I get this package in the mail today and I figure it's something that I ordered, but I"m not sure. It's way too big to be my geocoin orders from TnT and it's too small to be anything else that I'm expecting. Well... I open the box and it's loaded with all of these small envelopes. So right away I know it's either real good or maybe somebody's sent me a whole lot of anthrax in little packets. I open the first one and out pops a Gbots KohKoh coin. I'm new to the scene, so I hadn't heard of this coin, but I know who the Gbots are! So, I start opening each of these little envelopes and each one is holding something cool. A TB travel tag, a TB companion tag, another geocoin!! (Hobo Soup's On), 5...yes, 5 different pins, and last but not least, a very cool GBots pathtag.


Needless to say, I am super happy with this prize!!!!!!!!! These are all fabulous additions to my teeny collection!!


Thank you so much GBots!



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