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  1. I've never had to clear a NM attribute. I used the "Owner Maintenance" log to show "Owner Maintenance". That was my mistake and my point. From now on I will only use the log to clear NM attributes. I guess that is all it was intended for. No problem.
  2. It seems that a maintenance log is an invitation to raid the cache of new swag. I've decided it's best to not post maintenance visits.
  3. When the owner sets their option, or doesn't set it, why is it necessary to have the statement on the bug's page? It seems to just add some unneeded confusion.
  4. This was quite a surprise. I thought that we were out of the loop and no longer on anyone's list. It was very cool and means a great deal. Thank you very much.
  5. TB1JK85 Made it to Montana, but seems to be missing now. It might still turn up.
  6. The attribute has been removed. Thank you very much whoever did it!
  7. It's an old cache (hidden Feb 01) and even still has the original log book. We'll just continue to maintain it as best we can.
  8. How about the attribute? Can it be removed?
  9. We have a local cache with no owner, GC2A2 "cache with a view". Recently it was given a "needs maintenance" attribute in error. The log was meant for GCY2A2 in France. The log was deleted, but the attribute remains. We have a few caches in the area and visit this one often. I would like to adopt the cache on our GBOTS account. We already maintain the cache but can't remove the attribute. So, is it possible to adopt the cache, or can the attribute be removed without an owner?
  10. Why sell to get your money back Elli? I always felt the money we spent to produce coins was the cost of trading. We grew our collection to over 1000 coins by trading, and the cost was paid up front on our own coin. When folks started selling their personal coin to get their money back, it was like they were trading with a coin that cost them nothing. Of course now, no one trades and it's all about sales and profit. (So I guess you're right)
  11. Ditto! Over 2000 in our collection. They are all round and that may be boring to some folks I guess. I also love coins and we once had nearly 2000 of them. Now they go out faster than they come in. I don't know most of the folks here in the coin forums anymore, and my favorite part of both hobbies is trading.
  12. If anyone from overseas wants to start their challenge coin from Utah, We'd be happy to help.
  13. Since we never activate our coins (unless they are sent out), it was easy for me to find one to activate. We have a lot to choose from, so maybe in a week we'll send out a 2nd one. Thanks for making it fun again!
  14. Sounds fun. We'll give it a try. Just activated today: TB1JK85
  15. I still love geocoins and will add one to the collection once in a while. They lost a lot of their attraction for me when they became more about business and less about community. It seems all coins now are made for sale and profit. We may make another coin some day, but for now, it's pathtags for me. And it's not because of the cost. I like the trading and the trading community.
  16. I was looking for the address list, but we no longer have a link to it and I can't find it. From reading the latest posts it sounds like it's messed up now? We should still be on it. Haven't gotten any spam from it and don't want any. Is the list still good? And, if so, how do I find it?
  17. US Army, Infantry, 1SG, (retired 1993) Thanks to all the veterans and their families!
  18. If your coin was made for "geo" use (caching) it's a geocoin.
  19. As usual, I'm late and the contest is over. Thanks for the contest and congrats to the winners! We were busy during GCF, and when we could, we really enjoyed meeting and talking to folks. I have to say my best memory was the day after, at a hiking event, when we could relax and enjoy the company. Only wish more people could have joined us. GC1YQ2Q
  20. I've always loved coins and small collectibles. So when we started caching in 2003 we got hooked right away on geocoins. We bought or traded for every coin that came out, until they started coming out too fast to keep up. We even joined a coin buying group, to make sure we didn't miss out on any. We made 10 versions of our own personal coin, and amassed a collection of over 1500 unique coins. I loved getting coins in the mail everyday, and handing out extras to the mail carrier, family, and coworkers. Now, I'm not sure what happened, but we seem to have become unaddicted. Didn't think that would ever happen. I rarely visit these forums and don't recognize most of the names or know anything about the new coins. And with GCF in our hometown this year too! Anyway, I'll be at GCF with a pocket full of coins. Maybe there is a chance of a re-addiction?
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