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  1. Yes, count me in again this year...Team Stellar
  2. Officially signing up for the 2012 Geocoin Fantasy Football. (Email message also sent). I will send you my entry fee of 2 unactivated geocoins by mid-week. As far as the draft goes, my preferences are Aug 23, Aug 24, Aug 30, Aug 31, in the same order as you posted them.
  3. It's the beginning of August now, and if someone wants to host this fantasy football geocoin league again, I'm interested in playing again. Enjoyed playing in this league the last two years, even though my team didn't do very well.
  4. I'm interested in joining. (I've played in an ESPN League the past 2 years).
  5. Got a Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT and a fancy carrying case for it.
  6. Sorry, for the delay. My coin is all wrapped up and I will drop it off at the post office tomorrow.
  7. What am I? A Loon or a Tick? Well, I may be a bit "loony" at times and I've gotten "ticks" on me, but this evening I was definitely a Loon-A-Tick. I was in my hotel room at the GCF Event location and a note was slipped under my door saying there was an envelope for me at the front desk. Hmmm, what could this be, I thought. Went downstairs to the front desk and they gave me an envelope with my name on it. Opened it up and wow, what a surprise! A beautiful shiny new Loon-A-Tick coin !!! Thank you so much Loon-A-Tick, whoever you are. This was definitely a surprise - a great ending to a fantastic day.
  8. Stellar Jr and I just got into Minneapolis, got our rental car, and just checked into the hotel about 10 minutes before midnight.
  9. Stellar Jr and I are arriving late Thursday night via an Amtrak train. We plan on hitting all the events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday along with some caching in and around MSP and Wisconsin and visiting the MOA. Leaving Monday morning and driving to Kansas City (and getting caches in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri) and taking the train from Kansas City on Tuesday morning back home to Pennsylvania.
  10. It's official - GeoWoodstock IX - July 2, 2011 Warren County Fairgrounds near Warren, PA Here's a link to the cache page: GC2AZ7G
  11. The Garmin 60csx is NOT paperless. However, in my opinion, it is the best GPS unit you can buy right now. It's basically the workhorse of all GPS units. If you want paperless, I'd suggest the Garmin Oregon 400t. With this unit, you can download all the cache descriptions directly from your computer to the GPS unit. The DeLorme PN-40 is also paperless, I'm not very familiar with this model, but I've heard good things about it.
  12. Oops, realized that I never posted my received... 1. Participating - Email Sent 9/24/09 2. Received Name - 9/28/09 3. Mission Complete - Mailed 10/26/09 4. Mission Arrived! - Oct 27, 2009 Received a Toronto 2006 coin (love the moose on this one) and a GeoJellies 3 coin and a Toronto Geobash Lanyard. THANKS SO MUCH !!
  13. Here's my guess for tomorrow's race... Tony Stewart Denny Hamlin Juan Pablo Montoya
  14. 1. Participating - Email Sent 9/24/09 2. Received Name - 9/28/09 3. Mission Complete - Mailed 10/26/09 4. Mission Arrived! Sorry for the delay in shipping out my mission, but it should get to the recipient before Halloween.
  15. 1. Participating - Email Sent 9/24/09 2. Received Name - 9/28/09 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  16. I haven't signed up for any missions for a long time. Saw this one today and decided it was time to do one again. 1. Participating - Email Sent 9/24/09 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  17. Many scenes from the movie Friday the 13th were filmed in Blairstown, NJ. There are two caches that are at locations that can be seen in the movie. GC1VY14 - Hope's lost - There is a cache located at the Moravian Cemetery that was in the movie. GC16DDK - In Search of Jason Voorhees - There is also a link on the cache description page to show several locations were the movie was filmed.
  18. I checked my email around 9 AM this morning, and I had about 5 PQ's come through that should have come through Wednesday or Thursday. Not sure why I didn't get them over the last few days, but they ALL came this morning. Either the system was backed up or they are getting lost somewhere in computer-limbo.
  19. I've tried doing just a regular PQ both yesterday and today and I never got it. I used two different email accounts and it didn't work for either. I've never had trouble before - it's always worked.
  20. Just did two new Wherigo caches with my Oregon 400t. The first one worked fine, no problems. When doing the second Wherigo, I arrived at the first zone and it automatically turned the GPS off. I turned it back on and it did the same thing three times. I knew where the second location was, so I continued on to it and once I got into the zone for location #2, it worked fine at that location. It worked great all the way through locations 3 and 4, but once I arrived in the zone at location 5, the same thing happened - it turned the Oregon off. Any advice or ideas about what's happening? Thanks.
  21. I usually have about 2 or 3 LED flashlights in my geo-bag, but the one that gets the most use is the Surefire model L4 LumaMax. This one really works great at night - it's like a mini- searchlight. It's light output is either 100 or 120 lumens. It takes the 123A Lithium batteries, but I can buy these from online from the manufacturer for less than a dollar each. The batteries last between one and a half to two hours of continuous use. The Surefire's are expensive, but they'll last a lifetime. As a cheaper alternative, I've gone to Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Sears and purchased one of their LED flashlights that are about 80 lumens. The cost of these flashlights ranged from about $20-$40 and have worked great.
  22. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I remember Bailey from the Caching Through the Snow Events, she was a beautiful dog. She will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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