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  1. Have you tried posting this request on the Maryland Geocaching Society forums? I know there's many active eastern shore cachers there, who don't necessarily check these boards regularly. Maryland Geocaching Society
  2. I'm still getting this message this afternoon (i.e. Tuesday). I'm wondering, is this still something being worked on? Or is this some error that's been accidentally overlooked? (Update: I now see that's it working. Problem solved.
  3. Got to see one of these in person at the Midnight Geocoin event at GW and wow, what a beautiful coin! The ones who have received them are definitely lucky!
  4. After the update, field notes do not seem to be uploading when using the iPhone app. Even though I get the message "Your field notes were successfully submitted" when using the app, the caches are not showing up in my field notes online here on the website.
  5. You might try posting this adoption request on the Maryland Geocaching Society Forums also. It might be another way of finding someone willing to take it on.
  6. Maryland has a very active caching organization: the Maryland Geocaching Society. If you haven't yet, you really should check out the MGS's website/forum: http://mdgps.org It's a great place to find out about caches & events in MD, as well as getting to know other local cachers.
  7. Got messed up on the time and missed out too, and I was so looking forward to that NZ edition too. Anyone get an extra for a trade??
  8. Just wondering what the status of fixing this issue is?? I sent in an email a few days ago, but haven't heard anything back quite yet, and honestly with the weekend approaching, I'm getting anxious to get my ability to run pocket queries back. So, mainly, I just wanted to check and see what progress was being made...
  9. The MML caches have been published! Here is a bookmark list of the MML Geotrail caches: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...ba-9d721a8b5f6e
  10. In an attempt to get a local group hopefully going, the following google group for WV cachers living in/near the eastern panhandle has recently been started: http://groups.google.com/group/eastern-panhandle-geocachers/ So, if you live in/near the eastern panhandle, please consider joining.
  11. A Mac friendly version would be very nice!
  12. I arrived home today and checked my mail and was shocked to find a mailer with one of these coins inside! Wow, what a great looking coin, and such a surprise!! It definitely has made my day. Thank you SO MUCH, Geo_Bandit!!!
  13. You might want to try posting this idea in the Maryland Geocaching Society's forums too (http://www.mdgps.org) -- That might be another way to find some other cachers interested.
  14. Are there still some issues with PQs? I tried submitting a "My Finds" query early this morning, and it's listed as being generated today at 4:17 am, but almost 12 hours later, I still haven't received it. I tried another general PQ just now, and got it within minutes, but of course with the every 7 day rule with the My Finds, I can't even try resubmitting it until next week. Or, if there have been recent PQ problems, can that somehow get reset?
  15. Awesome! Finally sample pics! As to the color, I like green the best. However, if the majority go for the purple, I'm okay with that.
  16. Are there any current West Virginia geocaching groups? I've done several web searches and have found links to a couple supposed WV groups, but none of the websites seem to work anymore, and I'm left wondering is there such a group in active existence anymore? Living over in the eastern panhandle, I'm aware of MGS and NoVAGO (for MD and VA respectively), but does any similiar society/organization/group exist for cachers in West Virginia?? Or am I just missing that information somewhere?
  17. This looks like such a neat coin. My coin budget won't allow me to go in for a full set, but I'd be interested in joining up with a few others to split a set. PetersTrio, which message do you think you'll go with? Out of the options presented so far, kind of like the last suggestion: Nunc est bibendum, but that's just me.
  18. I can drop some around for you too if you want --- in the eastern panhandle of WV, central VA or MD. And, if you're not in any hurry -- this summer I could most likely drop some in Arkansas or Maine and Nova Scotia, Canada. Some other trip abroad will be in there too, but I haven't decided where I'm going to go yet . . .
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