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  1. Sorry for the delay in posting... I did receive my really cool Christmas Compass rose and really quickly too. Thank you whomever you are!!!! I did send out my coin and hopefully you got it before Christmas! I had to be unexpectedly away for a week before the holidays so things were a bit nuts this year, but I sure hope you liked your coin!!!! I didn't forget you, I was just a little slow!!! This was fun! Sonya KrazyTrollz
  2. Looking for the Green Loggerhead. Have some earth turtles to trade, a baby loggerhead and various others. I may also have a 08 Geocoinfest Yime coin.
  3. What is that coin top right/bird? I love it!!!!!!
  4. if anyone has an extra satin gold on silver I'd love to trade!!! Sonya
  5. I'd like to join in.....been away from the forums for a bit and haven't done any missions in eons! Thanks!
  6. Sooo sorry Tsun....... glad you gave them a piece of your mynd tho!!!!!! Best of Luck - hope they get it right for the next time.... seems like they are overhauling everything else, so can't be much else to fix eh?!!!! Take care chickie!!!! Go relax for the evening! ~S
  7. The frog does not come with a spoon Just lick it, LOL!
  8. Ohhhh hoorrray! Rec'd a confirmation, thanks Steph! Didn't send back an email figured you had enough of them! I'm glad I finally was quick enough to grab up a turtle, LOL! Hope you get some sleep tonite!
  9. Ohhhh now to see if I made it!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Just wanted to post that I did receive my mission this week and I got a nifty coin and some cool little surprises to go with it, THANK YOU Rickctroop13. (my first of these coinz and I LOVE it!) I will post more later. Also, my mission is late going out, it will be in tomorrow's mail. so sorry! but I hope you will like it!!! More to come! KrazyTrollz Sonya
  11. We're listening! Sending some Excedrin and Nutella your way! Sorry girrrllllll!!! Good luck fixing 'er up!!! Will be thinking of you today!
  12. don't you have any? email me your address. I have something for you (NOT the new ones of course.)
  13. I don't think that mattered. I was logged in from 6:30am EST time and when I went back on around 9:45 right before the sale, I was locked into one of the pages of the website. Now I can't get on. Think there is just too much traffic. what a bummer for her after all the work that was put into this.
  14. somehow I'm stuck in the gallery and it won't let me go anywhere else!
  15. I can't get in either.... I was in earlier and set myself up. sighhhhhhhhhhh
  16. Good Luck with everything Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Gosh, there are so many that I'd love to get my hands on, but here are some of the ones I've been wanting for a long time.... Earth Turtle 2008 - multi colored Dorkfish Aquarium Moun10Bike Joe Frog 2005 Compass Rose
  18. Definitely interested. The coin in post #21 is black nickel, right?
  19. Oh WOW.....they are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Wow! They're precious! I sure hope I can get them for my collection. Didn't do very well in the last round either in buying or getting a trade on the Christmas ETs so hope these guys wander to my house!!!! They are so darn awesome. Nice new webstore too, can't wait to be able to click through. I also see you will have pendants, can't WAIT! I love the ones I've been getting and wearing... trackable and non! Love geo-jewelry! Cheers! Sonya
  21. Mine started coming closer to me in PA...... then went overseas! Hopefully it'll come back 'home' someday and I'll get to see it!
  22. Thank you!!!!! Put the phone DOWN and pay attention! I think they're still available at Crake's site! Yep!!! http://www.crakephoto.com/store/geocoins.html Forgot: Don't multi-task while driving, distracted driving is dangerous driving!
  23. I am in the Geocoin Club and have been for a long time and love it. I was in the Benchmark one and loved those too, but wound up cutting back this year and didn't re-up when I hit a paypal glitch w/my account and it cancelled, I had one to the coin/pin one but cancelled that too. It's always fun to see what is coming in the mail!!!! Nice little surprises. Yep, sign me up tsun Sonya
  24. Ok, I think I see how this cointest works now, i'm a bit dense at times esp if I don't read all the way to the top, LOL! I would like to purchase some of the black/yellow motorcycle awareness coins... are they still on sale? I'd like to enter one in this contest and take one to events. If someone could let me know I'd appreciate it! Leave plenty of distance between you and a motorcycle. Do Not Tailgate! Thanks, Sonya
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