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  1. Wow, unbelievable, a important coin with wise words has found me. I am happy that J~ will help preserve my sanity in the days who are here and to come. Speechless i am ............................ I wish to thank the mystery giver for his kindness and for taking care for me so i would not be a lost soul wandering in madness around the world. A big thank you.................
  2. short answer that you won't like: no long answer that you won't like: yes, you can do it. but i don't know how. good first step is to install netbeans with midlet emulator and check out the source code from SVN. then you have to figure out a way to connect to some gps. i know how to do that in linux, not in windows middle answer that you WILL like: in about one month, there will be a native Desktop version of openwig available for download. Thank you for answer my question. I will wait for a month on the native one. Greetings
  3. Hello, Is it somehow possible to get openwig working on a Windows-XP PC. I hope it will run on my ASUS-901 Netbook. Please let me know how to ( if possible) Thanks in advance.
  4. woott, i found 3 envelops in my mailbox. It just felt as Sinterklaas night. It was fun to open them. I found 3 cards with very kind words and beautiful nature and 2 orange look twice coins and 1 yellow look twice coin. I am going to send the coins into the world to spread there message but they have to wait for the new year. A big woootttt and thank you for Write Shop Robert. Groetjes Geo.error and a "happy Sinterklaas" for everybody.
  5. I've got also a surprise email. [thank you write shop Robert] i sure can tell it made my day. I won two times that's make me blush [Thanks DJ.J.ROCK for checking] Write shop Robert, you are a very generous man. I wish you all the best in the world. I will pay it forward. Oohhh, Gatoulis.......................i am still alive and geocaching. But that drooling by the coins, get to much. Groetjes from Error and me to everybody. p.s i am looking forward to find one of the missions coins in a cache nearby.
  6. This special coin has found me yesterday This coin has touch my heart at special reasons. Thanks DrNeal for giving me a change to trade with you , i feel honored to have your [kathy's coin]
  7. Thank you very much gardengorilla for making the photos I am waiting for my mailbox till the coins arrive.
  8. yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo for ElliPirelli yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooo for the wishing coin yahhoooooooooooooo for everybody who is on her list
  9. oohhhhh gardengorilla please a photo from the victorian bushfire coins
  10. Thanks everybody for your warm words. Dark Elf your nerd goes today at mail, i hope that this little one will make you smile. The nerd is a funny guy Thanks for playing this cointest, i loved every post. Eartha this cointest may closed, thank you
  11. wwhhotttttttt The wishing coin, you rock Congrats Fairyfriend
  12. congrats luckycharmer with the wishing coin, you sure deserve. Thanks the wishing coin for making "us" coiners so happy
  13. 4 people died from 17 victims. 5 victims are in danger. The attack was probably a real attack. Why the man did this attack is not clear. If he want to hurt the royal family or just hurt the dutch people. Thank everybody for the thoughts and prayers for the victims and family.
  14. Congrats DarK Elf, you won with post #16 please send me your address via profile or pm. Every body thanks for playing this cointest but i hope you understand why i most close this cointest. It is a black day for the Netherlands
  15. i am a little upset so my writing is not good. so read this more information in englisch
  16. shocking news a car has ride through the fence, hit many people and try to attack the bus from royal family.[apeldoorn] 14 people are hurt and one is probely died. We do not know if it was a real attack at royal family or it was somebody who was ill. The whole Netherlands is in shock and the queens day is canceled at many places. I am very very sad. i hope you all understand that i close this cointest i come back with the winners our more news. but my internet is very bad, so i don't know when i can come back
  17. Congrats Geo-Gophers with the wishing coin, feels good does it not And Ellipirelli, maybe a name change Geo.Ellipirelli You are welcome in the Netherlands and maybe we meet ever in Germany, the future will tell.
  18. Our queen Koningin Beatrix celebrates her birthday on 30 april. We have tonight [Queensnight] and tomorrow a big feast in the Netherlands. So cointest time. Rules ~`Tell me what you know about the Netherlands. [ i hope you can learn me somethings i do not know yet ] ~ post please each 15 minutes. ~ you may edit. ~ i draw random the coin winner ~ You can win 1 geo.error nerd. ~ please keep it family friendly. ~cointest close 10.30 morning 1 may dutch time. [Cointest close when i say so, i have some internet troubles so i may be what later, i hope not } ~Everybody is welcome to join this cointest also dutch coiners. Good luck
  19. Whhoooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttt Look The Wishing Coin has found my mailbox What a beautiful coin and he is big, Wow wwhhooooooooooooooooooootttttt I feel very honored that i am blessed with such a beautiful coin with wise words When i had this coin in my hands i immediately make a wish i believe in the power of mysterie coins, it gives me hope wwhhoooooooooooooooooooottt The wishing coin, thank you for thinking at me and thank you for your generosity to many coiners yahhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i have a wishing coin yaaahhhoooooooooooooooooooo i am dancing as a fish Thank you thank you for giving me a very big smile from ear to ear.
  20. wwhhotttttt i like all, wow this is sure fun
  21. yaahhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo The devil made 007Bd say that yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo I am a little disappointed 007BD i would thought you would ask one for me also yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  22. Yep did not understand the question Sorry See Crowesfeat30, i agree totally with her.
  23. Thanks for sharing the photos with us Garden gorilla
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