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A new coin contest for the new year


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Any close answers yet? Maybe a hint by page number.

Yep, some have been close.

Since a lot of folks have already guessed today, another hint wouldn't be fair to them.

So look for a better hint in the morning sometime between 0700 and 0800.

Tomorrow is the last chance and you should guess early since I don't know what time Lynda will end it.



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A couple of pictures:




love the signal frog antenna topper!! could you tell me if and where i could get one, too? thx, marilyn


sorry, this went under my son's geocaching name for some reason! i meant it from marpomem and am now logged in properly. forgive me all. sometimes i can't figure out what i did to get to where i end up. i don't think it is old age either. have a horrible feeling that i have been like this all my life. arghhhhh.....


you know, i had a used 1971 F150 and kept it for 17 years. now i have a 1995 F150 and will drive it until it dies. what you have there would be amazing even if it was a 1994!! don't even talk about it being a 1984! i don't think i have ever known anyone who had a vehicle and put less than 10,000 miles/year on it!! anyway, i am impressed!! here is my guestimate for today:



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I have a coin contest, that I've wanted to try for sometime now...

Richard (GBOTS) drives a 1984 Chevrolet S10 pickup truck.

Red and gray in color....


The contest is to guess how many *actual* miles it has on it's odometer (by actual miles, I mean total miles on the original engine, engine has never been replaced) B)

One guess per day. please :blink:

Closest guess to actual miles wins after the contest closes on December 31st. (unless someone gets it correct before then, by correct I mean the exact miles B) )


Answer = 346,981

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