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  1. "The A-Team" assembled information from various forum posts and webpages to create a detailed guide to using the 'new' search. You can find a link to that guide in this post. For your immediate needs, then you can try these: Searching for caches near a camper's home. Easiest is to go the homepage and put their zipcode or city in the box on the right (under "1 Search for Nearby Geocaches"). Or, you can go the main search page and enter their zipcode or city in the search box, then click on the magnifying glass to run the search. Search all cache types in Michigan that have not been found by Nurse Nanna: =Nurse+Nanna&r=23"]www.geocaching.com/play/search?nfb[0]=Nurse+Nanna&r=23 Search all Event caches in Michigan: www.geocaching.com/play/search?types=6&r=23 The search results can be viewed on a map by clicking on "Map These Results" on the Results page. The link is in the lower right corner of the mountains image across the top of the page. Either of these results can be sorted oldest/newest by clicking on the "Placed On" column name. Click once to sort newest to oldest, and again to sort oldest to newest. Clicking on the various column names will sort the results by that column. If these give you results, then you can click "Change Filters" in the Results page and made adjustments to the filters, then click "Update Search". If these links don't work, then I'd suggest closing your web browser and re-opening...then trying again. Maybe your browser is somehow saving the search parameters you entered before. I'd be interested to hear if these searches don't work for you, because they should work for you as a PM. If all else fails, you could try using the old Advanced Search, but no guarantees how long this page will remain running: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?country_id=0 Hope that helps. Thank you noncentric! I have copied and saved this to use for my camp kids. I appreciate the time you took to help me out.
  2. I cannot remember the last time I posted here in the forums, but I have never felt as strongly about something as I do about this unmitigated disaster. I've been a cacher going on 11 years. I've been teaching caching at a camp for 6 years and I am horrified to think that the hundreds of kids I've taught are going to be unable to find events and caches with this mess of a search function. How can I teach it if I cannot even find things myself? I teach dozens of kids how to cache at a small camp every summer. They come to us from all over an area at least 3 states and at least 300 or so miles apart. When we are done caching, I will pull up the website and we will look for caches near their homes. I try to find events near them as well, as Michigan is a very active event state. I have not been able to do this despite multiple frustrating and useless attempts. I have been experimenting with this new search function and it is nearly useless. I also spend a lot of time traveling to other parts of the state to see caching friends from all over. I tried to find out where some events might be held on days coming up....not knowing where they are being held. And after a dozen failed attempts at finding even one event, I gave up. Please, pleas fix this mess!!!! I HATE it. Add me to the list of those who will seriously consider not renewing my premium membership. Please, for all that is good and kind to all the users out here...restore what we had, or at least redo the mess that's been created here.
  3. Well that was quick! I tried once again after posting this and it worked. Had tried a dozen times earlier with no success. Thank you for the almost instant help.....
  4. Had someone last night sign into their account on my laptop so we could look up some bookmarks. Today, cannot log her out to sign into my account. Everytime I hit sign out on the homepage so that I can log into my account, it takes me to the gopher page last night showing that gc is down. Cannot sign into my account. Help!
  5. Been there, done that! I worked a very long time on a puzzle cache near me. At about the same time, and totally unrelated, I heard that I had some ancestors buried near here too, even though my family is not from this area. It was one of those weird coincidences. I moved 100 miles from where I was raised, only to find out completely by accident that over 140 years ago I had relatives who lived and died within a few miles of my current house. (in the Civil War times, two of whom were vets). I had searched without success for their gravestones, until just a short time before working on this cache puzzle. I had just been to the area and had found this out of the way and very overgrown cemetery where three of my ancestors are buried. Fast forward to this puzzle. Several of us worked on it for some time. Eventually we solved it, and much to my surprise, one of the answers was the last name of my ancestors (and an unusual name at that). These names were put into a crossword puzzle, and eventually led to the very place where my family was buried. It was one of those most serendipitous occasions. And to add even more to it...when I lost my parents, I inherited a whole mess of stuff. Two of those items are the award pin given to one of the Civil War Soldiers buried here and a letter he wrote to home telling of his experiences. Neat, huh?
  6. May I jump in here and ask a question or two too? I am coming to Vegas in May and will have three days completely free to play out and about. I have tried to get into the Nevada Geocachers and can't seem to sign up for an account for some reason..... Any idea who I should contact for help? I am reading with interest the don't miss stuff too and am really really excited about coming out west for my first time ever. I hope to get out and see things I have never seen. I'd love to hook up with someone in the know to get advice. Have a great trip in August! nurse nanna
  7. I just love it. I don't know what else to say......his smile and laugh are so clear in this shot that I can hear it now. I am in line now for some of these. anne
  8. I am not one to typically complain, but I had a puzzle this morning that I could not do because of the left side missing a small section. Is there any information or help coming on this? I am having a hard time and am unable to do some of the things I want to do..... I agree with above posters, if I knew that help was coming soon I don't think I would be quite as disagreeable about it and would be glad to wait....but there does not seem to be any fixer uppers coming. What's up? Thanks, Nurse Nanna
  9. LadyBee4T writes: Love the profile and the meaning and really looking forward to seeing pictures of this new coin! But I really need to ask a favor being the middle aged woman that I am. I hope that when we spend a long day hiking in the woods and observing Mother Nature at her finest that there are a few moments when we can hope not to be observed by those Woodland nymphs! Oh my goodness, great minds think alike! I was just thinking along the same lines myself, lol! Great idea Mr. Green and I hope the true concern gets picked up and carried by many. Congrats on a great idea. anne
  10. I have activated 2 coins and will be releasing them as soon as I can get holes drilled and tags on them.... TB1A9K0 TB1C7W3 Nurse Nanna, really cool (now experienced) biker babe (aka a nerdy dweeb in disguise)
  11. Tsun, What a kind thing for you to do. I did not expect anything but the memory of smiles from our troops when I sent off my package. Haven't received mine yet either, but it will remain a treasured part of my collection. I'm with Sweetlife, almost wish that I had not read this thread, so that it would have been a complete surprise. Very nice. It was very fun to know that I could play a concrete part in sending some smiles to those folks I value so very much. Thanks, anne
  12. I'm so happy that we are doing this for this family. I talked to someone else today ( found out Tod and I had more than a few mutual friends), and the need is great. I also met Tod's mom last week again and spent hours talking to her. I am going to be checking in on her on occasion. She is a very nice lady to talk to with a great big heart. Tod had bought me a bandana just before he died and she wrapped it up with a card and a bow. A real tearjerker moment, believe me. Thanks for the generosity all bidders and donators. anne
  13. So Beverly, you gonna cut me a deal on the shipping if I win one of these? Pretty please?
  14. OK, I admit it. Mine are a mess. They are piled up in a basket that I keep on my desk. I pour them all out and play with them sometimes when I am feeling blue. I don't typically trade or sell them. All the ones that I have are special to me for one reason or another. I do keep the "special" ones separate and they are displayed in a variety of ways. For example, my Jedi is in my little camp trailer balanced next to my favorite coffee cup. I see it every morning and show it off and explain it to anyone who comes by, or has coffee with me on my teeny little deck. All of my specially obtained ones are done like that so that I can enjoy them regularly. They stir up happy memories and special times and people. It doesn't seem likely that I'll ever get to the point where I'll get technical with the organization of them...though that would probably help me to know more about them. Bet you were looking more for computerized ways to do this, but this is as good as I am gonna get.... Trying to smile, anne
  15. Could this be known as a cache cow? Groan. Madeline, our cow at camp comes when you call her. Perhaps I should add a TB to her collar? She would look good on a coin. I love cows. Are there any cow coins out there? anne
  16. I for one would be very very supportive of this coin. And as one who also knew and loved Tod it would be even more poignant to honor him in his untimely death. In my drive back last night I found myself waving at every biker I passed even though I am just a dweeb in an old car. I was disappointed that only one acknowledged my wave. (Isn't that ridiculous of me) Anything that can be done to remind folks of the presence of these 2 wheeled vehicles is a good idea in my eyes. Go for it! anne
  17. Congratulations Secret Agent Gatoulis! Nice to see you join the ranks. Enjoy it in good health and keep your stealth on! Agent Nanna
  18. Congratulations to all the others who have worked so very hard and have joined the ranks this week! Just had the chance to really catch up and see how much work you have all done to earn this reward. It was fun to read all the posts and end the evening on a laugh. I did indeed receive a mysterious call this week, though the voice was disguised leaving me completely befuddled and unable to identify it. (I was sure it was a Johnny Rivers impersonator with a bad cold.....) Bet she doesn't need help spelling YMCA...... Keep up the good work.... And have a safe trip my dear GSA, Agent Nanna
  19. Thought about it and decided to pull together a quick pic to at least show the coin that has thrilled me so this week.... Here are the secret agents who guard my little camp trailer while I am out and about at night....they glow in the dark. And the rubber ducky disguise tends to "mysteriously" appear in a lot of different places throughout the camp all summer....but he always ends up at my place by the end of the summer.... Have a great and secretive w/e! nurse nanna
  20. It's been a very long week at camp, but I have finally found some free time to really truly share my thoughts and thanks! I posted last w/e for the very first of the new GSA coins, not even dreaming that what I was saying was anything special, just the ramblings of a worried insomniac. This week brought more news of my dad and the intense workup he is having with his health and the concerns of a daughter working 24/7 many many miles away. Got a hunch it's going to be a long road. Camp brought nearly 75 teens, and staff. And with that comes a fair amount of time and responsibility. It was a very fun week though and we had a great group of kids here. I had hoped to take some pretty cool pics of me showing off my coin in a variety of situations, but several injuries took precendence and I now find myself with the time to log, but none of the fancy pics I had hoped to have by now. So for your viewing pleasure I now present to you a brief peek at life at camp this summer.... As any secret agent worth their weight will tell you.....I am having to take on a disguise to keep my "true" identity locked up tight. First and foremost may I introduce to you the hidden and top secret Nurse Nanna the duck mascot..... Next, may I have the chance to give you a very quick and sneaky peek at the other secret agent here at camp..... My cohort in crime....and detective work.... Here is the newest secret agent trying her hardest to remember how to spell YMCA....(I hate to admit this, but it's the honest truth....there had to be someone posted nearby to show me which letter came next... I can't spell YMCA) And just for fun.... Life at camp, one raindrop at a time....(actually the fire department helped here....but they were undercover!) I received my treasured coin early this week and came out of my office, which is literally the size of a small closet...in a dead run (on a bad knee...scared everyone who saw me!), and was shrieking with joy and laughter at the sight of the letter in my mailbox. In 7 years of volunteering here, I can honestly say that this is only the second letter or package I have ever received here. I went completely bezerk, which is not really saying much, but I knew how very special this was and is. I have managed to find the time to complete the cache preparation and am going to be working with folks this w/e in finding and learning about caching. As the kids were heading home last night I had a chance to talk to some of the staff (uninterrupted, can you imagine!) and we walked over to find some of the ones that are already in place.... I am getting excited about being a caching ambassador here and hope to continue to be worthy of the GSA secret agent status. Thank you for your trust in me. And one final wonderful thing.... As I was discussing this with the staff last night I learned that there is a distinct possibility that there may be an actual posted cache placed here at our entrance in the near future. Not a sure thing yet...but it's in the works! I'll post a pic of me with my new coin very soon! Thank you, Secret Agent Nurse Nanna
  21. Oh me oh my! What an incredible and unexpected honor. After spending the day at camp preparing for 75 teens to show up (yikes!), babysitting for teeny tiny and wired grandkids (2 months and 3 years) so that my son and his wife could have a date night, finding out at midnight that my dad is in the hospital thousands of miles away and not being able to sleep with concern, I took a chance on our remote router and spent a bit of time surfing the forums just for distraction and a lift. Had no idea it would lead to the honor of receiving this wonderful coin. And to think that I nearly didn't go into nursing, but wanted to be a detective...... I will post pics of life at camp when I am able and pose with the coin when it arrives. Thank you for choosing me my dear GSA. I hope that I am able to prove my worth and pay it forward in some mysterious way. Good gracious, whodathunk? Thank you, anne
  22. I am sure humbled by this thread. There are just too many folks that are near and dear to my heart, including the ones here in this thread. I have to nominate LadyBee4T at the get go though for all the times she has taken my panicked calls about one thing or another. Not only caching dilemmas, but personal ones too. She has never once complained about me calling her near tears about one crisis or another. When we nearly lost my dad this year she tolerated about a gazillion calls from me and let me vent to my hearts delight.... But narrowing this to one has been near impossible. I am blessed to be surrounded by many many fine folks in the caching family. And I am grateful to each and every one of them. anne
  23. Not sure that the little I do will qualify for this, but I am keeping active regardless. I volunteer my summers as a camp nurse at a non profit camp. We have about a thousand kids each summer, and mainly my job is to take care of them and keep them healthy while away from home and under our care. But we also have a public campground and lots and lots of families come here for church camps and for family time away from the main stream. I have been working on placing some caches here soley for the enjoyment of our public campers to teach them about caching and help them get the hang of the game. These are not going to be published as we are privately owned, and I am not allowed to publish, but folks are going to be offered the coords on check in. I am going to be helping folks out at their request and walking them through the steps. If they don't have a unit and if I have time I am going to take them out on my own. We have a lake, woods and lots of great spots to hide things. We also hope to use caching as a way of itroducing families to some of the more hidden areas of the camp, ie the ranch, the archery range, the trails in the woods and even on "FRED" our buoy out in the lake. I may also be setting up a lake tour with a multi. I will be explaining about the gc website and how to utilize it for future fun as they leave here to return home. This is a work in progress, and it is fun and exciting to show folks a new way to learn about this wonderful place and to give families and groups one other fun bonding opportunity. A few weeks ago I was able to put out a set of hides, more letterbox style for some kids who came here from a seriously underpriviledged area. They came here for a short camp from a nearby innner city area. They said it was the highlight of their time here. These kids have never been exposed to the woods such as we have, nor do they have any idea what a hike in the woods is like. I set out 12 hides and they ran from one to the other just loving it. We have no idea how blessed we are..... There are lots of ways to help out others. Love hearing them and love the idea of seeing what others are doing. I do not like to toot my own horn, but it is really fun to see what's going on out there to build up our community at the same time. Thanks for the chance, anne
  24. This was very fun to watch in the little bit of time I had to be online this week at camp. Sure enjoyed learning about all of you out there in forum land. Great idea and loved the concept of giving displayed here! Congratulations! anne
  25. Gatoulis is from Greece, which I am told is a beautiful place to be. If you look at past posts you will see dozens of very cute, funny and amusing cat and dog pictures, along with many posts here. With so many posts over the past year or so, it would seem that the claim to be coin and forum addicted is true! Love the sig pic, it reminds me very much of my little George who we lost some years back. anne, where I am still trying to learn how to use a compass and how to get out without depending on my GPSr. My camp staff is teaching me this summer!!!
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