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  1. Unfortunately most families have difficulties and challenges to deal with in their lives. My family is no different but that doesn't give me the right or an excuse to ignore my commitments and obligations. I believe we (GeocoinDesign.com customers) have all been very patient and understanding. That patience and listening to excuses from Jim/GeocoinDesign.com is over for me. His complete lack of communication and false statements are inexcusable. Here are excerpts from his responses to me. January 21st ” Hi, I have all coins (including your sets) in hand. I had a stolen PayPal card, so I had to submit a plethora of documents to resolve it and get a new card issued. Now that my new card is on its way, Paypal lifted the resolution and now I can at least print mailing labels again. All coins I have listed on eBay will be shipped according to eBay rules. Should you win any auctions I have listed, I will ship them with your order. Regards, Jim Collins GeocoinDesign” February 2nd “Hi, I have a slew of orders packed, just waiting on my new Paypal card to get them off in the mail... I have 2 boxes of coin orders ready to go to the post office tomorrow... yours should be in the mail tomorrow. Regards, Jim” February 8th “I am shipping coins out... and have been for 2 weeks now - but I am not a mass production line. I am 1 person handling over 400 orders by myself. I'm not about to lay down my life in an email, nor this response, but if you have any pressing questions, I can refer you to *****@Groundspeak.com. He knows the story and I am working on everything and juggling other things as well. Regards, Jim - geocoindesign” February 13th - I contacted Groundspeak and here is my note and their response. From: Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 6:44 AM To: *****@Groundspeak.com Subject: Geocoin Design *****, Why would he refer his customers to you? Are you okay with this? ****** ************” From: ********** <***@Groundspeak.com> To: ****** <*********> Sent: Mon, February 13, 2012 4:22:58 PM Subject: RE: Geocoin Design Hi *******, I am not sure why he is sending people to me for an explanation. No, I am no ok with it. As far as I am concerned, he has had a VERY long time to make good on his customer’s orders and has not yet done so. I understand that he has personal excuses but, at the end of the day, it is not ok to do what he has done to customers and I believe it can easily be considered fraud. As a customer, I’d suggest that you exercise any and all legal remedies available to you. If you choose to give him more time to work through it; that is your choice. However, he is solely responsible for delivering the products that his customers paid for and, regardless of issue’s, I believe that those products are LONG overdue. Sincerely, ******* I really hate to do this but enough is enough. Shame of it is, if he had ongoing honest communication and a delivery plan I probably would of continued patiently waiting….. This isn’t about the geocoins or money anymore. I have already opened cases with PayPal and my credit card company (but most likely gone). I don’t want to see this individual/company take advantage of unaware customers a third time. I wish I had known he pulled this before…… I have been in contact with federal and local government authorities (civil and criminal). I have already spoken with them and they have provided me with the processes to follow which are listed below. This is Internet Fraud and they assured me that they take this type of activity very seriously. For civil complaints (Oregon State Attorney General, 877-877-9392) go to www.oregonattorneygeneral.gov Select “Consumer Complaint Form”. This form is short and easy to complete and submit online. If you want to provide associated documentation you can print and mail (this is what I did). Once they receive at least 10 complaints they immediately escalate the matter. The Federal Trade Commission should also be contacted at 877-382-4357. Once they have received several complaints they also take additional steps Better Business Bureau Complaint https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started I also spoke with the Lane Sheriff office (Oregon). They informed me that this is indeed Internet Fraud and customer’s affected should file a report with their local police. Lane will then be informed and they can proceed.
  2. Email sent, thanks for the educational cointest!
  3. Picture 1 on the hat? Picture 2 under the leaf?
  4. Out caching with my brother-in-law (Land Pirates, right) and a long time friend/mentor (HotTub, center). Cache name was Captain Underpants. Makes me laugh everytime I think of this picture.
  5. I think that is Landsharkz THANK YOU! I think thats about the only site I didn't try All set
  6. Help....... Can't find location to retrieve activation code for the Hockey Jersey geocoin (Team Geocaching?) THANKS!
  7. I am looking for- > Neptunes Compass (Arctic Ocean Edition) Trade made > Neptunes Compass (Caribbean Edition) I have an extra of- > Earth Turtle Oceania, New Zealand Edition (black nickel) > Earth Turtle Oceania, Tahiti Edition (gold metal) If interested please email me Thanks
  8. How about a pre order, say 1 of each per person (for all those being so patient) Then do a surprise sale if any remain (doubtful, they are just too nice and very popular)
  9. Anyone else having problems? Was logged in and got kicked out, can't get back to the website
  10. Beautiful! Will be celebrating our daughters birthday! Thanks for the cointest!
  11. 1. Fontana Speedway sits on a 568-acre site that once hosted the first steel mill located west of the Rocky Mountains. What is the name of that steel mill? Kaiser Steel Mill 2. The Steel Mill (mentioned above) produced the steel that helped build the Liberty ships used by the Allies to win what war? World War II 3. On the Fontana Speedway, what driver holds the Sprint Cup Race Record of 155.012 on 6/22/97? Jeff Gordon 4. In February 2008 the track was renamed to Fontana Speedway. What was the tracks original name? California Speedway 5. After the steel mill went out of business in 1983, the land was used in a movie to portray a post-Apocalyptic world where men and machines battled each other for supremacy and survival. What is the name of that movie? The Terminator 6. The first race on this track was the Winston West Series on June 21, 1997. Who won the race? Ken Schrader 7. Beginning in 2004, Fontana Speedway's 2-mile oval became the host of two Cup Series races each year. The second race is held during what U.S. Holiday weekend? Labor Day The last three questions are general Nascar related questions: 8. What track is known as “The Lady in Black”? Darlington 9. Ed Otto and William France Sr founded The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) in what year? 1948 10. The very first NASCAR race took place on a dirt track at what speedway on June 19, 1949 in front of a crowd of approximately 23,000 curious spectators? Charlotte Speedwa
  12. WOW, that was a long hiccup.......
  13. Bruce Springsteen......about 100 years ago Happy Birthday!
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