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  1. Hi - I have one of those 2008 Quebec owl coins that it turns out I never activated. Anyone know where I can find its code?
  2. Interestingly enough, I first thought that this was the emblem of the Russian federation. But then I realized that this coin was more American than I originally thought.
  3. Wow thank you! I haven't received any new coins for a long time, and when I saw that I had a chance of getting this one right, just had to go for it! Great coin!
  4. I noticed what seemed to be Japanese text in the middle stripe of the butterfly. My Japanese sources tell me that that reads 'kurisutaru' forwards and backwards. In your other thread, you mentioned your name to be Krystal, so could that be it?
  5. I like this coin. Might place an order...
  6. These mystery coins are getting better and better!
  7. These coins look nice, I might get one if I could decide on a metal.
  8. HOO HOO! Owl is busy studying your coin.
  9. My kind of cointest! HOO HOO!
  10. Great color-metal combo. Well done.
  11. Coins arrived today! I love them more each time I look at them! Thanks!
  12. Unfortunately it looks like the cache was muggled a few weeks ago, and it was replaced as a premium-only cache. There are no mentions of your coin anywhere after November, so I am sorry to say that it is probably lost (though it may turn up later somewhere!)
  13. Another cache I would love to do is GCKF0Q, also located on the South Island. I do not believe that there are any night caches here in San Francisco, so it would be even more interesting for me to do it in a new country. Although I haven't done one, if you haven't either, it should be an amazing experience.
  14. GCN061 in south island. Not that I would ever have the courage to attempt this one, but the journey to get there must be incredible!
  15. Just noticed this coin due to the large amount of recent recipients. I just finished a unit on Dutch Baroque art at school, and would love to find this piece of art for my collection.
  16. I'd love to finally come up with a design for a personal.
  17. I would like to actually go caching every once in a while (lets say at least 5 per month for a start?)
  18. Wow, just came across this coin. Reminds me of an idea I had once for a multi series... But that never worked out, but maybe someday I'll get the coin in memory!
  19. After dimkasmir called me to show off his new coins, I became slightly upset that I had yet to receive a mystery coin in the mail. Little did I know that a black envelope was waiting in my mailbox at that very moment! What a coincidence it was, as today was cops and robbers day at my high school! Thanks Geo Bandit for this memorable discovery, and I hope there will be many more to follow!
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