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  1. I'll sell one for half price! Sorry Jed, It was a phony bid. His coin later sold for $13.00. (see sellers feedback).
  2. Mostly Canada for me and a few older coins like Snowwolf, and now, wildlife pathtags.
  3. Canoe Geocoinfest geocoin Paddle Geocoinfest geocoin Geocoinfest Official Pathtag. Got traders, just not listed!
  4. I have placed two of your proxy coins this weekend.
  5. Been there, done that! My camera is still out there somewhere!
  6. Reminds me of a conversation I overheard recently here in Bar Harbor. Wife was ever so s-l-o-w-l-y picking out 20 some all different postcards for family and friends. Husband, in exasperation, said "Honey, we only have a week's vacation!"
  7. Nice Ted! I liked the NS and Ontario versions also. Are these trackable?
  8. ATTENTION// Cointact Unit #036 beamed into our MRR (Metallic Receiving Receptacle) this date// Cointact will be studied and coveted here in DownEast Maine USA// Many Thanks!
  9. I clearly remember reading on Barry's website back then, that this set was NOT to be sold on Ebay, whether traded from Kayakerinme or anyone else. He also mentioned, to contact him first so he can get the set back.
  10. whats the coin on the bottom? That's a new one by Landsharkz that they made for the Spring Fling Mega in Central Ontario this past weekend. It's quite pretty! Does it have a name? And, how about the green coin upper left?
  11. Also, there is an older aviation coin called Pilot172. I see there is one for trade at cointracking.com.
  12. Incoming the last couple of weeks: SkiFast Maine Pirate Quest (an extra for future trade) A bunch of pathtags!
  13. Ordered one coin but am tempted to buy more .
  14. I saw the set broken up in individual sections and sold on ebay.
  15. acadiahiker


    The coin is still logged in and showing on the cache page. Enter the tracking number again.
  16. I voted. The animal was a pig. Wouldn't it be great if Tsun's initiative here helped Rolling Dog Ranch win!
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