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  1. Looks like these silly challenges have ground the servers to a virtual (or should that be "challenge") halt. Ever since the challenge inception we have a "server too busy" message about half the time we want to log in. Now that makes geocaching a challenge.
  2. Can anyone tell me where to get an activation code for this coin. It came in an Oakcoins sleeve but I can't retrieve the activation code there. Not an issue with the tracking number - and it is unactivated. Thanks very much
  3. Still some left of the 500 minted if anyone is still interested.
  4. Here is the icon. Thanks to all that have ordered. All paid orders will be shipped today.
  5. Just arrived from the mint are our new Jangor Micro Kitties which are available for sale as sets of 5 coins all with different finishes. 25 mm diameter Lots of glitter Some Glow Trackable at Geocaching.com Custom icon. Brown Champagne Glitter Gray Orange White The price for the set of 5 coins is US$ 32.00 Shipping for one set is as follows: Canada US $2.50 USA US $3.50 Everywhere else US $5.50 If you are ordering more than one set, we will get you a shipping quote. If you are interested in purchasing coins, please contact us through microkitties@shaw.ca with the following information: Caching Name: Real Name: PAYPAL email address: Shipping address: We will send PayPal invoices and as the coins are in hand, they will be shipped the day following reciept of confirmed payment. Thanks for your interest.
  6. There was no intent to "throw anyone under the bus". As the first post says, we were just seeking clarification, and the explanation is all that was needed. Thanks.
  7. The ones that we arte referring to are simple puzzles with no "multi" component. Posted coords are bogus, solve the puzzle and the final is 8 miles away. A multi can wander for miles and miles. There is one here that is about 7 stages and a total of probably 30 miles, longer if you start in the wrong place. We got lucky and started it in a good spot. No moves, just approved at the lower distance.
  8. GC1VE5W is newly published. The final is 8.6 miles east in downtown Abbotsford. GC1VEA2 is new and is about 450 ft from a puzzle final. That puzzle is only about a year old so we are not talking old caches. GC133P8 has one cache at 455 ft and another at 487 feet all on the same trail system. Ours was submitted with the final coordinates and is 2 yrs old. Just a few examples. I'm not complaining here, just wondering if the rules have been relaxed.
  9. Just wondering if there has been a change in policy regarding the distance between the start point and the final of a mystery cache. I seem to remember that there was a guideline or limit of 2 miles from the posted coordinates to the final. Lately, we have been seeing distances increase and we have them up to 8.5 miles now. That can put them in a different town. We have also been seeing a decrease in cache proximity with many caches being published down to about 400 feet. Has this rule been relaxed as well? Just seeking clarification. Thanks
  10. Seeing that as well this morning. Totally dead for me now. Same errors as above. I am beginning to wonder if the log in is actually taking place even though the log out option is there. Sure wish I could get this sorted out. The temp might even get above freezing this weekend. But then again it might snow again.
  11. Posted in wrong location. Sorry.
  12. Sitting on pins and needles waiting for the mail each day for our coin. They look stunning and can't wait to see ours. Great job.
  13. Activation code is on the Landsharkz web site. I assumed that they will be, but both guitars I tried to activate came back with match not found - so I presume that they haven't been loaded yet. We got one activated a couple of days ago. Try ROCKON.
  14. Activation code is on the Landsharkz web site.
  15. Geocoins arrived this morning. They are terrific and the pick is way nicer than expected. Great job. Thanks
  16. Doing them right is good. If they mess them up we would all have to wait until May, so better they take their time and all will be well.
  17. $99.75 as one quarter was dropped on the floor before taking the picture. It's under the couch.
  18. The pics are great. If you make them any better, people won't be able to order any coins because they will have ruined their keyboards by drooling all over them . We just knew this one was going to be beautiful and are looking forward to seeing ours in person. Well done Naomi.
  19. Jangor... I've got you down for one of the printing gamble coins and one each of the painting gamble coins Let's call it 'first refusal' just to be safe . Works for us. Thanks
  20. Good news and like I said before, we'll take a fancy one sight unseen. Sure hope it works out and adds another really neat coin to the Sharkz portfolio.
  21. Always like to see you pushing the mint. We'll take one sight unseen.
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