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  1. Some people make business cards on their computer with their caching name and sometimes a logo, and leave those in caches instead of signing the logbook, for what ever reason. Sometimes those cards are taken out, wet, someone collects them, etc... Depending on this cachers log, like, "easy find" for a cache you know is difficult, maybe there's something fishy going on. Personally, I would'nt delete anyone's log on that suspison. Its just that, "suspision", not fact. If it bothers you, check into it.
  2. Attach it to one of mine and let 'er go! I personally dont mind, but other bug owners may have a problem with it. You could put on your bug's page, to ask the current holder to get permission from the owner of the bug they attach it to. That would probably only work if they had another bug in their posession though. In the field, that would be a problem.
  3. Congradulations! You never know, the next 100 may come sooner than you think!
  4. Looking for: 08 Wisconsin (cow) Swedish Moose 2 tone ant silver & gold Czech Geodog Spring Duck - Gold Cachehawk - copper Lucky Penny I have a few of the regular polished silver Celtic Hourglass coins and I have the AE .925 silver & ant copper avail. (only 10 made of the .925 & copper)
  5. It appears that the coin is in the GPS Adventures maze - Pacific. Maybe thats why. On the date in question, it appears it was not in the cache in NY. Maybe there's a duplicate?
  6. I have an event listed for April and have thought about that as well. If the weather is nasty, I'm going to post a note on the cache and note it on the cache page. Depending on possible attendance, I may contact each person individually. I think most people attending will be watching the cache as well, so they will see the note when I log it, if it rains. Hopefully, I wont have to so that.
  7. Sorry to hear about Bailey. I've never met either of you, but I know how hard it is to lose a faithful companion.
  8. If you're going to put a puzzle cache out there, reguardless of how hard it may be. You better have thick skin and an open mind. I'm not very good a puzzles, but have solved some. I dont like or dislike them. If I can figure it out, cool. If not, oh well. If I'm with someone who has figured out a puzzle that I havent, and we find the cache, I'm gonna log it. I was there, I signed the log. If thats "cheating", so be it, and why would anyone care?
  9. The cache is GC11DVV owned by lauriep. The cache had been archived, but just not picked up. Search the GC# and you'll find the cache page where you can contact her.
  10. Its probably an archived cache that was in the area and never picked up. You could go thru the logs of some of the people who have cached in that area and see if they have that cache as found. Then you can find the owner thru their log for it. (click on cache name, then the owner)
  11. That puddle doesnt look that deep, we can drive thru it... NOT!
  12. When I'm caching in a park and looking for a cache, weather its in a tree or on the ground, I have one response.... "I'm a Anphibiantoligist and Im looking for tree frogs." In the winter I use...."Im a Fernatoligist and I'm checking tree growth." I get wierd looks or the "oh,ok" and on with the hunt.
  13. To answer your question, from my point of view... I leave signature items all the time, unactivated geocoins or other things I have made. They are for whoever wants them. If the cache owner gets there before another cacher, then its theirs. I dont usually note in my online log as far as what I left (especially unactivated geocoins) so the next person has first dibs on weather they want to take it or not.
  14. I had adopted a cache that was for trading music. It's been muggled and archived, but when I did maintence checks on it, I did come across cds that the cacher had made themselves. No where on the cache page did it say anything about cd mixes. Only about exchanging cds. Make sure your cache is waterproof so the cds will survive. (especially the winter)
  15. No thanks! I like to keep my brains inside my head! (They tend to squish out when you fall down a cliff face)
  16. dadgum 57! I think I'm moving to Missouri! I also nominate 57Chevy! Yummy!!
  17. No cotton and layers are what works for me. I also hunt, so Ive found that "Underarmor" makes nice thin, but very warm base layers to keep warm. A good hat (I wear a "Mad Bomber" hat and man is it warm on those 10 degree days!) , gloves and good boots are also a must! I also make sure I have plenty of "energy food" with me to keep going. The cold will zap the life out of you if you let it.
  18. Id like to toot my own horn too and celebrate my 600th find yesterday. It was a small simple cache, but still my 600th. Whooo Hooo! Self high - five!
  19. You know youre a geocoin addict when youre already planning the ones youre gonna buy with your tax refund!
  20. My goal for 2009 is to reach 1000 caches found and to place this crazy multi I've been working on for a year now.
  21. Thanks for the compliments on my ornament. Its the one that means the most. "King" was the best dog I ever had. He was so gentile and I could take him anywhere and always did. He loved to go hiking with me and would "bound" after deer to play with them. It was funny to see with him all stiff legged and the doggie smile on his face. I miss him so, but I'll aways have his memories and I still love him in my heart.
  22. I'm looking for a Renegade Nerd. If anyone has one to trade, I have an AE Celtic Hourglass Antique Copper (only 10 made and trackable) and a Santa's Stocking coin (green glitter top) from last year to trade for it.
  23. This is an ornament I bought for my Boxer dog "King" , a few years before he died at the age of 13. Eventhough he's been gone for 8 years now, I still hang it on the tree in his memory. It reminds me of all the times we shared hiking in the woods before I discovered geocaching, and I wish he could be here with me today. He would love it!
  24. If anyone gets an extra New Jersey one, I'd like to trade or buy it if possible. Their website only accepts paypal, and I dont do paypal.
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