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Screw Geocoins (revisited)


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I realize the timing on this may not be perfect, with all of the coin burnout going on, but here we go anyway.


We thought the previous thread about "Screw Geocoins" was so funny, that we went ahead with artwork and are having them made. :D


fOtOmOm and I have collaborated on this project, and we are proud to unveil the new "Screw Geocoins" trackable travel bug. This screw is trackable on the gc.com website, and will have an icon in the shape of a screw. Both sides are 3-D, so you can feel the threads and really get the most out of your screw. :D


Coins and Pins are finalizing the die artwork, and we hope to have coins before the end of November. If this turns out to be popular, we will be following up in January/February with "Nuts about Geocoins". (Thanks AG and Tess!)


This will be a nut shaped traveller with a slot that will accept the "Screw" for the complete experience. (I won't reference what experience, but suffice it to say, there is another active thread discussing it.) ;)


Anyway, we are producing 1000 of these little beasts. 50 of them will be available in .99 Silver Plate. Those will be limited to 1 per cacher. The standard screw will be either in polished nickel, or brass, we are still working on that.


Pricing for the standard screw is $7.50 each , included shipping.


Pricing for the Silver version is $9.50 each , including shipping. Silver are sold out!


We will compile a list of those that got silver and post it ASAP. (Sorry, but Survivor is on in 15 minutes! :D 0


International orders will be accepted, however we will have to send you a separate invoice for the additional shipping charges.


We are taking pre-orders on this thread at this time.


Edited to say we will be invoicing via PayPal once we have all the pre-orders in place!

Please, no emails!


Pre-orders will be taken in the order they are received on this thread.





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Ahhhh screw it! I may be nuts, but I'd like TWO of each please! ;) Way to go C4 and FotoMom. This project is a timely reminder me that geocoin collecting is supposed to be FUN! :D


Edited to drop my silver request to the limit of one. Screw me for not reading all the way through. :D

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I represent the COOL coin group, a group of 17 members. We would like approximately 35 of the regular coins and 17 of the silver coins (that's 1 each individual). If you won't let us order them in bulk, consider this my request for 1 silver.

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At odragons post, I count 38 of the silver gone already.


I didn't anticipate a group ordering for their 17 members, so I didn't address it. I don't like the fact that it will prohibit others from the opportunity, however, I also don't think the members of the group should be penalized since that is the purpose of buying as a group.


At a minimum, I will ask for the member names from the group to make sure none are ordered as individuals as well.


I will talk with fOtOmOm tonight to get his perspective.


To be safe, I can't guarantee a silver once 12 more are spoken for after odragon's post.

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At a minimum, I will ask for the member names from the group to make sure none are ordered as individuals as well.

A couple of our members posted, just to make sure that they got in on the order for the silver ones. If you let us buy as a group (17), they will release their requests, as I will.

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