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  1. I emailed HQ a few weeks ago with the same issues and this was their reply: "Geocaching.com performs best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari (for iOS and Mac computers). Internet Explorer has reached "End of Support" from Microsoft. This means there will be no more security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates. We highly recommend switching to an alternate browser for the best experience online." I installed Firefox and so far everything works as usual there but not on IE or Microsoft Edge.
  2. The website won't let me get past the first page of anything. My found caches, PQ results, nearest caches, photos... even the links on the page that give the lists of caches keep reloading the first page, whether I click 'next' or any other page number. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for help with this but is this another thing we just have to accept or will this go back to normal once you've worked out the latest bugs?
  3. I found and logged 2 caches yesterday but nothing registered on my leaderboard. This morning I deleted and relogged them and now my leaderboard score is correct. I also added a favorite point to one of them, which should have scored the hider 2 souvenirs. That didn't happen until I removed the favorite point then added the favorite point again this morning. Now her souvenirs are correct. Not sure if relogging is the right answer but it seemed to work for me. Got my 6 points, only 494 to go. In a similar thread the admin said they are aware of the issue and are working on it.
  4. NOAA has an interactive snow map: http://www.nohrsc.noaa.gov/interactive/html/map.html
  5. I emailed Garmin support and they gave me instructions on how to remove the preloaded caches, it was actually pretty easy. They're all in one file.
  6. The 4x4 trails are there because it's not National Parklands,it's county park under the FINS umbrella. You need to go to the county for the 4x4 'fishing' permits to drive out there. I met one of the national parks guys and asked them about Smiths Point. He said their responsibility ends where the county park begins. Smith's Point is only under that NPS umbrella for when they need funds to replenish the beach sand after a tough winter. Unfortunately the same rules for banning geocaching applies.
  7. If you mean that you found caches while playing under a friends account and now you want to log the finds under your own account, yes you definitely can do that. No need to revisit the caches unless you want to. If you mean that you hid caches while under a friends account, then no, unfortunately they belong to your friends account only.
  8. Right after they came up with that intro app, my ammo cans started to disappear. Not the lock and locks or other Tupperware, just ammo cans. I had no choice but to make all my caches premium members only and haven't lost any since.
  9. Add them to your Ignore list. If that person becomes a legitimate cacher you can easily remove it from the list.
  10. Same here. Tried to get to their site and the support forums a few times with no luck.
  11. A learning curve that has lasted me over a year so far.
  12. BTW- GSAK is a great software for this game but for some reason Garmin has made their new software incompatible with just about anything other than Garmin products. From my experience anyway. I went from a Garmin 60 to the Garmin 64 and it was like they threw out anything I liked about it and replaced it with a bunch of useless garbage. ...I am certain that my next gps will NOT be a Garmin.
  13. I have the 64s which I believe is the same software as the 62s. I need to plug the gps into the computer and open Garmin's Basecamp program. On the list on the left under 'Garmin Adventures' clicking the 'Internal Storage' link will display the waypoints in the gps on their map. I have to individually delete each found cache from there.
  14. Hope you don't take this personal but... that you don't participate in the game (of finding geocaches) might have something to do with it. Go out and find a dozen geocaches, write positive logs and mention the event in each log. People need assurances that they aren't being duped in some way.
  15. Could the reason that they are ignoring us on this issue be advertising dollars? If so, this thread is a futile gesture. ...all you need to do is to get people to click on something, anything and there's a new ad... Who can blame them for making that easy to do?
  16. Did they stop it? I just got one. ...can they stop it?
  17. A little snooping showed me that 3,6 and 7 were archived and 4 is temporarily unavailable. I wouldn't wait for that one though as the cache owner doesn't appear to be big on cache maintenance. You should have been able to see #5 as that is still there. Good luck and welcome to the game.
  18. I also had no problems using it today. In the past when I've had a problem with Google Earth, I'd just remove it and download it again which usually kind of resets everything. Your data should be saved on your computer already. Or maybe just delete the Google Earth viewer and reload that.
  19. Instant Notification Service. I also ran a pq for caches published near me in the last week and bookmarked the results. They even give you a mapping link.
  20. 1st 1000- 662 Regular 156 Micro 64 Small 47 Virt 36 Other 30 Not Chosen 5 Large
  21. The new Garmins use the US GPS satellites as well as the Russian Glonass sats. My 64s takes only seconds to get a signal. Even indoors it has a signal in under ten seconds. Quite accurate too but I can't tell if it's any more accurate than the older gps's like my 60csx.
  22. If the person thinks that the parking lot of a daycare center is public property, you might want to think about using the ignore list.
  23. I agree, be creative with the hide not the hint. Creativity in the hint box just ends up being vague and not as helpful.
  24. This is the kind of thing that I hope will happen when I hide a cache. I love that. Let 'em run!
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