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  1. I'm happy to announce, that I have become a Master Mason as of Yesterday, October 24th in the Big Rapids Lodge #171 in Michigan; I was honored to have received a Masonic Geocaching Society Geocoin from my good friend RedRose upon acquiring the 3rd Degree.
  2. Thanks, Drew, BlueDeuce, for getting in touch with us. Yes, my wife and I were good friends of Team US; Pat was from the thumb area of Michigan. Pat was an avid cacher, and also a heart transplant recipient of 11 or 12 years. Unfortunately, Pat passed away last year. I would suggest that you just send the TB on, in her honor. We thought that local cachers were maintaining Pat's caches, but it appears that they've now all been archived, which is sad because we had hoped that they'd remain active in Pat's memory. She loved geocaching, her grandchildren, and her life. Heart recipients usually survive for 10 years after a heart transplant, so Pat always said she was living on borrowed time once she passed the 10 year mark. We miss her very much; she was a great person. I hope this information helps you with your decision on what to do with Pat's TB, as there is no real answer. Team CoyChev Paris, MI
  3. If I'm reading this right, the last four or five posts are past the posted deadline. At this time, everyone should be sending private emails to El Diablo which includes two topics, The first is whos post best discribed the best group/organization and what organization were they describing. Correct me if I'm wrong. Gary
  4. I Love MiGO! Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO) was formed by the vision of a few at an event early in 2002. MiGO has been a Michigan 501©(7) non-profit organization since 2004. No board member, Executive Committee member, Chapter Vice Presidents or any other member have been paid a penny for their volunteer work with the organization. MiGO could have said we had over 1400 members early last year, but realized no member ever dropped off MiGO rolls, so now, with expiring memberships, we can actually say we have over 700 active members. MiGO holds 'Geocaching 101' clinics for schools, scouting groups, churches, senior centers and day camps for kids. Our 1-800 number receives calls from throughout the state and we seek out local volunteers to immediately help the callers. Our state, like most, has an organization called the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association (MRPA). This organization is the group that every park system in Michigan belongs to, including the Michigan DNR. MiGO has set up a booth in the midway at the annual MPRA convention for the past 5 years. MiGO has a couple of instructors that are certified to teach a class on geocaching at the MPRA training center, where attendees get a continuing education credit toward their recreation degree. MiGO works side by side with MRPA all year long and in 2004 we were presented with the community service award from Oakland County parks during the MRPA annual convention. Every state has a Chapter of the National Recreation and Parks Association, check out yours here. CITO: Michigan is our playground and MiGO is doing its part to keep our playground clean. From Adopt-A-Highway projects in each of it's four Chapter's, to the multiple CITO events throughout Michigan all year long. MiGO's Northern NL Chapter Vice President held so many Forest clean-ups last year, that the Michigan DNR division called Adopt-A-Forest and asked him to join their Board of Directors. Chad accepted the position, but still heads the MiGO NL Chapter. MiGO Scholarships: In 2007, MiGO initiated $500 yearly in scholarship funds. These scholarships will be awarded to an applicant who is studying toward a degree in outdoor recreation, conservation, environmental studies, or a related field. Education: Educating Michigan geoachers about responsible outdoor ethics is a program MiGO Leadership truly believes in. In 2006 we brainstormed how to use our site and programs to educate people on this important issue. We all have heard of "Leave No Trace" and the other organization called "Treadlightly!" that supplies organizations with ethical brochures, coloring books, banners and many other educational supplies for cost of shipping only. MiGO quickly became an alliance member of TreadLightly!. We since have 4 MiGO members who are certified and licensed Treadlightly instructors in the state. I believe Groundspeak and MiGO are the only geocaching groups affiliated with any outdoor ethics Educational organization. Youth Education: MiGO is currently working with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) to hold 'Geocaching 101' classes for 80 youths per week, 3 classes per day, during 8 week-long Youth Camps, to be held at the MUCC summer camp at Waterloo State Park campgrounds. Geocaching will round out MUCC's classes for outdoor recreational activities which include Archery, Kayaking, Canoeing, Riflery, Plant and Tree Identification, First Aid, etc. All classes are offered each week during the 8 week period. Geocoins I don't think Geocoins really tell how good an organization is but if you want to compare them, MiGO produced an annual geocoin in 2004 using the GX logo and in 2005 we minted a trackable version, 2006 Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, 2007 Mackinac Bridge, 2008 we'll soon have the Edmund Fitzgerald coin. We've also minted four seasonal coins in 2006 and 2007, for a total of 16 coins minted. A couple of MiGO board members got so good at the Geocoin business that they ventured off to start personalgeocoins.com, geocoinstore.com and more recently, pathtags.com. Recognition: Cyclops, a past Chapter Vice President, along with others, donated their time by having outdoor booths and teaching 101 classes for a couple of years at both Michigan REI stores. MiGO received notification form the REI corporate offices that we were nominated to apply for a grant. MiGO was shocked, since they had no idea of the possibility of a grant, but quickly assembled a proposal for the grant of $5000.00 to be used on educational supplies and CITO tools. MiGO, after winning the bid, is now in the process of building the MiGO Lending Library, complete with 14 GPS units, 10 geocaching DVD's. 5 types of Geocaching and GPS Books, (30 books total), and various classroom handouts and literature on MiGO, geocaching, and outdoor ethics. These materials will be free to use for the price of shipping only, with a Credit card used as a deposit. 100 quality CITO trash grabbers are also on the way and will be divided equally among the 4 MiGO chapters. Service Awards: Every year, at MiGO's Annual Winter Social, the Board of Directors awards certain members with a limited edition silver coin in recognition of the time and effort they put into raising awareness of geocaching throughout Michigan, i.e. teaching Geocaching 101 classes, hosting events, promoting outdoor ethics and all around involvement in geocaching in Michigan. * You've already heard about the MiGO cache rescue mission that has been operating since 2003. * You've already heard that after four years of negotiation, MiGO got the DNR to drop the current permit fee of $35.00 per cache placement on state lands down to FREE for MiGO members. Thanks for the topic, Gary
  5. MiGO has sold hundreds of it's own 5 inch automotive quality sticker, and it's seen regularly, like this one I saw in the thumb area. Every now and then I get noticed too. Like the time my Jeep's broke down on the eastbound lane of the I-96 interstate in Michigan. A cacher (RovingLandsharks) was heading westbound and saw the large LOGO on my hood and the 12" vinyl MiGO seal on the side glass, They told me they had thought it was someone important, (Yeah right) They got off at the next exit, re-entered the freeway again going eastbound, to assist us until we got going again. I had already called Michigan Reviewer UMC for assistannce since he lived with-in a few miles from there. Here is a picture of us on the side of the freeway, from left to right, RovingLandsharks, UMC, Team CoyChev (Gary then Donna) and our granddaughter Princess kalli
  6. What's DeRock know, he's 130 miles from there, LOL Deane is totally correct, I live just five miles NE of Detroit in the area where caches are located. IF you look at he map to the East, you'll see the cities of Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Farms and Grosse Pointe Park, those are the areas where the Multimillion dollar homes are located along Lake St Clair. They do not want anyone outside of their communites coming onto their private parks. They do'not like anyone suspicious around that area. So you have two diffenrt areas with-out caches. One area the muggles are hookers, gang members and drug dealers, STAY AWAY. head north, your OK there.
  7. Rod, thats because you are a very special person here in Michigan, so most people attending the event threw a bunch of coins together for you, we just had to help out. : I know how bad I would feel if my geocoin collection along with GPSr and other caching stuff were stolen. Heck I didn't even know about the current Great Pumpkin geocoin until I read this thread, I' ve been out of coin buying/trading for so long. I wish I could of seen it before we had left. I still love the geocoins, just to busy and too broke. LOL. The only Mystery geocoin in my collection of the first 600+ geocoins minted is the first Mystery Santa coin. I will always cherish that one. Gary Team CoyChev Roseville & Paris, MI
  8. A geocache series of 12 caches was recently placed in Michigan around Memorial day. The series was placed by a group of seasoned cachers in beautiful areas with healthy walks near marshlands, along scenic trails, meandering rivers and on a few lakes. One cache takes you to the Upper Penninsula, just over the Mackinaw bridge which is 50 years old this year. The cache series is based on a hard cover novel called Abomination that will be out in early August. The author is Colleen Coble from Wabash Indiana. We are keeping some prizes available for out of state cachers so the cache page reflects less prizes than posted here. Final number of prizes awarded will be; The first 30 finders will get a special edition, GC trackable Abomination geocoin, only 40 made. The first 40 finders of the cache series will also get an autographed copy of the book Abomination. All first 100 series finishers will also get a different metal type of the GC trackable Abomination geocoin. only 100 of these coins will be made. We will open it up to non premium members by the end of June. They'll also have fond memories of a road trip they can talk about for a long time. No purchase is necessary to win prizes. You can click the link to the final cache to find out more: CSI: Swan Song
  9. Dang, I just heard about this, an old time coin trader thats not in the loop much anymore. This sounded like a great project to be in. See you all at the Bash Donna Team CoyChev
  10. Oppps My granddaguhter was looged in on my computer last. The post above was from me.
  11. Michigan is just making sure Rusty gets in the running!
  12. One of the best and overworked reviewers in the country. He does his job daily with pride. I'm very happy to nominate my friend, RUSTY from Michigan.
  13. When I started trading my personal coins back in July 2005 I used plain white envelopes for ONE week. I lost 2 coins from the start. I quickly switched to the padded mailers and replaced the lost coins. Since losing those first coins, my wife takes a little extra time and places packaging tape around all the edges of our bubble mailers to "Strengthen" them up. I haven't lost a coin since. I've gotten many mailers without people taping the sealed edge, and the envelope can easily be opened to remove the coin and reseal, not good. I have had a couple torn plain white envelopes come in, and luckily the coins were still inside. Recently I had 2 white bubble mailers arrive, One package came with my Tulsa coin purchase, and the edge was worn very thin, but the coin was OK. The other was cut/worn on the edge from a postal worker or mail sorting machine, without the coin inside. The sender quickly resent the missing coin. Those white bubble mailers seem to be a little thinner than some of the yellow ones. Those white plastic bubble mailers are strong! Now if the guy I trade with in Canada could just remember to place the coins in an envelope then in the mail that I've ordered, I'd be in good shape. I finally get them after long waits and a couple inquisitive emails.
  14. I got number 2 wrong for sure, and knew I made the mistake the next morning as it hit me like a ton of bricks. But.............. I DID WIN THE OTHER CONTEST! and have a pewter coming. My first email to ICM had the wrong three live caches listed, but after more research I found a forth, I quickly re-emailed ICM wih the correct three cache names otherwise I would of lost that contest also. I wouldn't of entered the second contest if I knew I had one the first. I can't wait for the next chapter, and the movie.
  15. I've been enjoying the chapter each month, but hate waiting an entire month to read the next one. It's really a very interesting story and well written, also. I wonder how many chapters there'll be; or is it a never-ending story?
  16. Happy Anniversary I hope I've already won a pewter coin early this morning, since I'm on second shift. I didn't realize until todays-cacher went live, that I could get in on a second contest. I quickly read the last chapter and sent off am email as soon as I figured out the answers. I then read that I was supposed to send the answers to the author of the story so Serial Finder got the first then I fired one off to IceCreamMan. I was so excited, thinking I may have won a pewter coin, I was moving at top speed. Good luck everyone! Gary
  17. I e-mailed my answers to the other question at 2:16am this morning. I got home from work at about 2am, and saw that there was another contest, and posted my correct answers at that time. I searched gc.com for a while after that, checked back here and there were no posts, so I think I may just be the first one to respond. but, ya never know...
  18. Goodnight, Serial Finder. I look forward to chapter 12. Donna/Chev
  19. I think you should know all the answers; after all, you're in the book! Donna/Chev
  20. We'll be in for a couple for this good cause.
  21. I love that list above and currently have 9 of them. But in my opinion the GD mystery coins should be up there. Those coins were a big mystery for awhile and when the secret got out of who made them, only a few people that were quick enough, were able to trade him for the set. He only made 30 of one and 50 of the other GD coins. Most others were placed in caches a few years ago. I believe He told me he had a jewelry shop make them a couple years ago. I was fortunate to quickly set up a trade for the set of GD coins.
  22. It looks like it's unlimited for 2006. The 10 per order limit is just goofy. Especially since you can order multiple times. Thus a group has to order several times to make it's order up while not really putting a limit on the number of coins a buyer can get like with some LE's. Does it really serve a purpose? The geocoinstore has all sales set up like that, we didn't have anything to do with that. I don't know why. Maybe a larger order can be set up thru email with the store, I don't know that answer.
  23. The new 2006 MiGO coin will be on sale on January 20th. Price $8.00 ea Only 10 coins per order, but you may order more than once. This is our regular 2006 coin that we may do reorders on. We have no special metals or LE type coins produced. We have decided to let geocoinstore sell our coins for us. Our coin comes complete with a new icon for 2006. The coin represents the recent formation of our Four MiGO Chapters on one side and the Oldest lighthouse which is still standing in Michigan. More information is available about the Fort Gratiot Light Here are the official sale times; * On Jan 20th at 9:00 am EST, a block of coins will be up for sale to the public. * On Jan 20th at 9:00 am, EST a private sale of coins will also be available to Michigan MiGO members only, a Password is required. Notice that this sale is at the same time as the "open to the public" sale. Jan 21st at 12:30 pm, anything left from the first sale date will be added to a third block of coins, that will be open to the public. We are sorry for the confusion during the recent MiGO refurbished coin sale. We do have more of the refurbished coins coming in and we will notify these formums when they arrive.
  24. Your lucky to have one archived cache to place your coin collection in. On another note, to bad you wouldn't think of placing a cache in Michigan for your fellow geocachers to find. Any cache, Micro, traditional, multi, anything. LOL
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