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  1. I started Geocaching a year after the first cache was hidden. At the time the players were people who spent time outdoors and wanted to use their GPS and techie types who wanted to use their GPS. Over time families with children got into Geocaching. Then the gamers got involved, they were into easy finds and high scores. This is when I saw an upsurge in micro. Personally, there are to many of micros, often times placed somewhere that would support a regular cache.
  2. I started caching in the summer of 2001. While I expect change to occur, some of it has been for the worst. 1. Micros - The overwhelming majority of the caches listed in my area are micros. With little if no thought put into them. Micros are fine in urban areas, but now even areas that can support a regular sized cache are infested with micros. 2. Power trails - There is a multi user/bike trail in my area that is 60 miles long. At one point this trail was tied up with a power trail consisting of a pill bottle every mile. Even worse are the ones with a pill bottle every tenth of a mile
  3. What irks me? The proliferation of micro's to the point of exclusion of all else. Someone hid a micro in the picture below. You're never going to find it without a machete and an airstrike using a herbicide.
  4. You know when you're cacher when still miss Mitsuko.
  5. Well this shows how long its been since I have bought a GPS. Let me try to narrow things a little. I want a GPS for bicycling and Geocaching. Beeping so I know that a turn is coming up will be fine. Does that help narrow the field any? I am not looking for cycling specific GPS.
  6. Its been ten years since I bought a GPS and my needs have changed. I am looking for a GPS that I can download a route to and has audible turn by turn directions. I need the ability to change batteries if the power dies. Any thoughts?
  7. I have a Garmin Nuvi for my car and when I hooked it up to my computer and I only use American English settings. Can I go ahead and delete the files in; help, text, and voice that are in the other languages to free up more memory?
  8. Ever since "she who must not be named" broke my heart I gave up on finding love through Geocaching. LINK
  9. How do I add a graphic to a cache description? A park ranger needs me to add their approved logo and text to my cache description. He e-mailed the items but they are in the body of the e-mail, not as an attached file.
  10. I'm looking for a Geocaching club/group that has members in the Raleigh Durham area. Does anyone know of one? Never mind I found them.
  11. Very interesting, I like what they did with the three day assault pack and the civilian version, snap dragon. The zippers allow you to open the pack up completely to get at anything you need. Without sacrificing load capacity.
  12. Anyone familiar with this model? I'm thinking of buying it, I just need a hydration pack that will allow me to carry some extra stuff. Spare shirt, camera, ect. Its described as a pack for kids, wondering if it would fit an average sized adult male.
  13. I just need something for car navigation, I have a hand held GPS for Geocaching. $100 to $150 or so for budget. I have no familiarity with car based GPS so I am open to suggestions
  14. I'm thinking about getting a GPS for my car and I really don't know anything about them. If anyone has any recommendations on models to look at I'd appreciate it. I'm on a budget so if its an older model I can pick up on E-Bay or reconditioned that would help
  15. Can one of the mods please lock this thread, I posted it in the wrong forum.
  16. How do I upload data from a Magellan GPS315 to my computer. I have a cable and the manual doesn't seem t cover this.
  17. How do I upload data from a Magellan GPS315 to my computer. I've got the cable, can't find anything in the manual that explains how to do this.
  18. I'm trying to upload track information. I'll give GPSbabel a shot and see if it will convert the files.
  19. I'm looking for a free website where I can upload data from a Magellan GPS to create a map. I've found a couple, but they only seem to accept Garmin data, does anyone have any suggestions.
  20. Another good options is Campmor, http://www.campmor.com/outdoor/gear/Home_. They have a store in New Jersey as well as online.
  21. I took a wilderness survival class and one of the exercises involved breaking us into teams to build shelters. Each team found more than enough materials on the ground to build a shelter. No need to chop down saplings. The only time we need a knife was to cut the string we used to lash stuff together.
  22. The big knife I own is the US Air Force survival knife, the original issues with the leather wrapped handle. The problem with knives like these is they take up space. The Mora knife looks like a good all-round knife, its got a carbon steel blade like the USAF knife which means its real easy to sharpen.
  23. Jerry, glad to hear you got the support you needed to get out of the situation you were in. Been there no job and depression is a hard thing to handle, meds, therapy, support from people around me, and keeping busy make things easier.
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