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  1. Yes, they arrived in today's post. Thank you.
  2. STILL waiting and no response from an email .
  3. While not as dramatic as some of the other posts here, my experience at Squonk (GCH984) has certainly changed what I carry with me when I cache. In the aftermath of the sting I realized I had become allergic to the yellow jacket venom. I immediately downed a couple of Benadryl, but my arm and hand continued to balloon. Ultimately the skin was stretch so tight I couldn't move my elbow or fingers. I got into the MD the next day and walked out with a script for one of every antihistamine imaginable. Epipens, don't leave home without one!
  4. Didn't realize this had become a reservation forum. Please add me to the waiting list for this great coin.
  5. RD: Please post the purchasing info in this thread. It is such a pain trying to monitor all the other threads for new info on this coin. Thanks
  6. I'd be interested in a couple of both the Anniversary edition and the Standard edition.
  7. Was waiting for the go ahead, but I want to get my name on the list for 2 sets as it seems this has become a reservation list.
  8. In the interest of keeping my home happy I need to try to arrange a trade (or purchase if necessary).
  9. The seller must have found some lying around on the shop floor... both finishes are available but listed as 'low stock'.
  10. Great interest here. Either trade for my personal coin (or others) or purchase, whatever can make it work.
  11. I'm wearing my aluminum foil skull cap in anticipation of getting one (safely).
  12. I too tried to reply to your email but it came back with a Reason: SMTP transmission failure has occurred message. PM sent.
  13. I tried to send an email request but I am getting a server busy message. I would like to request one of each finish.
  14. Please include me in your contact list when the particulars of this coin series are tied down.
  15. Seems like I better get my nick on one of each metal.
  16. I would go with an copper or antique copper.
  17. I won't make this year's event but put me down for 3. Thank you!
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