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  1. I thought I was almost finished with the cartridge. I tested it for the zones and all worked well. I added some inputs which worked great on the emulator, at least 100 times. This program seems to go all the way through on the emulator but tonight I took it out in the real world and it doesn't work. When entering zone one you are given some information and asked to input some information by clicking on a character. When you click on the character in the emulator, all works as planned. The screen jumps to the input screen. When you click on the character in the real world, it just says they are "here". There is no screen for input. The device is a Colorado 400t. I have attached a zip file with the .lua file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I had been hoping to publish the cartridge sometime this week. Maybe not bradford.zip
  2. Thanks for your help Ranger Fox and sTeamTraen. That was the problem, with the variables. Got past that hurtle but I'm sure there will be more. I'll clean up all the unused variables and such as the cartridge nears completion. Sure appreciate this help!
  3. Thanks, I see if I can figure out how to do that. I'll take a look through the manual
  4. Thanks for responding. I have attached the zip file to clarify things. I just used this and that varibles just to simplify things. I built the zones first so you could go through the zones to get the answer but then decided it needed a little interaction. That's where I got stuck. I haven't placed the cacheyet. I'm thinking that will be the easy part once you get through the cartridge. Thanks again if I get a chance to look at it. bradford.zip
  5. wolfmaster

    Get Input

    This is my first attempt at a cartridge and I'm having a problem, go figure. I can't seem to get the right branch on a correct answer. Below is a quick view of what I have. Can anyone suggest anything? Seems simple but it isn't working for me. Thanks for any suggestions. Start Cart ...Set this answer to 0 ...Set input answer to 0 Zone 1 When enter ...Move char 1 to zone 1 ...Move char 2 to zone 1 Series of dialogs ......Welcome – char 1 ......Need answer – tell answer to char 2 Char 2 click ...Increment this answer by one ...Getinput answer Inputs data ...If this answer is 1 ...And if inputanswer correct ...Show message “good” Else ...Show message bad End
  6. Good Luck with this. I am just starting out too and ran into the same problem as you although maybe not the same exception. No matter what I did I would get an exception. I even tried reinstalling my builder but when I rewrote the cartridge it would fail. Finally I ended up reducing the size of my jpgs and I haven't had the prolbem since. The jpgs didn't seem that big but changing the size sure helped me.
  7. With the 2009 Allegany State Park Geobash Mega Event coming up soon, I happened to dig out a 2008 Geobash coin I can trade off. Any interest?
  8. If the coin code you seek is for DarrylW4 & Firefly03's Pepper Memorial coin, the activation is at www.coincodes.com listed as "Darryl Pepper Cat" Thank You!
  9. Can anyone direct me to the place to get the "Farewell to Pepper" activation code? Thanks in advance
  10. I didn't do too well selling these but I am still selling coins off my traders list below. If you are interested, make an offer. Thanks
  11. In addition to the coins on my selling/trading list in my signature line, I have two complete sets of the Appalachian Trail Geocoins for sale. They are complete to date anyway. There is talk of another coin coming out but so far no definitive word as to when. I have one set in LE Silver and one set in Bronze. The 14 coins in the set are Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire New Jersy, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee & North Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia If you are interested, please make me an offer. I am selling them as sets only. Thanks
  12. I personally prefer the presale. My money may be tied up but at least the coins are paid for.
  13. I used to retrieve the codes on some of my earlier purchases just because I was afraid somewhere down the line a site may go offline. Since then, I've become lazy and seldom retrieve the code. I figure if I have no intention of activating the coin, why get the code.
  14. Edit you profile under Forum Signature using an html link. Example (Bracket here) URL=http://www.thecachingplace.com/Cachunuts/CoinTrade/showlist.asp?type=2&owner=137 (End Bracket) My Updated Selling/Trading List [/url]
  15. I guess she figures if she's not between tomatos and lettice, she's doing fine
  16. Judy, Daisy, and I found this treasure in the deep wood in Pennsylvania. Thanks to the Geocoin Fairy
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