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  1. I dunno....but I have this really really really rare misprint labeled "Yrium Memorial Series #8.5" If the misprinter gets too out of hand I can always show this one to Mrs. Misprinter. I believe that would corral the nefarious misprinter. (exactly what is the etymology of blackmail?) --TT--
  2. Congrats Quoddy! That is some awesome caching!
  3. Awesome! Half-way to the kilo mark! Keep it up!
  4. Wow....you are the caching woman! 4 digit find total...very impressive!
  5. Bumping this thread...I use it all the time and it had slipped to the second page.
  6. NB44, Not sure the average, but mine have usually taken about 4 days. I just got an email that you have a newly approved one out right now! Maybe they are working on them tonight. Looking forward to trying some of your new ones. LR
  7. Awesome...200 finds! Congrats!
  8. Perfect...I'm in! Thanks for planning this one again!
  9. Hoping for trade... I am looking for the following trackables (new and unactivated): Connecticut Long Island Dutch West Tenn Pennslyvania Holiday coin Alabama Ontario Lighthouse World of geocaching Tennessee Ohio Michigan I have to trade: Hurricane Katrina (not trackable) Team Rampant Lion Event coin (Caching through the snow too 2005, not trackable) Team Rampant Lion bearbait personal coin (not trackable) EU (new and unactivated) New Mexico (new and unactivated) Wisconsin (new and unactivated) Maryland (new and unactivated) Seven Summits (Mt. Everest, new and unactivated) Thanks
  10. Wow!! 900...only a few more until the kilo mark! Congrats! Awesome...and I'm sad I missed meeting the REAL Quoddy this weekend.
  11. Awesome! Congrats on another milestone!
  12. Awesome--400 finds! Congrats! Aren't you glad that Melvin's is on your completed list now??
  13. Awesome--500! Congrats on all of your finds and aren't you glad Melvin's is on your completed list now!!
  14. We're not worthy! Congrats!
  15. Congratulations ekitt10!! This was the milestone weekend! Glad your bionic knee is cache-worthy! Stay busy finding 'em so you won't have too much time to hide more puzzles that stump me (like Whose Woods are These!)
  16. Laura, Congrats...only a few more to the kilo mark!
  17. Now I understand why he is the way he is.... This past weekend, as everyone has heard by now, Flagman and Jess showed up to attempt "Fear" (on Staten Island, NY) with TT and other NJ locals. I think to myself, they are crazy, these California types, and they will certainly not be amused by what I believe the first stage to be. Boy was I wrong. We started in the thorns. Jess got one in the eye...but oddly, she seemed unfazed and continued on without much of a murmur. As the group was bushwacking a trail through 8 feet high phragmites, they were took the lead on many occasions while I was coasting along in the pre-made trail at the end of the pack. We get to the mud swamps...sulfur smelling, gooey mud up to your thighs. I hesitate and pause at the mere sight of it. During my reluctance, those two just dive across! I was shocked and figured I better get tougher to hang with these guys. The adventure continued and they never were discouraged or unwilling to jump into the next challenge. But wait, the rest of the NJ crew made it through FEAR, so how tough are the SD maniacs....well, I would say, Insane! Before finishing Fear on sunday morning, they got up and completed about a dozen local caches. After Fear (at which point I thought I should get a massage, soak in a hot tub, and sleep off the pain, they drive ALL over the state to grab a few more. I think they would have made it to PA for a cache or two if I hadn't passed out in the car! Oh yeah, and on monday, they hadn't gotten a cache for a few hours, so they got up early and grabbed one more before returning to CA. Mean while, I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet. Dang! This clarifies everything.... I thought it was just TT, but now I understand that it was all of YOUR fault!!! Flagman and Jess are just as OCD about this geocaching thing!!! You nurtured him into this geocaching maniac...it is the San Diego community that fosters this type of caching insanity!! But really, Tom and Jess were the kindest guests I have hosted. It was a great joy to witness Jeff's surprise saturday morning when we pulled up to the meeting spot. You all made this a truly special time for both of us. Thanks so much.
  18. Well, all of this C.Chaos stuff is unfortunate. I don't think playing cache police, particularly of caches not owned by "the police", is going to lead to anything good in this community. Everyone is welcome to their opinion and can asign their "geocaching respect" as they wish, but this forum is not the best place to share such negativism and call each other out. Generally, my experience has been, if you don't have anything nice to say, than don't say it. There are certainly instances where some of my logs have not been as fully earned as others (ie WheretogoVertigo-I walked out to the middle of the scary bridge, but that was the end of my physical contribution). I guess if the policing continues, I will be changing that log to a note as well. On another thought, all of this discussion has me curious about this cache. Anyone out there looking to form a team I could join?
  19. Got my coins today, but no activation codes....is there a website I can look them up on??
  20. Looking for Pennsylvania and/or Iowa (unactivated)... have to trade either MD, EU, and/or New Mexico (unactivated).
  21. The weekend of 11/19-20 is okay for me. I'll bring some holy water and a gun with a silver bullet.
  22. Laura, I know a great "geo-valet" who has retrieved this one for me....I was scared just standing on the bridge above the cache! Kary
  23. Fear...Count me in. For now....
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