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  1. I received 1 pocket query out of 5 and my wife also only received 1 pocket query out of 5. I've tried to set up another email account and I haven't received the validation email, even though I've requested it several times.
  2. Add me to the list of users who can't get their "My Finds" query. Last generated date is 10/27/2009 and the button ISN'T greyed out. But nothing when I click on it, except, as already stated, the page refreshes. I tried yesterday and today. No luck.
  3. Same here. Still waiting on 3 PQs from Sunday and now I'm waiting on 2 from today, Monday.
  4. Add me to the list of users waiting on their PQs.
  5. Add me to the list of dissatisfied PQ users.
  6. Add me to the list. I've got 5 PQs scheduled for today. 2 of them ran at 1:50am this morning. But I'm still waiting on the other 3 to run.
  7. I could see going back maybe a week. Say you were on a camping trip and placed a geocache while up in the mountains. It might take you a week to get back and fill out the cache page. But I think the best thing is to not allow the submitter to change the submit date and have it pick up the current date.
  8. E-mail sent to the reviewer. And fixed by the reviewer.
  9. It's possible, because this was hidden almost 3 years ago.
  10. How can a cache be hidden in 1901? There's this cache a few miles from my home: GCRQN7 - Cache Just Off the Path It shows that it was hidden on 12/13/1901. How is that possible? I thought the first cache hidden was on May 3, 2000. Needless to say, I can't include this cache in any of my PQs, since the earliest date allowed on them is 1/1/1998. Can this be fixed? It shows that it was published on 12/26/2005, so the hidden date should probably be 12/13/2005.
  11. I had noticed that previously and just make sure that I only run My Finds after I've already run 5 or late in the day so I don't have to worry about running out of PQs.
  12. I've currently got 39 pocket queries defined, including 5 that have already run (crossed off). When I attempt to add another pocket query, I get the following error message: Sorry. You have reached 40 total queries. You will need to delete a query in order to create a new one. When I scroll to the bottom of the page, it lists 39 total queries.
  13. Never mind. Works for me now. Guess it was just a hickup.
  14. I can't view any geocaches. All I get is a blank page. Anybody else having this problem?
  15. Does that mean that the Utah geocoin is so popular that everybody is jumping on the site early and overloading the server?!?! I've got to admit that it is an awesome looking geocoin.
  16. The COOL group would like to purchase 7 of these geocoins.
  17. Sure, just use your family's address in Utah.
  18. Can you give us a little more info? Which geocoin? Was there anything attached to it? Did the cache page have anything about there being a geocoin there?
  19. Hey, AG, I thought you knew everything there was to know about all geocoins!!!
  20. I told him the same thing in the other post he opened.
  21. Even if you don't make them trackable, you still should be able to sell a bunch of these. I know that our COOL group would be interested in purchasing approximately 15 of these great looking coins. If you do decide to sell them, I can get you an exact number then.
  22. Trades should be posted here.
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