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  1. Thanks AtlantaGal, I'll try Geoswag! Got one, and just the one we wanted, thanks so much AtlantaGal!
  2. Thanks AtlantaGal, I'll try Geoswag!
  3. Does anyone know if the Flip Flop Geocoins are still being manufactured or available for purchase? We would love to share one with a flip flop loving friend but price on auction sight is very expensive. Thanks!
  4. Yippee! And we vote for reservations! Thanks Tsun!
  5. Number 4 (green and white) is GORGEOUS and number 6 (blue) too! Great job!
  6. Such a wonderful face! I find it peering at me often while sitting here at the computer (it's nearby), the eyes are stunning.
  7. Our contribution was matched, dollar for dollar, that's GREAT news! Great job, thanks Yime!
  8. Great news, great news! And great cause too, thanks YemonYime.
  9. Really, really sharp coin, great job! It's been fun watching its evolution, just like the Naymlap coin, which we are still in awe of, by the way!
  10. julia51 - is this the insect to which you refer? These are commonly called Ebony Jewelwings, and are actually Damselflies. They are gorgeous! Population declines have been observed in parts of their range, causing them to be listed as species of conservation concern in some states. Yes it is, thank you! They graced our little creek for a good while this summer but haven't seen them for awhile now. Terribly dry here in MD, may have something to do with it.
  11. Thanks for the reservations, we love these little guys! We had the most beautiful Dragonflies flitting around our creek this year, with iridescent blue bodies and jet black wings, they were positively magical!
  12. Yippee, not a chance to pick just one this time! Thanks for doing the reservations!
  13. We're still waiting too, here in Maryland. Trying to stay positive!
  14. Received ours and they are really nice! Some pretty sharp coins coming from CacheAddict dot com! tks!
  15. Got the one we wanted too, woohoo! Best Tsun sale ever, thank you!
  16. totally gorgeous and so well done, the tiger image is SHARP!
  17. I'll second that WOW and say stunning too! Awesome design!
  18. MY WIFE WOULD DO THE SAME EXACT THING...BUT SHE MAY DUCK DOWN. We did one, years ago, wouldn't touch em now with a ten foot pole.
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