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  1. From OP- Regarding GC24KMN, and the CO being known as, "I am the curse of Atlanta". Some of these reasons may or may not apply to why the checker is on the cache page. Due to throw downs; See if the CO really checks his caches. A form of someone's sentiment of repaying the CO for hiding a hard to find cache. A seeker feeling they have 'deserved' a find due to their experience, or lack there of. Being in a well known touristy park, maybe someone thought they were 'helping' the CO with maintenance (possible visiting from a far not to revisit) so justifying their throw down and because of their act of kindness, they prefer to receive their smiley. Possible due to a cacher upset at the CO after their TFT log was deleted. Upset not getting a FTF, accusing the CO of switching containers so no one is the FTF, could be someone stance on this issue. So it's possible the CO placed a checker on the cache page to assist with the validity of, A) The CO hiding efforts and To assist with the seekers efforts. IDK. I do know, I have a checker on my virtual. This is due to so many seekers that can not determine a 'South West corner' of a fixed rectangle on flat piece of ground. So instead of sending me a wrong answer, they can check to see if they got it right. If the CO placed his checker with these like intentions, (an option for seekers), I don't believe we are in the ALR arena. All that said, the CO has assured me he has a container at the posted coords and checks on it frequently. I think it's also key to note, the self proclaimed "I am the curse of Atlanta" is currently banned from the GC.com site and spending a little time in Geo-Jail.
  2. A 6 month old cacher stating a reviewer is lazy who spent Easter morning publishing 30 caches. I wonder how long it took the volunteer to review and publish those 30 submission for the community to find after Easter lunch? Not to mention the time they took to review the submissions that didn't pass the review. I like to find those geocaches that have not been found in months, I guess that's why I lead my territory with FTF's. I collect FTF's for; the hour, day, week, month, quarter, and at times for the year.
  3. One of my favorites, an oldy but a goody. You have to be standing in water to see it. AC5593
  4. The years don't match for the one in Georgia, not that far to take a picture for you.
  5. To download a query into the gps'r would be awesome! The app is nice, however, I'm finding myself in remote areas where there is no service for my phone.
  6. Email sent to Garmin: I wanted to let Garmin know that I'm deeply disappointed with buying a Montana and not having all the functions of geocaching. While the Chirp made it to the Montana, Wherigo didn't. With advertising the Montana, you might consider changing "The Montana supports geocaching", to The Montana, supports most of the geocaching features. Reply: While Wherigo™ support on all Garmin handhelds is something we would like to provide, It is important to understand that Wherigo™ is a combination of an engine provided by Groundspeak, a license agreement to use their patent, and a reliance of their Wherigo cartridge builder tools. The remainder of the system (the part people see as the “player” in their Oregon/Colorado device) is managed by Garmin, but is subject to the terms of use we have with Groundspeak. Unfortunately, while Garmin has contributed significant effort to Wherigo™ development in past years, Groundspeak’s efforts to improve the cartridge builder tools and associated developer utilities has not reached a level that gives us reason to further our development at this time. Unless we see a significant change in Groundspeak’s priorities regarding Wherigo™, I do not foresee a change in Garmin’s plan going forward, which is to phase out Wherigo™ players from outdoor handhelds. If this feature is important to you or your members, be sure to have them contact Groundspeak regarding their desire to see this content become further developed. Without this support I am afraid this feature will eventually be phased out. -Montana Software Team
  7. What a very Cool Geocoin, hope to find one out in a cache while out geocaching, that is if we can find a geocache in all this snow we have in Northeastern Wisconsin. LOL Have you ever talked to the Bell witch? I think we should get a coin for just trying to comunicate with "it".
  8. How about an entry fee to the race car owners for each racer they enter into the race. It could be a unactivated geocoin or a non-trackable geocoin. At the end of the race, those coins would be divided up to the top three racers for both categorys, mileage and cachers.
  9. I got to see one of these copper coins today. A fellow cacher said he got it out of a GSQ cache. Nice looking coin. It's good to see the Reaper getting around.
  10. So do I get a refund since I've only used 50 out of the 250 that I had to buy?
  11. LZ33

    "Shadow" coin

    Wow, I’m going to go out and buy some lottery tickets. I don’t hang out in the forums and when I got my second gold coin and came to this thread to post my appreciation to the Shadow and saw that I wasn’t the first to get one, being in Georgia, I would have become very anxious. Thanks again Shadow.
  12. LZ33

    "Shadow" coin

    I found this in my mail box the day after Christmas, WoW, what a great surprise and a great number of the coin as well. Many thanks! Georgia Spirit Quest LZ33
  13. The following is a transcript from the PGR II banquette held in the Champagne room of the beautiful Gold Bar casino in downtown Hiram Georgia USA and this transcription may not be reused without written consent from someone. The following transcript is the acceptance award speech for the most mileage category, race winner from race entrant/owner LZ33, owner of a single racer in the SGS (Shilo Geocup Series) race II. Hello and thanks to all of you that are here tonight to witness this great honor and assist me receiving this wonderful award. This was a great and a close race coming down to the finish line as we thought we had a clean sweep coming around the final turn with only one drop separating us and Islander‘s GeoTag #4 racer. Knowing the rules sanctioned by SGS that a racer couldn’t win both most mileage and drops we were hoping for the double crown victory for our first year out but we couldn’t pull that one off and our hats are off to the islander 1988 team. Most importantly, I would like to thank the sponsors that came on board for our first year racing with SGS, Bowman’s Garage, AMMO Can Gear Boxes and Multi Mucus oil. I would also like to thank Warthog for driving our racer the farthest distance. But before I conclude tonight I would like to express my gratitude to the sponsors that make this sport possible. Of course to the president of SGS, Shilo for donating his time and the cachers that donated the trophies and also to Oakcoins for their continuing support by supplying the racer tags and great prizes and Sara our hats off to you too. I thank everyone that helped drive this racer whether it was far or short and invite you and all the racers over to the Ossian Tavern to continue this celebration. THANK YOU! That was LZ33 at the PGR II banquette last night. One of our affiliates with ESPU sports was at the O.T. for a live interview but due to the showering champagne the camera circuits were shorted however, it was reported that LZ33 will donate one of his V2 XLE geocoins as part of the prize package for PGR III race. Back to you Bob.
  14. LZ33

    Yellow Jeep TB

    Thanks for asking, no I didn’t but in the past cachers had exchanged some Jeeps TB’s tags and made the icons somewhat confusing. Since then I’ve received a couple left over new yellow jeeps (without travel bug tags) from a reviewer and was interested to see if they still were out there.
  15. LZ33

    Yellow Jeep TB

    Does anyone have a Yellow Jeep tracking number (yellow Jeep icon) TB that doesn't have a Yellow Jeep on it?
  16. I got an extra mount for my 400T, still in the package. Email me if you're looking for one.
  17. I got mine yesterday. I have had no issues with the power cord. I like this cradle as it’s easy to place/remove the GPS than from the past units that I’ve had. (Vista & 60CSX)
  18. I got my RAM mount today and it fits like a glove.
  19. I was told today from RAM that mine has been mailed.
  20. RAM will take your money but they haven't been manufactured yet for the Colorado, from what RAM has told me. A very good and durable mounting system. I'm waiting on mine.
  21. I’ve noticed on the 400t you have to remember what you named your waypoints after you mark a waypoint. In the past you could categorize waypoints by icons. Now the only way to pull up a way point is to look for it by name on a “by closest” list. I would like to request the following 1. Ability to search waypoints by icon type. 2. Display waypoint icons in the list view when searching by distance/name. Thanks, Dale
  22. If everyone needs to put rule 1,2 and 3 on the racer's page can we reword it? I think I know what your saying but I would clean it up a bit for a clearer understanding, especally if the coin ever got to another county and translations are needed. "2. Only log the geocoin into a geocache in which you get a smiley face for except if it is the only geocache you place it in or it is the final geocache you leave the geocoin in. Example: geocacher A does 4 caches, the first 3 must accompany a smiley face log on the cache page while the last can be a note or smiley face log. Even though there is no limit set to this rule(yet), use common sense and be courteous to other geocachers who would enjoy moving a racing coin."
  23. Many thanks. I was very surprised when I opened the little pouch and it's good to know I'm a list, a good one for a change. Happy Holidays.
  24. I was looking at some of the interesting travels of the racers, did I read it correctly that some racers have not been placed since the event 5 months ago?
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