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  1. The nearby event widget shows 5 events and says click to view 2 more. Clicking doesn't show 2 more... This doesn't appear to match with the intent of that link.
  2. Just a bump for this as it appears to still be borked based on my logging today.
  3. I came here to see if there was talk about it. My DNF drafts show up as finds. As there is already a thread, I don't have to create a new one or try to recreate, lots of others see it also.
  4. I relatively recently removed one in this kind of condition, had sat there for over 2 years, in the elements after the ammo can was stolen. I got chastised and berated by the CO. It showed me that I should let the trash rot as COs would rather have that than someone help them out.
  5. Its funny, I was just mentioning this story to someone else recently, interesting I can bring it up here. With an active owner, there is an answer, you use the logs/cache page. Way back in 2005, we had a local who would let people know he was done with the cache. This left a good cache for people to find until it got picked up, you knew it was actually picked up so there was no cache pollution. That was 2005 and since that CO left, I don't remember it ever being a thing after that. I have one cache I'm thinking about getting rid of; maybe I should try it. In the end, you are still getting COs consent to do it and you have to have both an active and caring cache owner to have it happen.
  6. Alternatively, if you have a friend who owns a cache, you can drop it in their cache and ask them to mark it missing. I believe a cache owner can mark any TB in their cache missing. This would at least get it out of your inventory and mark it as missing.
  7. I'd vote not putting them on signs... this will keep them from getting pushed too far up!
  8. I accidentally marked a cache found. I changed it to a DNF but my latest activity still shows it as a find. (FWIW, the recently viewed section is correct).
  9. For me, Browse map, nothing clickable. Search map is working fine.
  10. I feel like I'm being pulled into a conversation that I havent participated in... I believe you mean someone else.
  11. Thank you for the explanation. Over in the iWorld, my old ipad, that works great still, is starting to hit end of life, no more os updates and more and more apps won't work on it because of that. I was worried that gc app might be following on android. I'm glad to hear it is just the way it rolls out.
  12. Recap is perfect. I guess we should go back to @darrylthomas00, try uninstalling and reinstalling and see if that helps. It's no big deal, I was more speaking aloud. Her phone is a lot newer so that's probably the issue. We are in the android forum so we're definitely not on the iOS! ?
  13. You're misunderstanding. I'm wondering why and how my wife has 8.1.0 of the app installed and I can only find 8.0.3 in the app store.
  14. I tried that first to no avail. I'm more interested that mine isn't as updated as my wife's and I wonder why that is. Probably an older os. Just hope it becomes compatible.
  15. I also had this problem. I'm was running 8.0.3 and nothing museum related showing up in the filter page, profile or on cache listing. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling and even though they were both 8.0.3 it showed up after I did that. Edit: Oddly my wife's phone is at 8.1.0 but I can't find or for an upgrade to that...
  16. I saw some of this myself. The first time I used it, I typed @, got a list of ten. I had to type 4 letters to get the person I was looking for to show up. The second time I did it, I only had to type their first letter to show up. The feature is a neat idea. Can you implement the ordering of the list when you type @ like the lists feature? IE, the one you chose most recently automagically appears at the top of your list?
  17. We refer to them as "Squirrels". You can yell it and sound a lot less weird than yelling muggle.
  18. Can we nominate people for this list? We have a couple of people with hundreds of crappy and/or unmaintained caches.
  19. Depends on the problem. I think they are solving a lot of the consistency problem of what was published in one place wouldn't be in another.
  20. DNFed the cache but at least I got a good picture!
  21. We had a cache owner show up an hour late to his event and by that time everyone had left. 8 of us logged our attended logs.
  22. There is an archived virtual that I use at the cheapest farm stand + petting zoo to visit every time I am in that area.
  23. My preference would also be 4 but I do understand your reluctance to do that. And I do agree that ratings are not screwy and much of it probably has to do with challenges. I think 3 would work, like you, I assume most of the poorly rated caches were short lived so one or two people could get their smile and are gone. By adding more years to the challenge, you are helping to fill in the caches that have been archived over time. Making up numbers here... In 09/2007, lets say there were 50 4.5/4.5 in the US. Now, there are many many less due to archival. From my home coords, there are now only 22 in a 440 mile radius. If you move the date to 09/2010, that number goes up to 66 in 485 miles. This gives a little bit more options when it comes to caches to find while at the same time not having so many of the mis-rated caches. In another 5 years, maybe you have to extend it again. TLDR: look at a couple of what you think are the hard T/D combos and see how many there are now and what it will be if you add 3 years and go from there.
  24. Mine sounds like yours although, mine only had a stroke and the left buttons no longer work. The right ones still do and it is an intermittent problem (bad enough that I can't use it as the only GPSr anymore). I'll try a factory reset although, I doubt that will fix it, I think it's a physical problem. I did pick a nice used one online to replace it though. I do have an Oregon that is just a glorified PDA (and WIG runner), the 60 CSX is still the best of the best as far as I'm concerned. Good luck.
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