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  1. Been away and just saw this, Hope to get one of each.
  2. Sent reservations in for 2 from the other end of the state.
  3. Joe, Got my coins today and they look great. Thanks for the "extra". I've heard the saying "Feeling fine as frog's hair" but I thought that was just a saying.
  4. You were #81 to order. Just the same, it's in the mail. Not complaining, just making a statement about how slow mail is in my parts. Looking forward to this good looking coin. Thanks for offering it!
  5. "Well, it depends on when you placed the order. I'm filling the orders in order of when they were placed, so it may be a few days yet. I'm making run #4 to the post office today. One more run after that one should do it, then we'll start working on the waiting list!" From the posting I was in the first ten to order but have not received mine yet. darn Pony Express mail service.
  6. If you're doing preorders put me down for a couple
  7. I too received mine today and am truely touched. Having been around during the Viet Nam era It really gives you a warm and fuzzy when someone comes up and thanks you for your service. God Bless. Tom S. aka Slammer180
  8. Same here not choosey but a B if available. Thank you very much. Tom S. aka Slammer180
  9. Interested in one of each metal, depending on the price.
  10. Happy new year weast coast!
  11. Hope your feeling better. 437 is my guess.
  12. April 1st? Watched Christmas Story 4 times so far I want a lamp but the wife says no way Mery Christmas to all.
  13. That's my wife's and my anniversary date (1981 though). I think your a October 17th, 2005 person. By the way I played golf until 45 minutes before my wedding! Slammer180
  14. I wish all a joyus, healthy and prosperous holiday season. Tom S. aka Slammer180
  15. I received my Christmas coin from Nielsenc yesterday. I want to thank you so much for your generosity. I wish you and your family a joyous and healthy holiday season. Tom S. aka Slammer180
  16. I like it and would be interested in purchasing one.
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