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  1. Try here http://www.vigps.com/phpBB2/
  2. After all of this public humiliation, I feel bad for her. I bet she needs a hug. I volunteer. And just so her friends don't feel left out, I will give them hugs as well. That's just the kinda guy I am
  3. Snoogans, normal? I don't buy it..
  4. OCCC obsessive coin compulsion convention.
  5. I'm not sure if that's possible
  6. Maybe it has something to do with a new secret game?
  7. What Info would you like? All of his sock puppet names? His real Name? Address? Lame site? That would be your opinion and your a newbie, therefore your opinion means nothing. Have a nice day
  8. I will be in San Antonio in March on business. I will have one free day to cache Im staying here and these are the closest caches. I doubt that I will have a car, so is there any MUST DO caches around my hotel? Thanks in advance Dagg
  9. I may have had a few too many wobbly pops tonight, but I swear I saw an elf! ......I need to sleep on this. Its not everyday a pointy eared vertically challenged green guy gives you a geocoin......
  10. I'm hoping to have two out in the new year. One naughty and one nice
  11. I love my mail lady 3 Tennessee 3 UK 3 NYC 3 New Mexico And I get my VIGPS tonight!
  12. I got a fine screw yesterday, thanks!
  13. What was supposed to be my FE coin, turned out to be sex lube....
  14. Mine took 10 days to go 200km (ish) Sure is cool though!
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